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6 Ways To Keep Birds Off Your Apartment Balcony

How To Keep Birds Away From Apartment Balcony

Birds are beautiful creatures and are often an object of admiration. But if you ask anyone who suffers from birds pooping all over their balcony, they might have a different opinion.

Understandably, it’s frustrating not to enjoy time out on your balcony without dealing with bird poop or perching birds.

In the long run, they could destroy your property while taking full control of your balcony.

In case you are wondering, there are several ways to get rid of these birds without harming them or spending too much money.


Birds do not choose buildings for the pretty view or their rental value. All they need is a pathway to food and a shelter to make a nest. If your balcony happens to satisfy these requirements, you may find them perching or even living in it.

So, if you want them gone, you must find what attracts these birds to your balcony and get rid of it.

  • Stop leaving food out for birds. And don’t worry; they will find their meals elsewhere.
  • If you have pet birds, their bath or droppings from their feeder could invite other birds to your balcony.
  • If birds cannot land on your balcony, they will not stay. So, bird nets, repellent get, and good lighting are your new best buddies.

This article covers all you need to know easy and efficient strategies for keeping birds away from your apartment balcony.

We have also answered some commonly asked questions about remedies for unwanted bird companions.

6 Ways To Keep Birds Off Your Apartment Balcony

Ways To Keep Birds Off Your Apartment Balcony

Birds are pleasant to have around, but it’s fun and games until they poop everywhere and destroy your furniture or wooden deck.

Pigeons are particularly notorious for nesting and living out in people’s balconies.

If you are faced with this dilemma, we’re happy to inform you that many solutions cost much less than renovating your balcony.

Here are some ways to keep birds away from your apartment balcony:

1. Bird Repellent

Bird Repellent

Some special liquid sprays and gels have been formulated to keep birds away from areas you do not want them to perch on.

For instance, bird-repellent gels can be applied to railings to discourage birds from perching.

Some of them are designs with smells that naturally repel birds. So, it’s worth a try.

2. Reflective Material

Reflective Material

Bright lights and surfaces that reflect lights are excellent deterrents for rogue birds.

They register in their senses and make them uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are cheap ways to get your balcony bird-proofed. You could get some bird tape and layer it around your balcony.

The sticky surface will irritate birds, and the reflection of lights will send small birds flying away.

These holographic tapes confuse birds with a blend of vibrant colors and shiny lights.

You could stick this around different parts of your building, including window frames.

3. Animal Fixtures

Animal Fixtures

Using fake birds shaped like predators as owls and hawks, work just as well as the real deal to scare off birds.

Who will tell them that the fake owl with rotating eyes isn’t real?

If you decide to use this trick, you may have to rotate the positions of the birds. That way, it feels real and scares off tenant birds.

4. Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Birds do not like strange or startling noises. Using wind chimes would come in handy in scaring them off your balcony.

You could get traditional ones that make noises when the wind blows or make one yourself.

There are, however, chances that a bird could get used to the sound.

5. Eliminate Food Sources

Eliminate Food Sources

Sometimes food particles and leftovers get left behind after you spend time on your balcony.

These food bits may not be significant to you, but they are often large and fragrant enough to attract birds.

If you have a pet bird whose food occasionally drops on your balcony, you must ensure it stops happening.

When the bird or birds stop finding food or water on your balcony, they will be forced to search other places.

6. Bird Repelling Plants

Bird Repelling Plants

Putting plants that repel birds on your balcony is an excellent idea.

You can trust the wind to carry the fragrance of the plant or herb to birds flying nearby.

Birds strongly dislike plants like lavender, basil, mint, and a couple of others.

So, you could place small pots on your balcony, give it a fresh look and keep birds at a distance.


It may take a combination of two or more methods to have a completely bird-free balcony.

The first and most important step is to rid your balcony of all signs of the bird’s presence.

Clear out any nests, traces of poop, and sources of food and water.

Then, you may apply any deterrents until the birds learn their lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Bleach Keep Birds Away?

Bleach is great for cleaning bad stains or even washing out bird poop. But it does not possess any properties that can repel birds.

Although cleaning your balcony of bird poop and any remains of their nest reduces the chances of birds returning to it, any cleaning product would do the job.

It isn’t the bleach that keeps the birds away. Rather, the absence of their poop or a nest makes your balcony less familiar to them.

What Smell Will Keep Birds Away?

Birds do not like strong smells or aromas. So, anything with a strong smell is likely to keep birds away.

Here are some smells that effectively make balconies less attractive to birds:

  • Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Chili or Cayenne pepper
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Citronella

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