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How To Keep Birds Out of Ferns

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Birds can bring a lively atmosphere to your garden with their vibrant colors and sweet songs. However, if they start to nest in your ferns, they can cause significant damage. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various methods on how to keep birds out of ferns effectively and humanely.


To keep birds out of ferns, you can use eco-friendly solutions such as reflective objects, noise disturbances, decoys, bird netting, and natural deterrents like spices or vinegar. Additionally, preventative measures like creating physical barriers, using bird repellents, and providing alternative nesting sites can be effective. Always ensure these methods are implemented humanely and without disrupting the birds’ natural habitat.

Why Birds Love Ferns

Birds are attracted to ferns for several reasons. They provide a natural and comfortable habitat, accessibility to resources, and concealment from predators. Ferns can also protect baby birds from strong winds while providing adequate nutrition with insects living among their fronds. Some bird species are instinctually attracted to certain types of ferns due to their physical structure or the color of their foliage that matches their own plumage.

The Damage Birds Can Cause to Ferns

Birds can cause potential harm to ferns in several ways. They can damage the fern leaves, attract pests, cause physical damage, hinder growth, and even risk the ferns dying. To prevent these potential harms, it is essential to take preventive measures to keep birds away from ferns.

Eco-friendly Solutions to Deter Birds from Ferns

There are several non-harmful and eco-friendly solutions you can use to deter birds from ferns. Some of these methods include using reflective objects, creating noise disturbances, using decoys, applying bird netting, and using natural deterrents like spices or vinegar.

Preventative Measures to Keep Birds Away from Ferns

To prevent birds from getting attracted to ferns in the first place, you can create physical barriers, use bird repellents, use reflective materials, create a noise disturbance, use predator decoys, use predator urine, avoid bird attractants, and provide alternative nesting sites.

Bird-Friendly Ferns That Are Less Likely to Attract Birds

There are several ferns that are bird-friendly and safe for birds. However, if you want to prevent birds from being attracted to these ferns, you can try creating a noise disturbance, using predator decoys, using reflective materials, covering the ferns, and using bird spikes.


While birds can be a delightful addition to your garden, they can cause significant damage to your ferns. By using these effective and humane methods, you can keep birds out of your ferns and ensure their healthy growth. Always remember to implement these methods without harming the birds or their natural habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of reflective objects that can help deter birds from my ferns?

Reflective objects that can deter birds include old CDs, aluminum foil strips, or commercially available bird deterrent tapes. The reflections from these objects can scare birds away.

What kind of noise disturbances can I use to keep birds away from my ferns?

Noise disturbances can be created using wind chimes, ultrasonic devices, or even a radio tuned to a talk station. These noises can disrupt the peaceful environment that birds seek, making them less likely to nest in your ferns.

What types of decoys can I use to scare birds away from my ferns?

Decoys of predatory birds such as owls, hawks, or eagles can be effective in deterring smaller birds. These can be statues, inflatable models, or even painted silhouettes.

How does bird netting work to keep birds out of my ferns?

Bird netting is a mesh-like cover that can be draped over your ferns. It physically prevents birds from reaching the ferns, while still allowing sunlight and rain to reach the plants.

What kind of spices can I use as a natural bird deterrent?

Birds generally dislike strong scents and tastes. Spices like cayenne pepper, chili powder, or garlic can work as natural deterrents when sprinkled around your ferns. Please be mindful to use these spices sparingly as they can also deter beneficial insects.

How to provide alternative nesting sites for birds?

You can encourage birds to nest elsewhere by installing birdhouses or nesting boxes in your garden. These should be placed in quiet, sheltered locations away from your ferns.

What are bird spikes and how do they work?

Bird spikes are long, thin pieces of plastic or metal that prevent birds from landing or nesting. They’re not designed to harm birds, but rather to make the surface uncomfortable for them to sit on. However, they are not recommended for use on ferns as they can cause damage to the plants.

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