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What Do Cockroaches Hate?

What Do Cockroaches Hate?

No one wants slimy insects like cockroaches in the house. These fast breeders and filth-loving insects could be a problem for any house owner.

Moreover, they can fit into any small space and can also be the source of severe diseases like salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, leprosy, and dysentery.

This makes it essential to curb their entry into the house as soon as possible.

Various approaches could be fruitful in limiting their entry into the house. The article will briefly explain the things that cockroaches hate the most.


Cockroaches reproduce very fast. Due to this, they can develop a resistance to commonly used insecticides. Thus approaches featuring natural methods can be more beneficial.

Despite their reputation of being anywhere and eating anything, cockroaches can’t stand certain methods. Depending on their species, they are picky about temperature, humidity, and light conditions.

Natural remedies, especially scents to deter cockroaches’ invasion, have shown effective results. Essential oil scents, often pleasant and relaxing for humans, are smells that cockroaches hate.

Read the full article for a brief knowledge of how essential oils, plants, herbs, and spices can help you repel cockroaches.

The next sections of the article will include various natural remedies that cockroaches hate the most. Then there will be a detailed conclusion and frequently asked questions that can help to deter roaches.

8 Natural Remedies That Cockroaches Hate

Natural Remedies That Cockroaches Hate

Cockroaches can be a serious threat if not treated effectively. Their presence could vary in numbers from a few to dozens. Their excrement and skin can trigger serious allergic reactions in allergy-sensitive individuals.

Cockroaches can eat anything from food to feces. Thus, their movement from feces to food also spreads various pathogens. This makes it essential to limit their activity.

Here are the 8 effective natural remedies that cockroaches hate the most.

1. Mint Scents

Mint Scents

While almost every human loves the smell of mint, the case is not the same for roaches. Due to the strong odor of mint, this is effective for cockroach control.

A study on cockroaches at Auburn University reveals the effectiveness of mint oil as a cockroach deterrent.

Mint has two chemicals: Menthol and Menthone, and cockroaches hate the smell of these chemicals.

However, the mint oil is concentrated, so a solution with water is recommended. Mix 12-16 drops of mint oil in one cup of water and spray alongside cracks, holes, openings, and other small spaces that could be home to cockroaches.

2. Citronella


Citronella candles and oils are commonly used for repelling insects. They are effective methods due to their strong odor.

However, in the case of cockroaches, Citronella candles are not as effective as Citronella oil because they only target flying insects.

Citronella oils are pet-safe, non-toxic, and easy to apply. Make a solution by mixing 10-15 drops of citronella oil in one cup of water.

Now soak a small towel or cloth into the solution and place it in the space where you want to ban the cockroaches.

3. Lavender


As effective for other insects and rodents, Lavender is also a good control against cockroaches. The strong smell of Lavender keeps the roaches and other insects away from your home.

Lavender plants are effective barriers to repelling all insects and rodents. Simply plant lavenders around your house, which will act as a defense system and limit the entry of even very determined insects like roaches.

If planting lavenders is not feasible for you, then extracted lavender oil is a good option.

Make the oil solution with water and sprinkle it around. This will dispel away the already existing cockroaches and curtail the new invasion.

4. Bay Leaves

Fresh Bay Leaves

This everyday use of kitchens has a long history of being used as a cockroach repellent.

They are inexpensive, easily available, and effective against all insects and rodents, including cockroaches, flies, mice, and moths.

However, the fresh Bay leaves have a pungent smell. But when dried, their smell changes to a flowery scent like Oregano flowers.

To use bay leaves, you can sprinkle them on the ground, smear them on clothes as they are stain free, or put them in bowls and place them around areas where you want to stop the roaches’ entry.

5. Garlic and Onion Paste

Garlic And Onion Paste

Combining these two easily available kitchen items can horrify cockroaches and dispel them away from the nooks and crannies of your home.

Garlic paste mixed with a small amount of onion effectively controls cockroaches. The garlic’s strong odor is unpleasing for roaches and thus inhibits their entry.

For more effective results, you can grind garlic, onion, clove, and pepper to make their paste. Now mix this paste in water and spray around the affected areas.

You can also use only garlic in the form of garlic powder to sprinkle around and as small garlic chunks to place around in affected areas.

6. Citrus


Citrus fruits can be healthy for you but not for cockroaches. Using citrus as an option to repel cockroaches is effective. The strong citrus smell keeps the roaches away.

You can use citrus as:

  • Bug Spray: Using citrus juices could repel cockroaches but can attract other insects like flies. So it’s recommended to use citrus juice with an insecticide. This will repel cockroaches and kill all other insects.
  • Fresh Fruit Peel: Place the peels of fresh citrus fruit like oranges or lemons in the place where roaches are present. Their smells will inhibit their entry.

Besides using natural citrus products, you can also opt for artificial citrus extracts, which are mixed with water to mop on the floor and leave a smell that repels roaches.

7. Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

Using coffee grounds to repel cockroaches is an effective approach.

Coffee grounds are unpleasant for roaches due to their strong odor and coarse texture.

However, coffee is only effective in the form of coffee grounds and not instant coffee.

To use them, disperse them around the possible entry points of roaches. And for effective control, repeat the cycle every week.

8. Pine


Can you remember that fresh smell when you are driving or walking through a pine forest?

This smell that is pleasant for humans is very unpleasant for cockroaches and can effectively dispel them away from your home.

Pine trees have a chemical named Beta-pinene. The smell of beta-pinene repels roaches and, on contact, eliminates them.

To use, mix 10-12 drops of pine oil in one cup of water and spray in are vulnerable to cockroaches.


Dealing with cockroaches is not as easy as with other pests. They can hide in very small spaces and reproduce quickly to become immune to pesticides.

Before resorting to professional’s help, the approaches mentioned earlier are very effective FIY’s for repelling them. However, they are not viable solutions if you deal with their masses.

Ultimately, these approaches must be compounded with other tactics to eliminate roaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Cockroaches Afraid Of?

Cockroaches are afraid of bigger mammals than them. However, they find certain smells like peppermint, Lavender, citrus, and vinegar very unpleasant.

How Do I Get Rid of Roaches Forever?

It’s almost impossible to get rid of cockroaches permanently. But the mixture of sugar and baking soda could be an effective band-aid approach. As sugar stops its multiplication and baking soda eliminates them.

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