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What Colors Do Roaches Hate?


Roaches are among the most prominent pests in our dwellings. The worst part about these insects is that you have little or no idea how they can crawl into your living space.

People use various means to eliminate them, although doing so can be challenging.

The primary cause of headaches is their high reproductive rate, which makes eradicating them an exercise that might take weeks, if not months, of pest control actions.

However, there is a widespread belief that roaches are scared of some colors, which can be used to dissuade them from your space.


Roaches are nocturnal insects. They prefer living in places that are both dark and damp.

Therefore, light, or bright colors, will make roaches immediately disperse and seek refuge in the room’s darker nooks and crannies.

Roaches avoid light, so you won’t see them out and about during the day.

Hiding out in the dark or staying away from bright colors is more appealing if they can also swiftly and easily obtain food and heat there.

Roaches typically avoid red, green, blue, and white colors.

We’ll be talking about some colors that roaches avoid in this article. We will also examine the assumptions made about why they hate such colors.

What Colors Do Roaches Hate?

Here are some colors that roaches hate:



It is a well-known fact that most roach species avoid environments with a high concentration of bright colors.

New research indicates that roaches have a particular hate for the color red, and they will strive to avoid red lights at all costs.

Lamps and other artificial light sources produce a shade of red even further along the color spectrum than most other colors.

The portion of the visible range that contains red light also has longer wavelengths.



Roaches are not attracted to green because it is a neutral color. As it turns out, green colors do cause a decrease in roaches’ activity.

However, the blue wavelength range is much narrower, between 450 and 495 nm.

Nonetheless, several studies have shown that roaches are not frightened of lights per se but are somewhat alarmed by the fact that humans can easily spot them when dressed in green.

Greenlight was very effective at repelling roaches in an experiment conducted to see which colors of light roaches avoid the most.



Blue is one hue that experts claim roaches detest.

When you turn on a bright blue color light, it is probably the reason you have noticed them racing in a variety of directions.

They stop eating and begin secreting the anti-nutrient abscisic acid when exposed to blue light (ABA). They deploy it as an anti-nutrient to defend themselves from attack.



It is no surprise that roaches know that white is one of the clearest backgrounds and that it is safe for them to stay away from it. Predators can locate them more quickly and attack them more rapidly.

As a result, roaches favor darker colors and hide in shadowy areas due to their instinct for safety.

Will Certain Colors Keep Roaches Away?


Only a few roach species may be vulnerable to color and light. Roaches avoid particular colors because they make it harder to hide or flee from predators when they’re out in the open.

So, if you want to keep the roaches out of your bedroom, try sleeping with a light on. Roaches will avoid coming out into the light if it is one of these colors.

Light and vivid colors also draw in the room’s predators, who become more actively engaged in hunting roaches down.

Roaches are easy prey for predators when you choose bright colors, so they’re unlikely to go out of the house to those illuminated areas.

Cockroaches are less vulnerable to being eaten by predators at night or in the dark, except by a few predators that enjoy enhanced activities at night.

To avoid being caught in predation, they will “observe” the predator’s action patterns and stay hidden when predators like spiders and other pests are active in the light.

Due to the existence of some colors like red, green, and blue, they are less likely to be active and do damage to your home.


The reason roaches despise certain colors are quite elementary when broken down.

It turns out that most roaches dislike fluorescents and other types of bright light bulbs simply because of the way they choose to live.

Illuminating your house with these colors is an effective method of preventing the spread of this pest.

They may avoid areas where these colors are highlighted, but they will find refuge in your cupboard and other dark places.

As nocturnal creatures, roaches are at their best in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it That Roaches Absolutely Hate?

Roaches can be effectively repelled using essential oils like cedarwood oil, peppermint oil, or cypress oil.

Crushed bay leaves and coffee grounds also have an unpleasant aroma that drives these insects away.

The boric acid and powdered sugar mixture can be used as a natural insecticide against roaches.

Which Do Roaches Prefer, the Light or the Dark?

Roaches have an intolerance to light. They like dark, concealed areas, such as the crevices behind and between your appliances.

Roaches are particularly common in the kitchen and bathroom. They are most comfortable when they reside in damp, warm climates.

Do Roaches Prefer a Dirty or Tidy Home?

Roaches have often been stigmatized as emblems of filth and uncleanliness. However, even if you’re diligent about keeping your house clean, you could still have roach infestations.

In that regard, professionals advise employing various techniques to keep roaches out of your building.

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