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How To Scare Birds Away With Sound

How To Scare Birds Away With Sound

Some people love birds even if they do not raise them; they enjoy watching birds as few people find them calm and peaceful.

For some, birds can cause a problem in their daily activities. The reasons for people not wanting birds near them or their houses can vary. Few may not like birds, or few may not want them nesting near their place.

If you want to scare birds away, there are a few methods. Amongst all the ways, sound works the best.


Not all sound frequencies scare birds away. The key to scaring birds away with sound is to have the right frequency. There are a few points that you have to keep in mind while using sound.

  • Use the right frequency of sound or noise.
  • Pink noise works well to scare birds.
  • Use sonic repellers.

Scaring birds away with sound is relatively easy when done correctly. Mentioned below are ways through which you can scare birds with sound.

4 Sounds That Scare Birds

As mentioned above, the right sound, as well as frequency, is essential. Here are the four sounds or repellers you can use to scare the species away. 

1. Pink Noise

Pink Frequency Noise

Birds love to communicate with each other, and they are always near a distance from their companion. They do this to hear their companions call when in need or danger.

If you see birds near you and notice that they stay there for an extended period, you can use pink noise. Pink noise contains all the frequencies that one can hear. In pink noise, the energy or frequency is distributed in different ways.

It has a strong base, or in other words, the lower frequencies are more strong or more intense. With birds, pink noise disturbs them while communicating with other birds. These sounds block their hearing.

They tend to move away from this sound so that they can chat with other birds and from them to be able to hear their companion. 

2. Synthetic Sounds

Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

Synthetic noise or sound with high frequency can scare birds away. These can be ultrasonic sounds. In the market, ultrasonic sound boxes or ultrasonic bird repellers are sold.

The sounds produced by these devices can scare the bird. Though humans can not hear the sound made, birds can listen to them.

Ultrasonic sounds or devices have a particular frequency that targets specific birds. These sounds will not bring harm to other species or animals.

3. Sound of Distress and Predator

Audible Bird Deterrents

Birds are most scared of their predators. They try to stay far away from them. There are devices in the market named audible bird repellers or audible bird scaring deterrents.

These devices produce various sounds to scare the birds away. These sounds include natural and synthetic predator sounds and distress calls of birds. These sounds will scare the birds away as they sound natural. They also produce various ultrasonic waves.

If only one ultrasonic wave was created, the birds might get habituated to the sound. Since these devices produce three or different ultrasonic waves, there are few chances of birds getting used to or habituated to the sound.

Variation and natural sounds help a lot while scaring birds. 

4. Loud Sounds

Pyrotechnic Cartridge Device

If you are trying to scare birds in an open or big field, you can use a pyrotechnic cartridge device. This device is similar to a firecracker. The cartridge has to be launched from an appropriate pistol.

These cartridges can make or produce different sounds. Some make a loud screaming, or whistling sound once launched into the air.

Once it is in the air, in the end, you will be able to hear a loud sound. This will scare the birds away in the field. Most of the time, it is recommended that you purchase a cartridge that does not produce any sound till the very end.

This will create a surprise as well as scare the birds away. 


Producing sounds near birds is considered one of the best methods or ways to scare them away. These sounds do not harm anyone, as they are only meant to scare them away.

While using these sounds, ensure you use them at the right place or location. This is because using loud noises or sounds similar to firecrackers near communities can cause disturbance to neighbors.

Loud sounds can even scare other animals, such as dogs or cats. All the devices mentioned above are available in the market. You can easily purchase them and make use of the machines efficiently.

Remember that it is vital to place these sounds or devices in the right place; otherwise, you might not be able to scare the birds.

Build or plan out an excellent strategy with the sounds mentioned above and scare the birds away that are causing a disturbance or a problem in your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Birds Most Scared Of?

Birds are afraid of their predators the most. They do not like being anywhere near them. If you are looking to scare birds away from your vicinity, you can produce predator sounds that birds are scared of.

Do Birds Hate Loud Noises?

Birds in the city are mostly used to a certain amount of noise. This is because cities are busy and are filled with various types of noises or sounds.

Birds can not tolerate sounds that are very loud such as firecrackers or gunshot sounds. They tend to fly away once they hear these noises.

Are There Other Ways To Procure Repellent Sounds Other Than Purchasing the Device?

You can access various bird-repellent audio through the internet. Audio repellents are available for woodpeckers, pigeons, crows, and many other birds.

The frequency will vary if you compare the frequency produced by the online audio recordings and the available devices in the market. This is because the speakers are different, and your speaker may not be able to produce the frequency needed.

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