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Which Color Do Squirrels Hate?

Red Squirrel On A Wood

Are you wondering which color irritates squirrels the most? Which color should one use to frighten squirrels away? Do you want to know some safe, simple, and friendly ways to prevent squirrels from destroying your belongings? If so, I got you.

  • Squirrels avoid anything that resembles the color red because they are terrified of it.
  • Most home and property owners firmly believe in using the color red to scare away squirrels.
  • Using the color red is one of the natural ways to frighten squirrels.

No doubt you are now aware of a color that one can use to scare away troublesome squirrels if you have them on your property. The color red will frighten them away, as well as some other tried-and-true methods for controlling squirrels.

Why Do Squirrels Avoid the Color Red?

Curious Red Squirrel Peeking Behind The Tree

Squirrels are known to be afraid of the color red. They dislike the color because it is the dominant hue of their greatest foe, the Red-Headed Woodpecker. Squirrels do not like these common birds.

Squirrels avoid them at all costs because they fight for the same territories. If you want to use red to scare squirrels, think about including red things around your yards, such as red bird feeders, pillows for outdoor furniture, and flower pots.

5 Additional Strategies To Frighten Off Squirrels

Any red color item frightens squirrels. If the red items are not available, there are other things you can use to deter squirrels. They include:

1. Homemade Squirrel Repellent

Ground Squirrel Eating

Try mixing water with things that squirrels dislike to create your natural animal repellent. Like other living things, squirrels are also sensitive to some smells.

Certain pests avoid substances like cinnamon, menthol, hot pepper, eucalyptus, spearmint, and even nutmeg because of their smell and the sensations they generate. Squirrels are naturally repulsive to black pepper, white pepper, garlic, and sweet aromas like peppermint.

Squirrels dislike these smells. One only needs to water the plants and flowers before sprinkling any pepper or peppermint oil to keep squirrels away.

Additionally, you can also create a mixture of water, cayenne pepper, and menthol in a spray bottle and spray the areas you see any squirrels activities. Ensure that the kids and pets are away from these areas because the sensations can irritate their eyes, throat, and nose.

2. Changes in the Environment

Palm Squirrel Eating Plastic

Changes in the environment, also known as environmental modification, is the process of making improvements to some areas of your property that will attract and interest squirrels.

Items that can draw the unwanted squirrels include bird feeders and food, potted plants, and overgrown tree branches. Easily accessible shelter sites like log heaps, hollowed-out trees, and birdhouses can also attract squirrels.

You can more effectively reduce the squirrels’ activities around your property by removing or blocking these attractions.

3. Trimming the Overgrown Tree Branches

Tired Squirrel Lying Down On The Branch

Squirrels are good climbers. They utilize the overgrown tree branches to access your roofs, vents, and gutter systems. The long tree branches frequently serve as a gateway for infestations of squirrels and other rodents inside buildings.

It is crucial to have trees close to your home or other structure trimmed every year. As a result, squirrels cannot access the roof areas.

4. Bird Feeder Baffles

Bird Feeders Equipped With Squirrel Baffle

Squirrels frequently target bird feeders. They like the seeds, nuts, and legumes found in birdseed products. Luckily for them, with their climbing and gripping abilities, they can effortlessly enter those little hanging dwellings.

There are techniques you can employ to prevent unwanted squirrels from getting to the food in your bird feeders.

A baffle is one of the best wildlife control tools you can use. You attach it directly onto bird feeder poles to keep squirrels away.

  • Squirrel baffles: The cone-shaped domes, the baffles, that you install around a bird pole to prevent squirrels from reaching a birdfeeder. Squirrels trying to climb up will slide away and fall off.
  • Use of safflower seeds: Squirrels do not like safflower seeds. You will notice a decrease in the number of bothersome squirrel activities in a day.
  • Deterrents: You can spray the pole and base of your bird feeders with a mixture of peppery, non-toxic squirrel repellent. Birds will not mind it, but squirrels detest the taste and sensation of pepper.

In addition, you can also cover your bird feeder pole with PVC pipe to make it so slippery for squirrels to climb.

5. Professional Wildlife Removal

Pest And Rodent Removal Cage

Professional wildlife removal is vital for effective squirrel control and other animal-proofing services when it looks like nothing will stop your squirrels’ problem. They have the necessary knowledge, equipment, and authorization to deliver a secure squirrel trapping service on time.

A qualified wildlife removal and control company can also conduct a thorough inspection to know whether you have other squirrels inside your property.


Squirrels are rodents. If you do not take the necessary steps to guard your house against wildlife damage, the squirrels could become a real annoyance.

They can cause significant structural damage to the interior and exterior of a property. Squirrels must keep chewing continually to prevent their teeth from growing bigger.

It is better to take preventive measures if you notice any squirrel activity near your property. You do not want to have to deal with the damages later. Using the color red for squirrel control is beneficial, safe, and humane.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Made Squirrels Target My Property?

Squirrels are opportunists. They move to where they can easily access food, shelter, and protection. Squirrels are more likely to visit your home if you have nut trees, outdoor pet food, and other food sources.

How Can I Tell if There Are Squirrels in My Home?

Hearing their sounds, such as scurrying, banging, and scratching, is the most typical indication of a squirrel infestation. Other indicators include food scraps near entrances and exits, chewing marks like holes or gaps, and odor.

When Should One Get Rid of Squirrels?

Squirrels are a nuisance you should get rid of as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage squirrels cause.

As a result, the squirrels’ damage repairs become more time-consuming and costly.

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