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How Do You Trap a Gecko in the House?

How Do You Trap A Gecko In The House?

Geckos are essential animals, especially since they help control the pest population. Some of the pests they eat are cockroaches, spiders, and flies. So if you see one, it would be best to leave it alone.

But only some people like to see these animals. Some are afraid that it might jump and latch onto them. They can also leave large droppings, which can be disgusting.

So, the best solution would be to catch the gecko with a trap. And there are plenty of ways to do it. But how do you trap a gecko in the house? Continue reading to find out.


Geckos are helpful animals that can control the pest population on your property. But they can sometimes become unwanted guests, especially when they come into your house.

Fortunately, there are ways you can trap and take them outside. Some of which are:

  • Box Traps
  • Funnel Traps
  • Bottle Traps

If you don’t want geckos inside your home, you can use the traps to help you catch and release them outside.

5 Ways You Can Trap a Gecko

Ways You Can Trap A Gecko

Most geckos are nocturnal animals because it makes it easier to hunt insects and avoid the harsh sun. But some are active during the day.

They mostly come to your house looking for prey and will not bother you. However, if you don’t want them inside, you can trap them and take them outside.

First, you’ll need to secure and block all escape routes. Geckos can crawl very fast and can be difficult to catch once it starts running. It also ensures they’ll go for your trap.

Then, you need to stay calm and be patient until the gecko gets into your trap. You want the animal to get into the trap as comfortably as possible so it won’t suspect anything.

If you don’t know where the geckos are, look for clues to narrow your search area. You can search for gecko feces and leftover food. Or listen to the chirps and sounds they make during active hours. You can also sprinkle flour on the floor to see if any footprints come out.

You can also try searching for obvious places. Geckos are cold-blooded animals and need heat to regulate their body temperature. So try searching in dark and warm areas in your house, like under appliances, TVs, and couches.

Geckos also love moist environments. So try searching your bathroom and other humid areas.

With all that said, below are some methods you can use to trap a gecko:

1. Box Trap

Box Trap

If you are tight on the budget, box traps are an inexpensive way to catch a gecko.

An old shoe box with three to four holes cut on the side is all you need. Place some bait and warm, damp paper towels in the trap to lure the gecko in.

Most geckos love waxworms or superworms. And that becomes even more irresistible when you place them in a warm, safe, humid environment.

Search for a dark and quiet area of your house to place the box. And check on it every hour or so to see if there are any geckos.

Once you find one, cover the box, and take it outside to release the reptile.

2. Funnel Trap

Funnel Trap

Another great trap that works well is the funnel trap. The way the funnel trap works is it makes it easy for a gecko to get in but hard to get out.

Making a funnel trap is more advisable than buying since it’s relatively easy to make and less expensive.

First, you’ll need to cut out a 0.33, 0.25, 0.12 inch (0.8, 0.6, 0.3 centimeters) mesh cloth into 18-inch (45-centimeter pieces).

Take the large mesh piece and roll it into a large cylindrical shape. Use a cable tie or something similar to secure the shape, and you will have the trap’s body.

Roll the other pieces, but leave a small opening of about 2 inches (5 centimeters) in diameter on the other end to make a funnel.

Make it easy for geckos to come in by cutting a small flap near each side’s opening. And put some bait and a small, warm sponge inside the trap to tempt geckos to enter.

Finally, place your trap somewhere dark and quiet in your house.

3. Bottle Trap

Bottle Trap

If you want something simpler, you can use a bottle as a trap.

Try to find a bottle in your house, put bait in it, and place it somewhere dark and quiet.

The idea is that when the gecko gets in to take the bait, it will have difficulty climbing up to escape.

Suppose you find a visitor the next day, spray water inside the bottle to make the inside slippier.

4. Use a Box as a Safe House

Use A Box As A Safe House

If a gecko is on your floor, try placing a box with a small opening in front to lure the gecko inside. Ensure the hole is facing the gecko and near a wall.

You can put some bait inside the box. Or, if you are feeling lucky, poke the gecko with a small stick to get it to enter inside.

Most geckos will try to go somewhere safe, and your box fits the bill.

Once it’s inside, cover the opening and take the box outside.

5. The Box and Plastic Wrap Trick

The Box And Plastic Wrap Trick

This is another simple trap you can do on your own. You just need a box with the top covered with plastic wrap.

Cut a long slit in the middle of your plastic and place bait inside and near the slit.

The goal is to lure the gecko with bait. And once it tries to climb and eat the bait, it will fall through the slit and into the box.

Check the box to ensure the gecko will not escape.


Geckos are helpful animals that can control the pest population.

But they can sometimes become a nuisance, especially when you have guests or family members that are scared of them. Plus, they can leave big droppings on their way.

Fortunately, you can trap them and take them out of the house. Some of these traps are box traps, funnel traps, and bottle traps.

If you know anyone asking how to trap a gecko in the house, sharing this article should help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Geckos Attack Humans?

No, geckos are afraid of humans. They will even run away and hide if they see a human. A gecko will only bite you if you hold an agitated one and put your finger directly in its mouth.

What Are Geckos a Sign Of?

If there are plenty of geckos on your property, it could be a sign of a large insect infestation on your property. So you better check your property and call an exterminator if you have such an infestation.

How Can You Prevent Geckos From Entering Your House?

Seal any entry points geckos can use. And install screens on your doors and windows so you can ventilate your house without letting geckos and other animals in.

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