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How To Keep Ants Out of Laundry

Laundry On Floor

Everybody welcomes Spring and Summer. It’s a nice change of pace from the freezing temperatures of winter.

But as the weather gets warmer and the leaves start turning green again, bugs also come out of their hiding spots to wreak havoc on people’s property. And one pest that is annoying and troublesome is the ant. Yes, ants have their role in the environment.

But nobody wants them roaming around their house. Now, imagine if they are in your laundry. It would be very infuriating when you put on your clothes and ants suddenly start biting and stinging you.

Fortunately, this article will help you how to keep ants out of laundry.


Ants have their role in the environment. But they can be a nuisance, especially when they get into your laundry. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them, like:

  • Sealing entry points.
  • Removing ant trails.
  • Deploying ant bait.

If you are having trouble keeping ants out of your laundry, the information below should help.

6 Ways To Keep Ants Out of Your Laundry

It’s no secret that nobody wants ants on their property, especially when they get into your laundry. You could get bitten and stung when you put on your clothes. Or they could make holes in your clothes.

So to prevent that, you’ll need to clean up food messes, place ant bait, seal all entrances the ants can use to enter your property, and more. You’ll find all the explanations below.

1. Clean Up Food Messes

Trash, Bottles, Food, Cups On The Floor

One of the things that ants love the most is food. And if they find a viable food source, it can be hard to prevent them from entering. Ants have three missions: gather food, keep the queen feed, and protect the colony.

So if there is food in your laundry basket or near it, ants will naturally gather to collect the bounty. Every tiny bit of food counts for the ant, even the smallest crumbs.

So get rid of the food source in and near your laundry. And ants will move on with their day. When eliminating a food source, you prevent an all-you-can-eat buffet in your laundry.

2. Seal Entry Points

Man Inspecting Caulking On The Outer Wall

If there’s a path, ants will surely use it to get into your property. And if your laundry is near a window or cracks and crevices, these could be the reason why ants are in your laundry. So to prevent the ants, you’ll need to consider where they enter.

Ensure insect screens are in good condition and have no holes. Seal off any cracks on your windows and doorframes, as well as the ones on your floor. If they come from behind baseboards, you may need to caulk the baseboard to prevent the ants and other insects.

If the ants can’t get inside your property, they will not find food. And when there is no food, they will not become a problem.

3. Remove Ant Trails

Spraying White Vinegar Solution

Besides sealing off their point of entry, you can also eliminate ant trails to keep ants out of your laundry. You can mix vinegar and water in a 50/50 solution, and spray it on the ant trail to disrupt their senses, forcing them to make a new path to their destination.

Ants create scent trails for other ants. So if you find one on a trail, more will likely come. Keep an eye out for deviations and spray them with the solution as well. If ants can’t get their friends to come over, they’ll move to another location.

This will not entirely get rid of your ant problem. But it will give you time to make the necessary changes to prevent the ants from disturbing you.

4. Deploy Ant Bait

Drop Of Homemade Honey, Sugar, And Borax Ant Bait

If you notice scout outs roaming around your laundry, it would be best to deploy some ant baits in areas they are most active. Yes, these baits will attract more ants.

But instead of killing them immediately, the ants will take the toxic bait back to their nest, killing the whole colony. So there will be no more ants on your laundry.

5. Control Ant Colonies

Bugs On The Wall

If ants are in your laundry, you’ll most likely find ant colonies on your property. And to stop them from getting in, you’ll need to try to control them.

When ant mounts start developing in your yard, immediately apply exterminating products around and into the colony. Eliminating the colonies will prevent ants from entering your home and your laundry.

6. Spray Ant Barrier Around Your Home

Spray To Eliminate Ants

Applying ant barrier insecticide around your property will deter ant scouts away from your property. Thus, preventing ants from entering your home and into your laundry to look for food. There are plenty of insecticide products in hardware stores.

But if you are not confident in using them, call in pest control. They can assess the ant situation in your property and have access to more effective products than commercially available ones.


Ants Following Each Other In A Chain

Ants can be annoying and troublesome, especially when they get into your laundry. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them, like cleaning up messes, sealing holes, cracks, and crevices, and erasing ant trails. So if you know anyone who doesn’t know how to keep ants out of the laundry, sharing this article should help.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Are Ants Most Active?

Ants are hardworking insects and work around the clock to maintain their colony. But there are times when they are most active than others. For example, you’ll see more ants during spring and summer because most colonies become dormant during winter.

Ants are also more active during the daytime in cooler climates. But the opposite happens in warmer climates, where they mostly come out at night.

Can Ants Make You Sick?

Typically, ants do not pose a health risk. But their bites and sting can be itchy and annoying. However, if you have allergies, it would be best to take anti-allergy medication when you get bitten or stung.

Ants can also carry bacteria with them since they live on the soil and underground. So they can contaminate your food.

Why Do Ants Invade Homes?

Just like any other animal, ants need food and water to survive. And your home is full of these essentials. Ants can migrate quickly when they find a viable food source.

So if you have some food lying around unprotected or have leaky pipes, expect ants to come into your property.

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