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What Sounds Do Armadillos Make?

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Recently, I shared my experience of encountering an armadillo with my friends. Surprisingly, they hardly believed that armadillos made sounds, requiring me to send them videos of armadillos making different noises. It led me to the realization that most people don’t expect armadillos to be loud animals.

Knowing through experience how frightened armadillos let out a pig-like squeal upon encountering humans, I dug around for more details about the sounds.

Armadillos make, discovering some intriguing information about the behavior of these fascinating creatures.


Armadillos make various sounds, including grunting or purring, squeaking, snorting, and squealing or screaming to express their emotions and communicate with their armored buddies.

Let’s learn about the sounds that Armadillos make and what causes them to make different noises.

The Sounds Armadillos Make

Six-Banded Armadillo

Armadillos are intriguing creatures, well-known for their hard shell resembling a knight’s armor. They are not renowned for their sounds, given their impression of being quiet operators.

However, armadillos make a range of sounds based on their actions and emotional state when communicating with their peers.

Grunting or Purring

Armadillos create a wheezy grunt while happily going about their business digging and rooting for food. This sound is similar to the purr sounds cats are known to develop. Armadillos create these purring sounds by vibrating their larynx while exhaling.


Armadillos who are alarmed or on the run from a threat create a buzzing squeak. They are likely to make this sound to express fear and alarm their friends of nearby danger.


Although similar to grunting, armadillos snort when they are stressed. These sounds are often created by armadillos, who are in captivity, expressing stress and sadness.

Squealing or Screaming

One of the likeliest sounds humans hear from armadillos is their squeal or scream. Armadillos create this unique sound when they are frightened.

They usually let out a pig-like squeal and run away while squeaking when facing a human or any other significant threat. Armadillos might also squeal or scream when they are in pain.


Armadillos are nocturnal animals often found throughout South America, famous for their hard shells, providing protection from predators and the elements. The Screaming Hairy Armadillo, a subspecies of armadillo, is the most vocal, although other armadillos make different sounds.

Why Armadillos Make Sounds

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Experts believe that armadillos, just like many other animals, make different noises to communicate with each other. They make grunting sounds to inform their friends of their happy and content mood while foraging for food.

Armadillos start making purring noises from infancy while happily feeding from their mothers. Mama armadillos also use purring sounds to keep their young ones around to ensure they are safe and well-fed and to teach them how to forage for food.

Armadillos create snorting sounds when stressed out while letting out squeaks when fleeing away. On the other hand, squeals are made by frightened or startled armadillos, letting their friends know of an impending threat.

They also make distress calls through various sounds, from snorting to squealing, depending on their stress level or pain.


Armadillo In The Grass

Armadillos are riveting creatures, although they cause a lot of damage and pose some threat to humans.

Interestingly, many people aren’t aware that armadillos make sounds to communicate with each other and express their emotions, using many distinguishable sounds, including grunts or purrs, squeaks, snorts, and squeals or screams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Armadillos Have a Sound?

Armadillos have many sounds in their repertoire, including grunts, purrs, squeaks, snorts, squeals, and screams. The type of sound an armadillo makes depends on their activity and emotional state.

Armadillos are most likely to squeal or scream upon seeing a human or other threatening creature while letting out squeaks when running away from a threat. People can also hear armadillos’ grunts and purrs while foraging for food when observing from a distance.

Do Armadillos Make Grunting Sounds?

Yes, armadillos create constant low grunts while happily digging for food. These grunting sounds are very similar to the purring sounds of cats. Armadillos grunt when they are in a happy and relaxed mood while searching for food and communicating with their peers, especially young ones.

Do Armadillos Screech?

Armadillos let out pig-like squeals or screams when frightened. The Screaming Hairy Armadillo, a type of armadillo, is famous for screaming or screeching when feeling threatened.

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