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7 Things Coyotes Are Afraid Of

Handsome Urban Coyote

It cannot be easy to differentiate a coyote from certain dog species or wolves. But one thing is clear; it can be a little scary to see a strange furry creature lurking around your home.

The good news is coyotes are probably more scared of you than you are of them, along with a long list of other things.

So, if you have a furry wolf-like visitor who damages your yard or garden and leaves garbage cans overturned, here’s how to scare them away.


Coyotes are curious animals, leading them to slink around, poking their noses in almost anything. If there is food or water around your home, they will find it and keep returning in search of more.

So, the best deterrent is to rid your yard of things that could attract them and keep your livestock securely housed.

  • Coyotes are naturally wary of human beings but can become comfortable after spending lots of time around us. It’s important to act as soon as you notice them.
  • They usually want nothing to do with you but your chickens and small pets. That’s a different case entirely.
  • Each time you leave out food or water, you extend an invitation to unwanted animals, including coyotes.

Setting traps or baiting coyotes may not be ideal, especially since your livestock or pets could get injured instead. It’s safer to explore less harmful avenues to get rid of them.

This article includes a list of coyote kryptonite that will keep them far from your home. We have also included more detail in the FAQ Section.

7 Things Coyotes Are Afraid Of

Coyotes are cunning creatures and quite opportunistic when it comes to feeding. They eat insects and rodents, which comes in handy for pest control.

However, coyotes eat vegetables, rabbits, and chickens, and that’s not good for any farm or garden. They are also dangerous to have around if you have.

Fortunately, coyotes are afraid of a number of human activities, and that’s your weapon against them. These strategies are cruelty-free, so you do not risk hurting your pets or livestock in the process.

Here are seven things that will have coyotes running, never to return to your property.

1. Loud Noises

A Wild Coyote Moves Across The Edge Of A Lawn

Coyotes do not like loud noises, and neither will your neighbors. However, this method has proven effective in scaring coyotes away and is quite cheap.

All you need are pots and pans; perhaps your kid’s drum set will come in handy too. When you see the coyote, bang the objects together as loudly as possible.

The goal is to make loud noises to scare it off. So, don’t hold back.

2. Bright Lights

Outdoor Led Lamp On The Yard

Coyotes hate bright lights as much as they hate strange noises. You could invest in buying LED lights and installing them around your home.

This way, your home will be guarded even while you are away. Simple strobe or motion lights will do the trick.

3. Guard Animals

Donkey In The Farm

Giving coyotes access to your home is dangerous if you have livestock or small pets like rabbits or ferrets. Apart from hunting them for food, coyotes could hurt your animals.

Animals like Illamas and Donkeys are excellent guards against coyotes, especially if you own a farm. Donkeys, in particular, can be aggressive toward coyotes, which is enough to scare them off.

4. Incoming Missiles

Coyote Running Away In The Distance

How good is your aim? Luckily, it doesn’t really matter in this instance.

In this case, you don’t have to hit your target; throw objects in the general direction of the coyote. They are quite afraid of getting hit by strange objects.

So, the next time you see a coyote, throw something in its direction. Be careful that it isn’t something precious like your car keys or phone.

It bears repeating that you must never throw food at them. It would simply be counterproductive.

5. A Fence

Wooden Fence For Protection

Coyotes may not run screaming when they see a fence, but it will discourage them from coming in. However, coyotes can jump high, so keeping your fence over four feet is best.

Although this is the most expensive strategy, it is quite effective. Ensure that the gates or entrances do not have weaknesses coyotes can exploit to sneak through.

6. Predator Urine

Spraying In The Garden

Wolves are primary predators of coyotes. And as a defense mechanism, most animals can detect the scent of predators.

Since it’s not safe nor ideal to house a wolf for this purpose, you can use the next best thing—Wolf urine.

In case you’re wondering, how do I get wolf urine? Interestingly, it’s sold in stores and online.

You could also go for repellent sprays that have wolf urine in the mix. Just spray it around your yard or near your fences.

7. Human Beings

A Scary Coyote

Yes, you! Coyotes are naturally afraid of human beings.

This fear is sustained when they do not have much contact with you. However, when coyotes spend more time around people, they tend to get comfortable and aggressive.

For instance, if you take to feeding coyotes or leaving out food for them, they will feel a sense of familiarity that erases their fear of you. So, keeping your distance from them ensures they remain afraid of you and will feel threatened if you yell at them or wave your arms sternly.


Coyotes may seem like harmless animals, but keeping any untrained animal from your home is safer. You should take precautions even if you haven’t found one close to your home.

Simple things like emptying your garbage can promptly and ensuring that your pet’s food isn’t left out could go a long way. Especially if you own a farm or garden, it would be sad to see your hard work go to waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Coyotes Fear Most?

Coyotes cannot stand bright flashing lights or loud banging noises. But their fear is most likely activated to the highest levels when they sense their chief predator, wolves.

Their fear of wolves is so great that smelling wolf urine gets coyotes running for the hills.

Will Coyotes Attack You if They See You?

Coyote attacks are quite rare. So, the chances that a coyote will attack if it sees you are very low.

Regardless, these creatures are wild animals and are known to be more dominant the longer they spend in the company of humans.

Since there is no way to tell if a coyote is still wary of humans at a glance, it’s best to keep your distance. Any attempts to scare it off should be made at a safe distance.

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