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How To Keep Bugs Away From LED Lights


Installing lights on your front porch is a normal thing. Plus, the lights’ brightness adds colors and substance to the overall appearance of your home’s exterior design.

However, as homeowners, it’s no secret that most bugs and insects love swarming and playing near the lights. These pests are attracted to any light source, which can lead to other predator animals like frogs approaching your front lawn.

This definitely won’t be the most beautiful home exterior you’ll enjoy!


Have you ever wondered whether using LED lights instead of traditional light sources can make bugs stay away from your home?

Let’s cover some of the key facts about these unique lights, as well as the following:

  • Why bugs find light sources attractive.
  • The types of LED lights that can attract bugs.
  • What you can do to scare the bugs away.

Depending on the light source, your home’s location, and other preventive measures, you can be productive in getting rid of bugs and keeping them out of your front porch.

Discover everything about the benefits of using LED lights and whether they can also attract bugs or not. We’ll also give you insider tips on keeping bugs away from your LED light sources.

Why Bugs Find Light Attractive

Bugs Find Light Attractive

Maybe it has always been questionable why bugs are attracted to lights. So we’ll try to give you some knowledge regarding this principle.

One thing you must know about bugs, like moths, is that they are not stationary animals. On the contrary, they love going places, especially during seasonal changes.

Bugs need light to survive because they love traveling and going to various places. So these animals use the brightness from various light sources to track their path and not get lost.

Moreover, bugs’ eyes are not the same as that of humans. Instead, they have a set of unique eyes which can help them track moonlight at certain angles so they can keep traveling.

When bugs see the lights hanging on your front porches or even those you place inside, bugs think these are moonlight sources. Hence, they are attracted to them, making them fly toward your light sources and stay there.

Lights also emit heat, which bugs love, especially in cold climates. Most light sources can also emit ultraviolet rays found in flowers.

This is another reason bugs are attracted to light. But, unfortunately, they mistakenly think they are flowers.

Bugs and Led Lights: A Unique Relationship

With a wide range of light sources, bugs are most attracted to the blue color spectrum. There are also incandescent lights that emit broader color ranges and generate heat. Bugs love those too.

Now let’s talk about LED lights. Unlike most bulbs, fluorescents, and incandescent bulbs, these unique light sources cannot yield a high amount of UV light. As a result, wavelengths from LED lights are less appealing, which bugs find less attractive.

To further prove the point, research done in 2016 revealed that incandescent light bulbs are most attractive to bugs. While LED lights with cool and warm white tones were most unappealing for these pests.

Additionally, other studies revealed the importance of the following factors in determining whether a certain light source is attractive to bugs.

1. Color Temperature

Color Temperature

There’s a certain color temperature range bugs prefer. It’s also why you won’t frequently find them playing outside during day time because it’s too hot. Plus, there’s too much sunlight.

But as the day progresses to evening, bugs start to come out and play. It’s usually during this time when they can get moderate heat from various light sources to keep them warm.

Generally, a temperature range of 3,500 to 4,500 is enough for bugs to enjoy, which is typical of most LED lights. Neutral white light sources are also in favor of the bugs.

2. Color Rendering Index

Color Rendering Index

The CRI(Color Rendering Index) measures the colors’ appearances under artificial light sources and how they compare to natural sunlight.

With an index range of 0 to 100, getting the perfect 100 indicates that that specific color under an artificial light source appears identical to natural light.

LED lights with higher color rendering indices are for attractive to bugs, so avoid installing them, especially on your front porch.

3. Luminance Proportion Factor

Light High Luminance

Light sources with high luminance proportion factors are less neuro-destructive for bugs. This means they will likely go near them and congest the light source. These sources would also normally give them the heat they need during cold nights.

A few LED lights have luminance proportion factors as high as 1,100 lumens, which bugs love. So if you’re looking to switch to LED lights at home, avoid these high-luminance options.

How You Can Keep Bugs Away

Aside from getting LED lights with lower luminance proportion factors and color temperature ranges, you can also get rid of them by following are tried and tested solutions.

1. Use Led Lights With Amber Coating

Led Lights With Amber Coating

LED lights with amber coating are specifically designed to scare bugs. However, these lights have decreased color temperature thanks to the yellow coating, keeping the bugs away.

The yellow coating also helps these LED lights emit warmer color tones, which bugs will steer away from.

2. Try Led Bug Zappers

Led Bug Zappers

LED bug zappers act as light sources while instantly killing any bug that gets in their way. The LED bulb emits ultraviolet light rays from the light’s caged center, while the top part emits white light.

Because bugs and other insects love ultraviolet light, they will be attracted to the source and draw near the bug zapper. However, these pests will eventually die once they reach the bulb’s high-voltage electric grid.

3. Remove Standing Water and Always Check Your Screens

Standing Water

Standing water can be a potential source where bugs can grow near and nest. If possible, dispose of them, especially when your flower pots have an efficient drainage system.

Birdbaths are also best placed far from your home to discourage bugs and mosquitoes from visiting your garden or front porch.

Aside from standing water, regularly checking your screens is a must. Remember that bugs love bright lights, and sources discharged from the inside of your residence can also attract them.

With this, it’s your responsibility to always check the entryway screens and your windows to see whether they are tightly sealed or fit. Moreover, it’s also best to close unscreened windows and entryways.

4. Herbal Infusion Sprays or Scented Candles Can Also Work

Scented Candles

Herbal infusion sprays or scented candles have intense aromas which could confuse bugs and scare them away. Because of their sensitive sense of smell, they despise anything with fragrance or strong scents, including the following:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Lavender
  • Garlic cloves and ginger
  • Cardamom
  • Coffee

Utilizing these products will likely make your garden or front porch bug-free instantly.

Led Lights Might Save Your Day

Led Light

Bugs are versatile pests that attract easily to light sources, including LED. With various color spectrums available, it’s no excuse that certain bug species will be fond of a certain color range from various types of lights available.

But if you’re smart enough, you will be able to overcome these bugs eventually.

Choose LED lights with yellow coating. Or you can also get those LED bug zappers that illuminate your front porch while simultaneously killing bugs immediately.

Standing water is attractive for bugs, so dispose of them when you can. And finally, use the bugs’ keen sense of smell to your advantage and drive them away using scented candles or herbal infusion sprays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Led Light Types That Are Certainly Not Attractive for Bugs?

The best LED light options to scare bugs are those with warmer tones and lower luminance factors. We also don’t recommend getting those with sharper hues because bugs are fond of those types.

Amber-colored light tones can also drive bugs away.

What Led Light Colors Are Attractive for Bugs?

While LED lights are better to use to keep bugs away from your home, there are still options that can be attractive for these pests. It’s the same reason why it’s best always to check the LED light’s wavelength before getting one.

Choose products with wavelengths of more than 550 n. And it’s better when their color ranges are between warm, neutral yellow, and ultra-warm white.

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