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How To Kill Roach Eggs in Clothes

Young Man And A Lot Of Cockroaches At Home

I recently came across a bug infestation in our attic. As a result, we had to take everything out and check them for bugs and eggs before storing them away again.

The discovery of cockroach eggs in seasonal clothing I had kept there complicated the matter.

The idea of roaches using our clothing as nesting grounds was gross, to begin with. I also didn’t want to stand idly by and let them hatch into baby roaches, giving us an attic full of bugs.

Therefore, I started looking for the best ways to kill roach eggs in clothes.

I came across many methods to kill cockroach eggs in clothes.

Luckily, I only had to use a few straightforward techniques since there weren’t many eggs, but I’m listing down all the methods my research revealed.

The results have been great. I have done routine checks without showing any roach trouble so far.


Termite eggs in clothes need to be carefully removed and destroyed to avoid so that they don’t become baby roaches later.

Here are some practical ways to kill roach eggs in clothes:

  • Crushing Roach Eggs
  • Sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
  • Using Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)
  • Safe Disposal

It’s also essential to take preventive measures to stop attracting roaches into clothes, keeping in mind their main interests when choosing hiding spots for their eggs.

Let’s look at how I managed to identify roach eggs in clothes, what attracts roaches to clothes, how to kill roach eggs in clothes, and effective preventive measures to stop roaches from laying eggs in clothes.

How To Identify Roach Eggs

Australian Cockroach Laying Eggs

While roach eggs are pretty straightforward to spot, they can be mistaken for something else.

The eggs are enclosed in a casing known as “ootheca“.

Roach eggs take the shape of a bean with distinctive edges. Their color is usually creamy to dark brown.

The size and color of cockroach ootheca depend on the species of roaches they belong to.

Are Roach Eggs Sticky?

The ootheca does not stick to clothes or any other surfaces. As a result, removing them is easy.

However, ensuring I got all of them was impossible, so I had to use other methods to ensure that I killed them all.


Roaches carry various pathogens.

The presence of roaches or their eggs can easily trigger allergies, nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, ear and sinus infections, and skin irritations.

Take precautions when handling cockroach eggs, such as wearing gloves.

What Attracts Roaches to Clothes

Interestingly, clothes aren’t a favorite option for roaches to hide their eggs.

However, mama roaches will resort to hiding their eggs in clothes if they can’t find better spots.

Roaches consider the following factors when choosing hiding spots for eggs:

  • Moisture & Warmth
  • Food
  • Shelter

Moisture & Warmth

Cockroache Is In The Laundry Basket To Be Washed

Most bugs, including cockroaches and their eggs, need moisture for survival. Damp clothes that are stored away can, therefore, make desirable nesting places for roaches.

Folded clothing, especially winter clothing, provides enough warmth for roaches and their eggs, even in cold storage areas.


Laundry rooms, bathrooms, and storage areas near water sources such as water heaters and leaks can play a vital role in attracting egg-laying cockroaches to clothes, even if the clothes are clean and dry.


Cockroach Eat Food In The Dish And In The Kitchen

Even the faintest smell of food is enough for roaches to consider an environment suitable for nesting.

As a result, concrete stains of anything edible left behind on clothes can attract cockroaches searching for hiding spots for eggs.

Dirty clothes containing odor and dirty clothes can also attract egg-laying roaches.

Cockroaches usually don’t consume clothes. However, they will resort to chewing on the fabric for fat fragments if they don’t come across other food sources.

It’s also worth remembering that starving roaches will make do with almost any material for survival, including clothes that contain leather and other animal products or even soap residue.


Cockroach Biting Cloth Insects Destroying Objects In The House.

Folded clothing offers ideal hiding spots for roaches. They can easily avoid harm’s way underneath and between clothing layers.

Clothes in dark environments, such as storage boxes, make ideal nesting places for cockroach eggs.

How To Kill Cockroach Eggs in Clothes

There is no easy way to kill roach eggs. I had to carefully inspect the clothes for ootheca and remove them individually.

Then it came down to what I would do with the collected cockroach eggs.

Since I was dealing with a minor roach egg problem, I didn’t have to go further than the first method.

However, I’m leaving more options for those needing more concentrated solutions or prefer to do things differently.


Roach eggs do not need their mama roaches to survive and hatch.

Therefore, throwing them outside or in the bin risks hatchlings crawling back inside, so dispose of roach eggs properly to avoid cockroach infestations in the future.

1. Crushing Roach Eggs

Red Cockroach With An Egg

This is the most straightforward method to kill cockroach eggs.

I put on a pair of garden boots, placed the roach eggs on the concrete pavement outside my house, and stomped on them.

2. Sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Supplement - Small Pile Of Powder On A Grunge Wood

Marine phytoplankton present in DE dehydrates and kills roach ootheca.

I sprinkled Diatomaceous Earth on the pavement and the soles of the garden boots that came into direct contact with the eggs during my roach-egg-crushing operation.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) can cause different sides.

Therefore, handle it with caution and use food-grade DE to be on the safe side.

3. Using Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)

Insect Growth Regulator Sand Use To Control Mosquito Larva

IGRs are a common solution against pest infestations, especially roaches. They halt the development of cockroach eggs, leading to their death.

Insect Growth Regulators also make mature bugs sterile, preventing them from multiplying.

IGRs are safe to use since they are safe for humans and pets. A downside is that they can be expensive, depending on the type of IGR and quantity.


Although considered safe for humans and pets, ensure that you read the labels of Insect Growth Regulators and follow the prescribed instructions carefully.

4. Safe Disposal

Close Up Of Larvae In A Plastic Bag

Here’s a good option for getting rid of roach eggs without killing them.

Securely place them in a sealed container and take them on a walk. Toss the roach away from human settlements and let nature take care of the rest.

Remember to bring the plastic container back and dispose of it carefully.

Preventing Roaches From Laying Eggs in Clothes

There is no magic ingredient for preventing roaches from hiding their eggs on clothes.

They prefer dark, warm, and secluded spots with moisture and access to food.

Therefore, all I had to do was to ensure that our clothes and their storage places did not satisfy these requirements:

1. Wash & Clean Clothes Properly

Female Hands Washing Color Clothes In Sink

Clothes must be properly washed to remove any stains, sweat, odor, or soap residue.

I paid special attention to food and dirt stains by scrubbing them away instead of placing too much trust in my washing machine.

2. Avoid Storing Damp Clothes

Pile Of Clothes On Table

Damp clothes offer plenty of moisture and warmth for cockroaches, making them an ideal nesting place.

As a result, I ensured I dried clothes properly before storing them.

3. Use Sealed Storage Boxes

Wooden Storage Chest With Metal Frames On The Corners

It’s a good idea to place clothes in sealed plastic storage boxes or bins. It’s almost impossible for roaches to get inside these.

Ensure the clothes stored within do not contain live cockroaches or eggs.


Add an extra protection layer by wrapping clothes in plastic or placing them in sealed bags before storing them in sealed plastic containers or bins.

I found this an excellent way to store valuable clothing safely. The same method can be used when storing larger items such as mattresses, cushions, and furniture.

4. Maintain a Bug-Free House

Male In White Protective Overalls Crouching By Kitchen Wall And Spraying Cockroach

Roaches can’t lay in clothes if they aren’t around in the first place.

Maintaining a bug-free home is the best way to prevent roach infestations and trouble with roach eggs.

However, it takes a lot of work, and even a slight mistake can lay the foundation for roach existence in homes.

Routine inspections are essential when maintaining a bug-free home. It’s also important to avoid leaving out food scraps and spilled drinks for them to feast on.

Leftovers need to be either stored away securely or put in the bin.

It’s also vital not to leave dirty dishes and utensils hanging around. Kitchen trash needs emptying daily, preferably before sleep, as roaches operate at night.

Maintaining dry and cold surroundings also helps keep roaches away from homes.

Pay special attention to repairing leaks and waterlogged walls and keeping usually wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms as dry as possible.

Clutter provides cozy shelters for cockroaches. Therefore, avoid newspapers, bags, and boxes, especially wet cardboard, to keep roaches away.

Sealing cracks and crevices in houses where roaches might take refuge and multiply are also important.


Finding roach eggs in clothes is not a comforting discovery for any homeowner. It didn’t take me long to understand the gravity of my situation.

As a result, I started researching how to identify cockroach eggs, what attracts them to lay eggs in clothes, how to kill them, and how to keep mama roaches away from clothing.

Upon confirming that they were roach eggs or ootheca and understanding what caused mama roaches to nest in our clothes, I had to get my hands dirty to kill the eggs.

Finally, I took measures to prevent mama roaches from laying eggs in my clothing again.

So far, my efforts have been very effective, with no signs of roaches or their eggs in our clothes or the storage area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kills Roach Eggs Instantly?

Physical damage caused by crushing and direct contact with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) kills cockroach eggs instantly.

How Do You Kill Cockroach Eggs Naturally?

Safely collecting and crushing roach eggs is the most straightforward natural method to kill them.

Tossing them somewhere away from human settlements is also an excellent option, as birds and other animals are highly likely to prey on them.

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