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What Are Pigeons Afraid Of?

What Are Pigeons Afraid Of?

Pigeons are beautiful and peaceful birds that won’t necessarily be a problem.

They are one of the coolest animals you won’t ever have to deal with as long as they are at bay.

However, because pigeons are generally peaceful, they get scared immediately when they see their predators approaching.

Pigeons have highly active senses that immediately signal them when they must run from wild animals to escape death.


Pigeons are most afraid of their predators, including the following animals:

  • Hawks
  • Cats
  • Crows

You can use these to your advantage when pigeons try to disturb your garden or yards. That’s why it’s nice to know what these peaceful birds are most scared of.

Discover more about what scares pigeons in this guide. And we’ll also give you hacks on what you can do when you want to scare them away.

3 Predators Pigeons Are Most Scared Of

Predators Pigeons Are Most Scared Of

Like any bird, certain predators love preying on pigeons because they move gracefully.

These animals are not the fastest birds, but they sure can act swiftly when sensing the following predators nearby:

1. Hawks


Hawks are unique predators of pigeons, sparrows, parrots, and other smaller birds.

You would often see these predators attacking hawks in the countryside or forests.

Because hawks are larger and move faster than pigeons, they are often successful in catching pigeons and eating them.

This is also why homeowners love setting up plastic hawks or owls in their gardens.

Even though they aren’t real, pigeons won’t recognize this and will immediately feel scared when they see plastic hawks. The result? They will stay away from your area.

2. Cats


Cats can be loving and friendly to their owners. But these pets can also scare pigeons away.

Thanks to their close relation to tigers, they have been one of the most skilled predators with the instincts acquired from tigers and lions.

Cats can successfully chase prey even though they are smaller than their tiger relatives.

Pigeons are a no-brainer for cats. These pets won’t even have to break a sweat to be successful in catching pigeons, especially when they are inside their cages.

3. Crows


Crows are probably the least aggressive out of all predators in this guide.

Pigeons can successfully escape from these birds, except when the crows fly in groups. When that happens, pigeons can get hurt right away.

Moreover, a few homeowners have attested that crows can enter pigeon cages and snatch eggs or even baby pigeons.

But if you have a pet pigeon, you can scare these crows by also owning a pet dog.

Crows are afraid of dogs and humans, so you’re guaranteed they will stay at bay, away from your pet pigeons.

Scents Pigeons Are Afraid Of

Scents Pigeons Are Afraid Of (Peppermint Essential Oil)

Aside from predators and wild animals, pigeons also detest the following scents:

  1. Cinnamon – pigeons hate cinnamon’s pungy and spicy scent because it can irritate their sinuses.
  2. Hot and Chilli Pepper – pigeons despise anything spicy.
  3. White Vinegar – it’s acidic and intense, which could confuse pigeons’ sense of smell.
  4. Hairspray and Cologne – they are too aromatic and fragrant, which pigeons detest.
  5. Peppermint Essential Oil – fragrant and intense, which can trigger the pigeons and cause them to stay away.

Pigeons Can Get Scared Too

Pigeons are living things, and that’s why they can be frightened, too, like us.

Predators like hawks, cats, and crows can make a pigeon’s life miserable, which also explains why these birds are extra sensitive and alert when they’re in the wild.

Aside from animals, pigeons also despise the scents of essential oils, white vinegar, cologne, and anything spicy.

You can use this to your advantage when deterring them from your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pigeons Afraid of Certain Sounds?

Aside from the sound of their predator’s fast-approaching, pigeons also hate loud bird noises, distress calls, humans’ loud noises, propane cannons, dogs, and other animal noises.

How Can I Get Rid of Pigeons Aside From Their Predators and Certain Scents?

Placing gel traps is always successful when you want to eliminate them.

Plant spikes, ultrasonic devices, reflective discs, vapors, and fogs should work too.

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