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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away from a Dog Kennel

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Keeping your dog safe and comfortable in its kennel is a top priority for every pet owner. One of the challenges we often face is the presence of mosquitoes, which not only cause discomfort and irritation but can also carry diseases harmful to dogs. This comprehensive guide will provide you with practical and effective methods to keep mosquitoes away from your dog’s kennel.


To keep mosquitoes away from a dog kennel, ensure proper drainage to prevent standing water which serves as mosquito breeding grounds. Install mosquito netting or screens on kennel openings and consider using fans to deter mosquitoes. Use natural mosquito repellents like essential oils or lemon juice spray, and maintain cleanliness in and around the kennel. Plant mosquito-repellent plants around the kennel and use dog-friendly mosquito repellent products. Monitor weather conditions and eliminate mosquito habitats whenever possible.

Understanding Mosquitoes and Their Habitats

Mosquitoes are attracted to areas with standing water, which serves as their primary breeding ground. They lay their eggs in stagnant or shallow pools of water that exist for at least 7 days. The aquatic stages of many mosquito species require 7-10 days in calm, standing water. Therefore, eliminating standing water around the kennel is the first step in reducing mosquito populations.

Ensuring Proper Drainage

Proper drainage is essential to prevent standing water. Regularly remove debris, leaves, and any organic matter that may accumulate in and around the kennel area. Clean out rain gutters and downspouts to prevent water accumulation. Empty and turn over containers that hold water, like pet bowls, planters, and toys.

Installing Mosquito Netting and Screens

Installing fine mesh mosquito netting or screens on windows, doors, and other openings of the dog kennel creates a physical barrier against mosquitoes. Products like the Bug-Off Crate Cover or the AliceInter Pet Indoor Outdoor Crate Cage Playpen Kennel Cover Mosquito net can provide protection from mosquitoes, bees, and other insects.

Using Fans

Fans create air currents that make it difficult for mosquitoes to fly and navigate. Consider installing fans in the kennel area to deter mosquitoes.

Applying Natural Mosquito Repellents

Natural mosquito repellents, such as essential oils like lavender, cedarwood, and citronella, are safe for dogs. You can also use lemon juice spray as a natural mosquito repellent. Consider products like Vet’s Best Mosquito Repellent, which uses a blend of lemongrass oil and geraniol (from citronella plants).

Maintaining Cleanliness

Regularly clean the kennel and surrounding areas to eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites. Trim vegetation and grass around the kennel to minimize resting areas for mosquitoes.

Utilizing Mosquito-Repellent Plants

Plant mosquito-repellent plants like peppermint, lavender, rosemary, basil, catnip, citrosum, and lemon balm around the kennel area. These plants not only add beauty to your landscape but also serve a practical purpose.

Using Dog-Safe Mosquito Repellent Products

Consult your vet about choosing a dog-friendly mosquito repellent, such as sprays or monthly spot-on treatments. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific product you choose to ensure the best results and safety for your dog.

Monitoring Weather Conditions

Monitor weather conditions to anticipate potential increases in mosquito activity. Warmer temperatures and increased rainfall can lead to higher mosquito populations. Adjust your mosquito control methods accordingly.

Eliminating Mosquito Habitats

Collaborate with neighbors to locate and remove sources of standing water and implement mosquito control measures. Community-wide efforts are often more effective in reducing mosquito populations.

By following these steps, you can significantly reduce the mosquito population in and around the dog kennel, creating a more comfortable and safer environment for your furry friend. Always remember that the key to effective mosquito control is prevention and consistent effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean the kennel to prevent mosquito breeding?

Ideally, you should clean the kennel once a week. Regular cleaning helps eliminate any potential mosquito breeding sites and keeps the area fresh for your dog.

Are all essential oils safe to use as mosquito repellents for dogs?

Not all essential oils are safe for dogs. Certain oils like tea tree, pennyroyal, and wintergreen are toxic to dogs. Always consult with your vet before using any essential oil as a mosquito repellent for your dog.

Can I use chemical mosquito repellents around the kennel?

While chemical mosquito repellents can be effective, they may contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs. Always choose dog-safe products and consider natural alternatives where possible.

What’s the best time to apply mosquito repellent to my dog?

The best time to apply mosquito repellent to your dog is before they spend extended periods outside, especially during early morning and late afternoon when mosquitoes are most active.

Can I use a mosquito zapper near the kennel?

Yes, you can use a mosquito zapper near the kennel. However, make sure it’s placed at a safe distance to prevent your dog from accidentally coming into contact with it.

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