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Why Are Fleas Attracted to Me?

Why Are Fleas Attracted To Me?

Do you believe fleas are drawn to you more than they are to other people?

Do you ever wonder why you keep complaining that fleas only bite you? Do you suspect particular traits make you attractive to fleas?


Fleas jump from an infected pet or another animal, but more likely from an infected pet bed, and bite you. The legs, feet, and ankles are where fleas typically bite people.

They do not stay on people. However, some fragrances are more alluring to fleas than others. They may favor you as a result because of your body’s natural scent, sweat, or skincare items you use, such as:

  • soaps
  • shower gels
  • deodorants

These parasitic insects can penetrate the skin with their mouths, locate the blood vessels, and ensure that the blood flows so they can consume.

Some people do not attract fleas, while others are vulnerable. Various residents of homes with fleas may feel acute itching from flea bites, while others may not.

There are several reasons why it could occasionally seem like fleas are picking on one household member but not the others.

5 Reasons Why Fleas Are Attracted to You

Reasons Why Fleas Are Attracted To You

Your body takes flea’s saliva as an allergen when it enters your bloodstream. Bites from fleas hurt, itch, and swell.

Flea bites might differ from one person to another due to several reasons. They include:

1. Age


Children under the age of 10 are often more sensitive than older adults. Repeated exposure over time tends to desensitize people.

Children bitten by fleas experience an allergic reaction that results in repeated or persistent tiny red pimples on the body surfaces.

Also, people with flea hypersensitivity may experience blister reactions.

2. Skin’s Chemical Makeup

Skin's Chemical Makeup

Individual variations exist in the chemical composition of human skin. Depending on a person’s genes, varied skin reactions and gas levels may be present.

For instance, some people may produce more carbon dioxide than others because of their skin reactions.

Carbon dioxide is a popular attractant to fleas and other bloodsucking parasites and pests.

3. Additional Fleas Exposure

Additional Fleas Exposure

Some features will make your home more attractive to fleas than others. For instance, if you do not mow your yard more frequently, you attract fleas, and they exist there.

Additionally, unclean carpets and pet bedding can provide fleas with a sanctuary where they can survive and increase in population.

As a result, the flea population becomes more blood-hungry and begins biting the surrounding people more frequently.

Fleas exposure can deceive you into believing that fleas bite you more frequently than others.

4. Some Bodies Overreact to the Smallest Bites

Flea Bites

Some people’s bodies are genetically far more sensitive than others. This factor makes certain people think they are more prone to get bitten by fleas. Others nearby may also get bit by fleas, but the reaction is lesser.

The amount of histamine released and the threshold of pain differs from one person to another, deceiving you into thinking that fleas are picking on you specifically.

Histamine is the inflammatory mediator that creates reddish, swollen bumps on the skin.

5. Type of Blood

Type Of Blood

Fleas and other insects love people with blood type O.

It’s fascinating how some blood types, like blood-type O, emit more heat and carbon dioxide than others.

Warm bodies and carbon dioxide exhaled by humans draw fleas’ attention.

Most parasites target people who have the blood type O.


Fleas prefer pets, especially dogs and cats, to humans. They are designed to pierce through their skin and ingest their blood.

However, fleas occasionally bite humans when their numbers are high in a particular area where the primary host is relatively scarce. And when it comes to biting humans, fleas exhibit some form of preference.

Fortunately, some foods may shield you from flea bites.

Some people assert that eating more garlic, curry, onions, and other aromatic plants will significantly reduce their risk of being bitten by them. Different aromatic plants are known to repel fleas and are present as byproducts in sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bathing the Pets Get Rid of Fleas?

Bathing your cat or dog is one of the primary ways to get rid of fleas. One can remove fleas from the pet’s fur and skin with tepid water and mild soap.

How Long Does a Flea Remain on a Human?

Fleas can only stay on people for a short time due to their high body temperatures. They cannot breed on humans. Therefore, they must find hosts among animals to increase their population.

What Smell Deters Fleas From Biting Me?

Strong scents are powerful repellents. They include citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, clove, citrus, and peppermint oil smells.

Also, cedar beds are ideal for pets because they can repel fleas to keep fleas away from your dog or cat. The smell does not kill the fleas, but it efficiently repels them.

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