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Why Are Roaches So Bad in Georgia?

Why Are Roaches So Bad In Georgia?

In recent times, Georgia has risen in popularity for some terrible reason, one of which is high roach infestation cases.

The American House survey recently published a study that ranks Atlanta, the largest city in Georgia, as the second city with the most significant roach infestations.

This study automatically makes Georgia the state with the second worst roach infestation in the United States.

What could be responsible for this? We answered this question and more in this guide.


Georgia is known for its richly diverse culture, great food, tea, sports, nature parks, history, and civil rights movement.

Sadly, it has the highest roach infestation cases in the United States. If you wonder why this is so, we give you some reasons to consider below:

  • High rainfall
  • Prevalent long hot, and humid summers and short winter breaks in Georgia
  • Large human population

The following sections will identify some reasons for Georgia’s high roach infestation cases. Also, we will walk you through some practical ways to deal with the problem.

3 Reasons Roaches Are So Bad in Georgia

3 Reasons Roaches Are So Bad In Georgia

Below, we consider three contributing factors to the high roach infestation cases in Georgia:

1. Rain


As a subtropical climate city, Georgia experiences moderate to heavy rainfall yearly, with long spring and summer duration and usually short winter breaks.

Roaches love humidity and thrive with moisture. During heavy downpours, drains and sewage pipes, which serve as roaches’ primary habitat, usually get filled up or flooded.

This makes the roaches leave such places and seek comfort in homes that are more comfortable and protected from most flooding.

After the rains, the general atmosphere becomes humid, favorable conditions for the roaches to live and breed rapidly.

2. Temperature


Georgia being a subtropical climate area, records mild to extreme weather conditions.

It has long, hot and humid summers with short winter breaks. Its temperature range from 25 degree Celsius to as high as 44 degree Celsius, the highest recorded temperature.

Georgia regularly has heat waves of temperatures 38 degree Celsius, especially during summer.

These are optimal temperatures for roaches that reproduce rapidly in these conditions.

Roaches being cold-blooded insects, can not regulate their internal body temperatures and have to rely on the temperature of their surroundings to hold themselves.

This inability makes hot and humid temperature conditions the best conditions for their survival and thriving.

3. Large Human Population

Large Human Population

Georgia has a large population of more than 10 million people. Such a large population would mean a proportionate food consumption, leading to a proportional amount of food waste and garbage.

Currently, residual food waste makes up about 12% of the landfill waste in Georgia annually. This waste comes mostly from homes, which are reasonable breeding grounds for roaches.

The surge in population and household waste has encouraged the rise of the roach population.

Also, the weather has already made environmental conditions viable for roach growth, and the presence of massive food waste makes the growth exponential.

Now that we have established why roaches are so bad in Georgia let’s go over some of the things you can do to prevent roach Infestation in your home.

3 Ways To Prevent Roach Infestation

Ways To Prevent Roach Infestation

Below you will find the three best ways to prevent roach infestation:

1. Practice Regular and Proper Sanitation

Practice Regular And Proper Sanitation

Food waste and generally unhygienic environments are excellent breeding grounds for cockroaches.

You’ll mainly find roaches in the kitchen and bathrooms in any home with a roach Infestation.

Keeping a clean home and environment reduces your chances of getting a roach infestation by almost 70%.

Since roaches love dark areas, clean your homes regularly and ensure proper lighting. Prevent the accumulation of dirt in corners and ensure that waste bins are closed when not used.

Also, avoid exposing food waste and ensure that food storage is tight and unopposed.

Finally, ensure that dumpsters are kept away from apartments at a reasonable distance, then use durable garbage bags in the garbage disposal.

2. Seal All Exterior Cracks, Holes, and Entrances

Seal All Exterior Cracks, Holes, And Entrances

Roaches generally do not come with apartments and homes by default. They are usually unwanted guests that come without invitation and overstay their welcome.

They usually wander around in search of favorable environmental conditions and food, and when they find such a place, they multiply very rapidly.

They enter homes through cracks in walls, door spaces, bathroom holes, chimneys, and other openings.

Inspect your homes thoroughly for any potential entrance into your home from the outside.

Then, take all measures to seal such openings or use covers/meshes to prevent roaches or insects from getting in from the outside.

3. Schedule Routine Pest Control Services

Schedule Routine Pest Control Services

One cannot be too careful. A surefire method to keep roaches at bay is to employ the services of professional pest control companies around your area.

These professionals know everything about pest behaviors, management, and control.

They can give you the best practices to have a pest-free home, check to see if there is any risk of infestation in your home, and take care of it.

They can also use chemical solutions search to deter roaches and other insects from even coming close in the first place.

How To Deal With a Roach Infestation

How To Deal With A Roach Infestation

If you’re coming across this piece in search of a roach control measure after suffering from an infestation, rejoice, all hope is not lost.

The best way to deal with a roach infestation is to employ the services of professional pest control companies.

They are well-equipped with the knowledge and the tools to ensure those pesky roaches leave your home for good.


Roaches are so bad in Georgia due to a combination of certain factors. These include the prevailing subtropical climate and hot weather in the area.

To keep roaches at bay from your house, ensure good sanitation.

Also, seal external entrances into the home, like cracks, holes, etc.

For a severe roach infestation, it is best to engage the services of a professional pest control company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Roaches Harmful?

Roaches by themselves are generally harmless. Their danger comes in their ability to spread diseases by carrying pathogens (disease-causing organisms) from place to place. They can also trigger allergies via their secretions droppings.

Do Roaches Live Long?

Roaches have varying lifespans, which primarily depend on their environment. Their lifespans vary between a few months and can stretch up to years.

How Long Can Roaches Last Without Food?

Generally, roaches can live up to a month without food. But they can only live up to a week without water. This is why they thrive in humid and moist environments.

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