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How To Keep Bees Away From Holly

How To Keep Bees Away From Holly

The summer season is the perfect time for bees to go out from their hiding spot and dominate gardens.

We all know bees are essential in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. They pollinate crops and maintain a thriving biodiversity. Most bees also produce honey, ensuring no scarcity in its supply.

However, bees are not always advantageous. And while it’s true that the ecosystem needs these creatures for cross-pollination, bees can also be dangerous to humans and cause painful stings, leading to potential infections.


One particular trivia about bees is they love hanging around Holly bushes because of the flowers. If your garden has abundant Holly bushes, bees will likely hang around your property. This can be harmful, especially when you have kids and pets.

To mitigate bees, you can get rid of them through the following measures:

  • Use orange oil.
  • Peel fresh cucumbers and use vegetable peels.
  • Plant bee-repelling plants around the Holly bushes.
  • Create homemade essential oil natural sprays.
  • Use vinegar or cinnamon.

Because each solution is relatively easy, you don’t need to spend a few bucks to eliminate bees and protect your Holly bushes.

Discover the secret to getting rid of bees so your Holly bushes are marked safe and protected. We’ve also developed helpful tips to make these hacks even more effective.

5 Tips To Keep Bees Away From Holly Bushes

Tips To Keep Bees Away From Holly Bushes

Bees are attracted to anything colorful and sweet, including the flowers from Holly bushes.

Because these plants bloom flowers at least every two to three weeks, you can expect a swarm of bees by your Holly when you have these plants in your garden.

We know bees should not be welcomed to your property, so we have collected five of the most tried and tested hacks to eliminate these buzzing pests.

1. Use Orange Oil

Use Orange Oil

Bees despise anything with citrus scents, including orange oil.

We recommend this instead of other citrus fruits because orange oil is more economical and easier to locate in supermarkets.

You must mix water and orange oil and place them in a spray bottle. Place a funnel into the spray bottle’s opening to prevent spillage.

Mix a single drop of orange oil into two parts of water, and shake the mixture well. Shaking ensures the orange oil is properly incorporated into the water.

Spray the mixture at the base of your Holly bushes. We recommend applying generously to ensure that the bush is entirely damp.

Check whether the solution works by monitoring the presence of bees every day. You can also reapply the mixture if necessary.

2. Use Cucumber Peels

Use Cucumber Peels

Cucumber peels are also effective in keeping bees away from your holly bushes.

We understand you might be adamant about using these vegetable peels because it’s too simple. But trust me, it works.

Cut a fresh cucumber into several pieces and separate the peelings. Place the peelings inside a plastic bag and spread them across your Holly bushes, preferably on the base.

It’s best to have a supply of these cucumber peelings inside your refrigerator if you need to replenish the ones displayed by your Holly bush.

3. Plant Bee-Repelling Plants Around Holly Bushes

Plant Bee-Repelling Plants Around Holly Bushes (Citronella)

Bee-repelling plants always work, especially when you use them to surround your Holly bushes. Moreover, doing this is safer because you’re not harming or killing the bees in any form.

Some of the most effective bee-repelling plants include cloves, eucalyptus, neem, citronella, and mint.

Because they are easy to plant and take care of, you don’t need to give them 100% of your attention all the time. Plus, these plants also don’t require regular maintenance.

You can also plant germanium and marigold because these are also effective. But one disadvantage is that both plants can be expensive and requires proper maintenance.

4. Create Homemade Essential Oil Natural Sprays

Create Homemade Essential Oil Natural Sprays

Essential oil natural sprays are versatile pest-repellents you can use because they can deter various creatures at the same time. When you spray a certain area, all pests nearby will automatically be affected.

We recommend mixing equal amounts of cedarwood and eucalyptus essential oils with water in a spray bottle. The mixture instantly becomes an effective natural insecticide and is safe to spray on Holly bushes.

Aside from cedarwood and eucalyptus, peppermint essential oil is also effective. We suggest mixing a few drops with water and two to three teaspoons of mild liquid soap. It will be a soapy mixture, but spraying on the bush’s base is safe.

5. Use Vinegar or Cinnamon

Use Vinegar Or Cinnamon

Vinegar might be the most useful pantry item you can stock up on. It’s a great product for repelling bees, bugs, roaches, and other common household pests.

Moreover, vinegar is environmentally friendly because it contains no additional toxic chemicals.

Create the mixture by mixing equal vinegar and water and pouring it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture into the base of the Holly, especially on the flowers when they are in blooming season.

Cinnamon also works by using cinnamon sticks or mixing the cinnamon powder with water. Its scent is strong enough to trigger the bees’ sense of smell, causing them to fly away as far as possible from your Holly.

Protect Your Holly From Bees

Bees may be passive pests but can be aggressive once they feel threatened or endangered.

You don’t want to fight with these creatures because their sting can cause pain and inflammation. But you also don’t want them to disrupt your Holly bushes and destroy their natural beauty.

Utilizing our simple and economical solutions in this guide guarantees that the Holly bushes in your garden stay protected and marked safe from the buzzing bees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Smell That Can Kill Bees?

The scent of garlic is so powerful that it can kill all bees. It also becomes more effective if you sprinkle garlic powder in areas frequently visited by bees or around their nests.

What Scent Can Drive Bees To Become Angry and Aggressive?

If garlic can kill bees, the banana scent can drive bees to become crazy, mad, and aggressive.

Bananas serve as a warning signal for these creatures. And when a bee smells something that resembles a banana, it signals the rest of the colony to start acting aggressively and attack the intruder.

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