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What Color Do Moths Hate?

A Common Clothes Moth

Moths aren’t great flatmates. They can leave annoying damage on your clothes, books, and home furniture. These scaly insects that are sometimes mistaken for butterflies can infuriate you without paying rent.

There are several ways to rid your honesty of moths. Some experts say using light bulbs that give off colors that moths hate is effective.

However, you might wonder – what colors do moths hate?


Moths are generally attracted to bright colors; however, they dislike yellow. If you live in a moth-infested home and your light bulb looks like a moth’s club at night, you might consider switching to yellow bulbs.

Other colors that moths hate include blue and colors that fit the description of dark colors.

Whether you want to keep moths as pets or are tired of their unending destruction of your home furniture, this article is for you.

In subsequent subheadings, we will discuss moths, the colors they hate, how to repel them, and answer some common questions about them.

What Are Moths?

Closeup Of A Codling Moth

Moths are a group of insects similar to butterflies, but not quite.

Unlike butterflies, moths are tiny but thick, with scaly, hairy bodies, and are often dull-colored, while butterflies are slimmer, more enormous, smoother, and usually more colorful.

Most moths tend to be more active at night and prefer colder temperatures. They also don’t live very long, generally having an average lifespan of about 40 days.

These species of moths come in varying sizes. While the wingspan of some is as small as 0.16 inches, which is about the size of a tiny ant, some others are as large as 30cm, about the length of a medium-sized pizza box.

However, one common thing with all moths is that they have a fantastic sense of smell and lose their minds when they see an electric light.

Moths do not bite or sting but can attach themselves to wooden furniture in your home and feed on it. Some moths can move through the furniture, leaving a great deal of damage.

The moths’ caterpillars can also cause visible damage to clothes. As it stands, moths aren’t a lover of all colors. Therefore, you might be able to rid your home of this pest using some colors they hate.

Let’s take a look at some of the colors moths hate and how you can use these colors to repel them.

What Colors Do Moths Hate?

Moth Trap Full Of Indian Meal Moths

Moths are attracted to quite a several colors on the UV spectrum. There are just a few that are not endearing to them, and they are explained below.

1. Yellow

Moths are generally known to like bright colors, but the exception to that rule is the color yellow. This is because yellow tends to be more like sunlight, and since these insects prefer to move when the day is dark, they stay away from it.

As a result, most homeowners have begun to use yellow LED light bulbs in and around their homes to keep moths away as they do not emit so much heat, while others paint their homes yellow.

Although the light bulbs actually work for repelling them, painting homes yellow hasn’t proven to be an effective method.

The only downside is that constant use of yellow LED light bulbs can lead to increased electricity bills.

2. Red

Moths cannot see the color red, which appears almost invisible to their eyes because they have longer wavelengths.

This means you can also hang red lights around your home to prevent them from coming around as they can’t see them. But red lights might not be practical in or around your home as they don’t produce enough light and can damage your eyes due to continuous eye strain.

However, an exciting thing about the color red is that studies have shown that it can stimulate sexual behavior in moths causing them to mate.

3. Green

As with the color red, green is also tricky for moths to detect. It also has a longer wavelength which doesn’t sit well with their eyes, causing them to avoid it.

Using green LED lights might not be practical, but in order to get rid of moths, you can paint areas around your home with green.

Other Colors That Moths Hate

Other colors moths dislike that can be used as paint colors for homes includes:

  • Dark pink
  • Dark orange
  • Dark blue
  • Purple

How To Repel Moths

A Lot Of Indian Meal Moths

Aside from using the colors they hate for your home decor, there are several ways by which you can evict moths from your home. They include:

  • Deep clean every corner of your home with vinegar in water and mop.
  • Dust floors and carpets regularly and sundry rugs often.
  • Freeze items of clothing that show signs of moth infestation.
  • Use moths repellant (insecticide).
  • Wash clothes with evidence of moths’ larvae.


Moths Playing Light Form The Lamp

Like every insect, moths are attracted to bright lights, like a child is attracted to candy. If you are among the homeowners asking – what colors do moths hate? Then, know that they include darker shades of yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple.

As it stands, the color of light bulbs that repels them isn’t the same for paints.

You might consider using LED lights for your home as they serve as an excellent moth repellant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Moths the Same As Butterflies?

Moths and butterflies share similar features and are often mistaken for one another. However, they are not the same. They are both from the Lepidoptera order.

Also, over 160,000 species of moths exist, which is about 10 times that of butterflies. Another key similarity between the two insects is the scales that cover their entire body. Lastly, they share dislike and likeness for similar colors.

Do Moths Love Blue Colors?

No! Moths are not a favorite of blue colors. Especially the darker shades of blue. While blue light bulbs might not send out these tiny creatures from your home, painting your home blue might do the trick.

Other paint colors that repel moths include dark shades of pink, orange, purple, and more.

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