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How To Pick Up Dead Roaches

How To Pick Up Dead Roaches

People often find dead roaches around their homes, regardless of their home location, so if you find dead roaches in your home, you should not panic.

However, it is important to dispose of dead roaches as quickly as possible because they contain harmful bacteria that can cause different diseases in the human body, such as dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever.

Also, finding dead roaches indicates impending pest infestation in your home because dead roaches emit oleic acid, which attracts other roaches.

It could also indicate a current infestation in your home because finding a dead roach means there are probably other living roaches hiding somewhere.

Therefore, removing and destroying dead roaches is important to protect your health and prevent other roaches from infesting your house.


Dead roaches can harm you, and getting rid of them as quickly as possible is advisable. Below are some tips you should keep in mind while clearing out dead roaches from your home:

  • Try to ensure the roach is dead before you dispose of it because roaches play dead as a coping mechanism to escape predators.
  • Never pick up a dead roach with your bare hands. If you do this, you are at a greater risk of infecting yourself with diseases they cause.
  • The presence of dead roaches in your house does not mean that an infestation is dying out. Instead, it is usually a sign that you are experiencing a larger infestation.
  • Dead roaches can help you exterminate roaches easily because they can serve as a pointer to the roaches’ nest.
  • Leaving dead roaches in your house for a long time puts you at a greater risk of a roach infestation because dead roaches can attract their living counterparts.
  • Ensure you keep the dead roaches far away from your house to protect your home from the bacteria they contain.
  • Sweeping off dead roaches is an effective way to dispose of them without touching them.

Keeping these points in mind would guide you on the importance of removing dead roaches from your house and also help you adopt the best methods to remove them.

Washing your hands properly when you are done clearing out the dead roaches is important.

We will discuss comprehensive ways to properly dispose of dead roaches in your home and answer FAQs to enlighten you. Please continue reading to identify the ways to dispose of dead roaches without touching them.

6 Ways To Pick Up Dead Roaches

Ways To Pick Up Dead Roaches

Roaches are carriers of germs, bacteria, and diseases. Therefore, properly disposing of their remains is important after successfully killing them.

Throwing them carelessly or leaving them around your house can increase your risk of spreading diseases.

Also, dead roaches have an unpleasant smell that can cause irritation and attract more roaches to your home.

This article will enlighten you on the best methods of picking up and disposing of dead roaches.

1. Use Gloves

Use Gloves

Exposing your bare hands to dead roaches is unsafe for your health because of the bacteria they contain. Therefore, it is advisable to protect your hands with gloves when picking up dead roaches.

You can use reusable or non-reusable plastic gloves to handle roaches.

If you use a reusable glove to pick up the dead roaches and use it to clean later, you need to wash them with soap and water or bleach them to remove bacteria.

If it is a disposable glove, you should ensure you throw them away from your home to avoid contamination.

2. Sweep Them Off

Sweep Them Off

Sweeping off dead roaches is a fast and efficient way to eliminate them if you kill them at home.

This is a very easy way to dispose of dead roaches without allowing them to re-enter your home.

However, it may not be the most sanitary method because you move the roaches to another location, and they can attract other insects to feed on them.

It is also advisable to thoroughly clean your bristles if you reuse them. This is because bristles can be difficult to clean as the bacteria can hide between the brushes and spread germs around your home.

3. Burn Them

Burn Them

This method is suitable when you have a lot of dead roaches to dispose of.

You can sweep them outside your house and place them on a bonfire to permanently get rid of them.

This method is efficient because it prevents you from taking the roach to another location, and the flames from the fire kill bacteria and eliminate health hazards for you and your neighbors.

4. Flush Them

Flush Them

To use this method, you must be sure that the roach is dead because this method will not kill the roach. Instead, it would only take the roach to another location.

This is so because roaches can hold their breath for about 40 minutes, and if you flush it while it is still alive, you will only transfer it to your sewer, causing problems for your neighbor.

However, if you flush a dead roach, you dispose of it thoroughly without leaving an unpleasant smell that may attract other pests.

It is advisable not to flush too many roaches at once because they can clog your toilet or make it unhealthy for the next person that uses it.

Also, if you use an old toilet, it would help to balance the pressure of the water to ensure the roach goes all the way.

You can do this by draining and flushing until the roaches are gone.

5. Add Them to a Compost Pile

Add Them To A Compost Pile

A dead roach’s remains will be an excellent addition if you have a compost pile. This is because roaches decompose like every other organic matter.

Their decomposition usually takes about 1-3 days; during this time, they release energy and nutrients into the environment.

This method of picking up dead roaches is the most eco-friendly method.

Also, it would be best to bury them properly in the middle of the compost to avoid attracting other pests.

6. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a vacuum cleaner, it remains one of the best methods to pick up dead roaches.

You can vacuum up dead roaches in your home and empty them after collecting them.

If the vacuum does not have a bag, ensure you thrash them and take them far away from your home.


Seeing dead roaches around your house is a common phenomenon; you do not need to panic when you see them.

You should take quick and efficient steps to remove them from your home because leaving them around your home puts you at risk of contaminating your home.

Some ways you can pick up dead roaches for subsequent disposal include using gloves, sweeping them away, vacuum cleaning them, burning them, flushing them, and adding them to a compost pile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Keep Finding Dead Roaches in My House?

When you see dead roaches in different parts of your house, it may have you feeling worried.

The fact is, there is nothing unusual going on in your house, and below are some of the reasons you may find dead roaches in your house:

  • You might be experiencing a roach infestation, and you should seek professional help.
  • It might also mean that the infestation is dying out.

Do Dead Roaches Attract Their Living Counterparts?

The answer to this question is yes. Here are some reasons why:

  • A dead roach releases oleic acid, which gives a smell that attracts other roaches.
  • Dead roaches are nutritious food items for living roaches, and they may resort to cannibalism if food is scarce.

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