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How To Keep Spiders Away from Patio Furniture

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Spiders are common occupants of gardens and outdoor spaces, and while they play a crucial role in the ecosystem by controlling insect populations, they are not always welcome guests on patio furniture. If you’ve been struggling with an eight-legged invasion on your outdoor lounging areas, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with effective strategies on how to keep spiders away from patio furniture.


To keep spiders away from your patio furniture, start with regular cleaning to remove any existing webs and deter their return. Use strategic lighting to discourage spiders or prevent attracting their insect prey. Plant spider-repelling herbs like basil or lavender near your patio, and consider burning citronella candles. You can also spray a solution of water and peppermint essential oil around your furniture. Consider using furniture covers and simpler furniture designs to reduce hiding spots. Commercial spider repellents are also an option.

Why Are Spiders Attracted to Patio Furniture?

Spiders are attracted to patio furniture for various reasons. They find the numerous crevices and corners in furniture ideal for building their webs. If your patio is a hotspot for insect activity, it becomes an appealing hunting ground for spiders. Moreover, they prefer dark, undisturbed areas, making the underside of your furniture and cushions their favorite hideouts.

Common Types of Spiders Found Around Patio Furniture

The most common types of spiders found around patio furniture include House Spiders, Cellar Spiders, Wolf Spiders, Jumping Spiders, Grass Spiders, and Brown Recluse Spiders. Understanding the types of spiders you’re dealing with can help you choose the best prevention methods.

Effective Methods to Prevent Spiders from Infesting Patio Furniture

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is your first line of defense against spiders. This includes sweeping away any spider webs and keeping the area clutter-free. The more often you clean, the less likely spiders are to return.

Strategic Lighting

If spiders are drawn to your furniture, consider leaving the lights on for a week or two at night to discourage them. Alternatively, you can turn off outdoor lighting at night to avoid attracting insects, which are food for spiders.

Use of Plants and Herbs

Plant pest-deterring flowers or herbs such as Basil, Lavender, Mint, or Rosemary around your patio. These plants smell great to humans but are disliked by spiders.

Citronella Candles or Torches

Spiders dislike the smell of citrus. Burning citronella candles or torches can help keep them away from your outdoor furniture.

Essential Oils

Spiders hate the smell of peppermint. Fill a spray bottle with water and 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil and spray in places spiders tend to hide.

Furniture Covers

Invest in furniture covers to keep your furniture spider-free. Make sure the covers you choose are tight sealing, as spiders can easily crawl through any gaps.

Furniture Choices

If you live in a region that has a lot of spiders, take that into consideration when you’re choosing your furniture sets. Choosing a simpler design like metal or open design wooden furniture reduces the number of hiding spots.

Commercial Products

There are several commercial products available that can prevent spiders from infesting your patio furniture. These include sprays and electronic spider repellents.


Keeping spiders away from your patio furniture involves a combination of regular cleaning, use of natural repellents, and strategic placement of plants and lights. Remember, consistency is key in keeping your patio spider-free. Regular cleaning and spraying surfaces will help ensure that your patio isn’t a permissive environment for any new 8-legged friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my patio furniture to keep spiders away?

Ideally, you should clean your patio furniture at least once a week. This includes sweeping away any spider webs and keeping the area clutter-free.

Can I use any other essential oils apart from peppermint to repel spiders?

Yes, apart from peppermint, spiders also dislike the smell of other essential oils such as citrus, tea tree, and eucalyptus. You can use any of these essential oils in a spray bottle with water to keep spiders away.

Are there any specific plants that attract spiders that I should avoid planting near my patio?

Plants that attract a lot of insects can indirectly attract spiders because insects are a primary food source for spiders. Therefore, avoid planting insect-attracting plants like Queen Anne’s Lace, Goldenrod, and Yarrow near your patio.

Is it safe to use commercial spider repellents?

Most commercial spider repellents are safe to use outdoors and around patio furniture. However, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions.

What should I do if I find a poisonous spider on my patio furniture?

If you find a poisonous spider on your patio furniture, it’s best to call a professional pest control service. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle poisonous spiders safely.

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