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How To Keep Bugs Away From String Lights

String Lights Outdoor

Relaxing on a well-lit patio in the evening is pleasant until bugs begin buzzing around the ears. The time you should enjoy so much is now spent smacking yourself to get them off.

A fleeting thought pops up what if they’re contagious? Then, you leave the place to keep the unwelcome sickness at bay. Look up; the lights are attracting these winged pests.


You can have a wonderful, cozy time in outdoor spaces like a yard, porch, or garden. Use yellow, warm white, or ultra-warm white LED string lights if you don’t want to attract pests.

There are many other ways to get the job done:

  • Repelling scented candles.
  • Bug zappers or Thermacell.
  • Spraying insecticides.

An outdoor party or get-together without awkwardness is perfect. Imaging swarming bugs irritates the guests, and they depart early. Oops! That’s embarrassing, Right?

Then what can be done to get rid of these annoying visitors? Continue reading! This article will explain how to fend off this spider’s buffet from string lights and restore your good mood.

Select the Right Lights

Many lights are available for decorating or lighting up gardens and backyards. The most common type is string lights, available in different colors and styles and can withstand harsh weather.

Still, most people don’t use these lights at night because they bring a lot of bugs into their homes.

If you look, you’ll see that you chose the wrong one. Instead of using incandescent bulbs, you should switch to LED string lights.

Type And Color

Happy Man Adjusting String Light On Tree

Have you noticed that your friends, family, or neighbors are using led lights? When you go to an electric store to buy a new bulb, they tell you to switch the led lighting source.

Wanna know why? Because these are durable, consume less electricity and also last longer.

Fairy lights provide a soft glow using a string of low-power LEDs. So, Invest in ones with LED filament bulbs. The benefit is that they evenly illuminate the entire patio and drive away pests.

They go amazing for decorating Christmas trees, barbecuing areas, and outdoor setups. They attract fewer bugs at night if you buy them in the right colors.

Research shows that warm and cool white lights have a repulsive effect on insects. It’s also helpful to start with some yellow-tinted bulbs.

Bugs aren’t as drawn to yellow or red lights as to typical white lighting. Remember, they are highly attracted to blue hues, so avoid these.

Get a Season Spray

Using Incesticide Spray

Many homes turn to pesticides, yet, these products don’t come without drawbacks. Bifenthrin is an active ingredient present in it. It helps to keep off bugs in your outdoor spaces.

Dosing your yard with an insecticide before the peak season starts is handy.

You can reduce the number of insects by spraying the garden and patio seating spaces. When there are no bugs around, lights won’t bring them in. Many chemical formulas are available online or in stores.

If you feel unsafe tackling the task on your own. Then hire a professional exterminator.

Invest in Repelling Gadgets

Mosquito Repellent Lamp

Science has made daily existence easier. For that reason, why not use it to get off the winged monsters? Follow these tech tips so your string lights don’t turn into a war zone.


Be careful! LEDs aren’t 100% effective in keeping bugs out. Most people would have events outside in the summer, but these dangerous bugs can hinder this. Mosquitoes are the most annoying and contagious bugs.

Once bitten by them, you can catch a fatal virus. Not only that, the skin becomes itchy, leading to rash irritation.

Bugs love to swarm around lights, whether they be string lights or regular lamps. Install a prime quality thermacell in your outdoor spaces for your health and safety. When relaxing in the open air, this repellant will help a bit. 

You can choose between a battery-operated model and one with a fuel-refilled cartridge. It works well when placed near lights.

Thermacell Repellent E55, those in a 20-foot radius can enjoy bug-free comfort due to its latest technology. Thanks to metofluthrin, an active ingredient in it.

Perfect for the backyard, by the pool, on a patio, and other places. It’s easy to use and keeps flying enemies away with just one button.

Bug Zapper

Flowtron electronic insect killer works in a way that’s similar to the thermacell. But with the additional benefit of being effective against every known bug species.

These don’t smell or make noise. Instead, they work by drawing insects to a UV light, which then kills them with electricity.

Chemical insecticides are expensive and inconvenient to use over and over again. Zapper’s functioning is not hard to understand. Just connect it to electricity—nothing to turn on or off.

The bugs will be killed when they are drawn to the light.

Repellent Candles

Repellent Candles For Bugs

These candles aren’t as effective as bug zappers or insecticides, but they add a lovely ambiance to your outdoor space and are light on the wallet. People have used citronella candles in outdoor settings. 

Repellent candles can burn for up to 24 hours. Place them out so the lovely aroma may fill the space.

You can hang these next to string lights. It helps to keep bugs away from lighting and calm the environment. For this purpose, Topmeg citronella candles are highly recommended.


When you want to bask in the glory of nature, insects are the main ones that get in the way. Everybody wants to relax on summer evenings, lying under lights in their cozy hammock.

Suddenly, a swarm of bugs buzzes around your ears and starts irritating you. You can either sit in the dark, go inside, or deal with them biting you because of the lights you’re using. 

There are many creative ways to solve this problem, including using LED lights, which not many people know about or use. Prefer using red, yellow, and warm white colors for the string lights.

Several other ways, like using thermacell and bug zapper to kill them, are also effective. Candles with a repellant scent are another great option.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to plan activities or spend leisure time outside without any uninvited trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Odourless Bug Repellents Available To Shop Online?

Yes, such products are readily available on online platforms like target, amazon, and many others. The most effective ones are thermacell, bug zapper, or led string lights.

Do Bug Bites Are Harmful to Humans?

The insects can bite, sting, or transfer contagious diseases to humans. Taking preventive measures is vital to eliminate them. A person may catch an allergic reaction due to a sting from a bee or a wasp.

In contrast, mosquito bites can cause severe disease and skin discomfort.

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