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How To Clean Spider Droppings

How To Clean Spider Droppings

Spider droppings, also known as spider poops, are those brownish, greyish, and whitish spots in corners and on the floors.

If you’ve ever tried to clean these spider poops off a surface, you probably already know how tough that can be.

However, here are some helpful tips on how to clean spider droppings. These tips will help remove spider droppings and their stains from your home.

Apart from tips on how to clean spider droppings, I’ll be sharing other tips on how to identify spider droppings, when you most likely have an infestation and how to get rid of these spiders to avoid their droppings and infestation.


Just like other animals, spiders release waste. Their method of getting rid of waste products is combined through one source, from the anus.

They defecate thick liquid from their anal opening. Their poop looks like drips in black, white, grey, and brown shades. You’ll always find their droppings below where you have spiders.

Once their excrete dry, they can stain the surface where they dropped. When dried, these droppings can be very difficult to clean, and in most cases, when you clean the poops, it leaves a stain on the surface.

You don’t have to worry anymore; I’ll be sharing insightful tips on how to clean spider droppings. Some of these tips include the following:

  • Use Oxygen-Based Cleaner
  • Use Bleach and Water Solution
  • Professional Service

Please keep reading for more insightful tips on what you need to know about spider droppings, how to prevent them, and how to clean them.

In this post, I’ve compiled four effective tips on how to clean spider droppings to help you get rid of spider excretes and their stains at home. Here are other tips to help you eliminate these insects and avoid their droppings.

What Are Spider Droppings?

What Are Spider Droppings?

Before we get to the focal point, “how to clean spider droppings,” let’s get to know more about spider droppings.

Spider droppings are viscous liquids that are not toxic as other pests excrete, but they can stain any surface where they drop.

They look like paint splatter with semi-liquid features and dark ink stains.

Unlike other animals’ waste products, spider droppings are liquid consistency instead of solid waste.

Are Spider Droppings a Sign of Spider Infestation?

Are Spider Droppings A Sign Of Spider Infestation?

Note that you’ll most likely find spider droppings in places like the walls, floor, and furniture all over your home.

If you see abundant spider droppings in these places and their web in your home, then you are in the presence of spider infestation.

However, getting rid of these spider droppings around your home doesn’t guarantee that it won’t happen again if you don’t get rid of spiders.

So, once you notice any spider droppings and stains around your house, try to get rid of the spiders and clean up their droppings to avoid future occurrences.

This post contains three distinct methods to remove spiders from your home and four tips on cleaning spider droppings.

How To Get Rid of Spiders From Your Home

How To Get Rid Of Spiders From Your Home

Spider poops can be easy to clean right after its excreted. But cleaning and removing the stains can be very difficult once it dries.

Even if you remove them, the stains will always be there.

That’s why you need to get rid of spiders from your home, and with these simple steps below, you’ll completely get rid of these insects from your house:

Remove Their Webs

Remove Their Webs

You can use a vacuum and hose attached to it to remove spider webs around your home.

Use Peppermint Oil

Use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is effective for getting rid of spiders.

The method is simple, add 15 – 20 drops of peppermint oil in a spray container full of water, and spray where you notice their activities.

Do this regularly to get rid of these insects.

Tidy Your Environment

Tidy Your Environment

Cleaning your environment will keep these insects away from your home.

While at it, also remember to vacuum all corners of your house to eliminate these insects.

4 Effective Tips on How To Clean Spider Droppings

Tips On How To Clean Spider Droppings

Now, let’s see the four tips for cleaning spider droppings:

1. Use Bleach and Water Solution

Use Bleach And Water Solution

Bleach is a solvent that can be used to remove any form of stain around the house, including spider droppings.

The process of cleaning spider dropping with this method is easy. Mix water and bleach, then use the mixture to clean the spider droppings.

If you want to make things more convenient for yourself, buy a commercial product with water and bleach solution and use it to clean the surface where you have spider poops at home.

2. Use an Oxygen-Based Cleaner and Water

Use An Oxygen-Based Cleaner And Water

You can mix oxygen-based cleaner and water to create a paste.

Then rub the paste on the surface where you have spider dropping and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.

This mixture not only helps you to clean the spider droppings but also helps to clean the stains caused by the droppings.

3. Use Commercial Poop Stain Remover

Use Commercial Poop Stain Remover

A commercial poop stain remover is ideal for removing any animal droppings.

You can use many commercial poop stain removers for this purpose. So, if you are looking for how to clean spider droppings, it is crucial to use commercial poop stain remover.

These commercial poop stain removers often have all the necessary ingredients to eliminate animal droppings and stains.

4. Professional Service

Professional Service

You can use the service of a professional to clean spider droppings. This is a great option, mostly when you have a spider infestation and the droppings are almost everywhere at home.

Besides helping you clean up spider poop and its stains, they can also eliminate spiders from your home to ensure you don’t deal with their droppings, stains, and spiders themselves.

They also have the equipment and expertise to eliminate these insects, their droppings, and more.


Spider droppings can be very hard to clean, and if you’ve noticed some on your property, you’d probably be looking for how to clean spider droppings.

Well, in this post, I explained the 4 effective methods you can use to clean spider droppings. Some of these methods include using bleach and water, employing the service of a professional, etc.

I also cover tips on how to get rid of spiders which is essential for preventing their droppings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Spider Poops Stain the Floor?

Yes, spider droppings can stain the floor when it dries.

Is It Easy To Clean Stains Caused by Spider Droppings?

It is difficult to clean stains caused by spider droppings.

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