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How To Keep Bugs Away Outdoor Party

How To Keep Bugs Away Outdoor Party

Outdoor Parties are a great way to enjoy warm weather and spend time with friends and family.

However, a bug-infested outdoor gathering can be a nuisance, ruining the fun and comfort of everyone.

So, keeping bugs away from outdoor parties is a common concern.

Planning an outdoor party but don’t know how to keep bugs at bay?

We have some help for you here. This article will discuss some practical ways to repel bugs from outdoor parties.


Bugs are troublesome insects. Their presence at your outdoor parties could be frustrating. To enjoy a bug-free outdoor party, here are some strategies you can try out:

  • Use bug zapper lights.
  • Decorate with basil centerpieces.
  • Keep the area well-lit.
  • Use essential oils as a bug repellent.
  • Cover your cups.
  • Clean the environment, etc.

The sections below will walk you through 10 effective bug-repelling tricks and answer some common queries about handling the infestation of these critters.

10 Tricks To Repel Bugs at Outdoor Parties

Tricks To Repel Bugs At Outdoor Parties

Here are some practical tips and tricks to help you keep bugs from outdoor parties:

1. Use Bug Zapper Lights

Use Bug Zapper Lights

Zapper lights use ultraviolet light to attract insects. When bugs get attached to the light, they come into contact with an electrified grid that kills them.

The bright light, and sound of bugs being zapped, can scare other bugs away and prevent them from approaching the area.

You may use zapper lights in outdoor areas such as patios, decks, and yards to help keep bugs away.

They are also famous for use at outdoor events and parties where bugs can be a nuisance. The lights work best in the evening and nighttime when bugs are most active.

Zapper lights are effective in scaring bugs away and reducing their populations. But they can also attract other unwanted insects and create a mess.

So, it is vital to place them in a location that is out of sight and away from food and drink areas.

2. Decorate With Basil Centerpieces

Decorate With Basil Centerpieces

Decorating with basil centerpieces can help prevent bugs from ruining an outdoor gathering or party.

Basil contains compounds with a strong, pungent aroma, which many insects find unpleasant. The strong basil scents can help mask the smell that attracts bugs.

Additionally, basil plants can physically obstruct bugs from reaching food and drink. Thus, it provides a natural barrier of protection.

Decorating with basil centerpieces can also enhance the aesthetic of an outdoor gathering and add a touch of greenery.

3. Keep the Area Well-Lit

Keep The Area Well-Lit

Outdoor lanterns that use citronella candles or essential oils effectively scare bugs away.

The citronella oil gives off a strong fragrance that masks the scent of food and other items that attract bugs.

Additionally, the strong smell of citronella is unpleasant to many insects and can help to keep them away.

The heat from the candle flame can also make the area less attractive to bugs. This is because they prefer cooler temperatures.

When placed around the perimeter of your outdoor party, outdoor lanterns can provide a barrier of protection against bugs.

However, keep the lanterns away from flammable objects and out of reach of children and pets.

4. Use Essential Oils

Use Essential Oils

Different essential oils have many properties that make them effective in repelling bugs. For example, citronella oil is a natural mosquito repellent. At the same time, eucalyptus oil helps to repel flies and ticks.

Also, peppermint oil is an effective natural bug repellent because of its robust and minty scent. The scent of peppermint can help to mask the odor of food and other scents that attract bugs. Thereby making it less likely for bugs to infest the area.

Additionally, the menthol in peppermint is considered irritating to bugs, causing them to stay away. To use essential oils as a bug repellent, apply them directly to the skin or clothing. You may as well diffuse into the air using a diffuser.

5. Cover Your Cups

Cover Your Cups

Covering cups can help prevent bugs from getting into drinks and ruining the outside experience. Covers such as lids or even simple solutions like cocktail napkins help keep bugs away from liquors.

For outdoor gatherings and parties, it is good to have various drink covers available to accommodate different drink sizes and provide guests with options for keeping their drinks bug-free.

Using these simple precautions makes it possible to enjoy an outdoor party without worrying about bugs in drinks.

6. Clean the Environment

Clean The Environment

Mosquitoes and other bugs live in tall grass, overgrown bushes, and wet, shaded regions.

Waiting until the day of the event to mow will result in displaced bugs flying around, looking for a new location to hang out. By keeping the environment clean, it is possible to minimize the potential harborages and food sources that attract bugs.

So, give the environment a thorough trim a few days before the event to lessen the insect breeding ground. This can include regular cleaning of surfaces and the disposal of trash cans.

7. Burn Coffee Grounds

Burn Coffee Grounds

The pungent aroma of coffee can repel certain insects, including mosquitoes and other biting insects. When burned, the scent of coffee can be even more aromatic and more effective in repelling bugs.

To use this method, place used coffee grounds in a fireproof container and lighted them. The smoke generated from the burning coffee grounds will create a barrier that can help to keep bugs away.

This method can provide a quick and straightforward solution for repelling bugs. Be cautious when burning coffee grounds, as the smoke can irritate some people, especially those with respiratory issues.

8. Tuna Cans

Tuna Cans

Tuna cans can be an effective method for repelling bugs at outdoor parties.

The process involves filling empty tuna cans with water and adding a small amount of dish soap. The dish soap will break down the surface tension of the water, causing any insects that land on the water to sink and drown.

Then place the cans at every surrounding perimeter to help keep bugs away. It is crucial to change the water in the tuna cans often to maintain the solution’s effectiveness.

9. Remove Stagnant Water

Remove Stagnant Water

Many insect species breed in stagnant water. Mosquitoes, in particular, lay their eggs in standing water.

By removing stagnant water sources, it is possible to reduce the overall bug population.

To remove stagnant water, check the party area for any sources of standing water.

These may include birdbaths, clogged gutters, or low-lying areas where water may accumulate.

Drain these sources or clean them regularly to prevent standing water from forming.

10. Switch On Fans

Switch On Fans

Fans can help to scare bugs away at outdoor parties by causing a breeze that makes it difficult for insects to fly or land.

Bugs, especially flying insects such as mosquitoes, are less able to fly in windy conditions; and are more likely to avoid an area with a strong breeze.

When setting up an outdoor party area, use fans to create a windy environment that can help to keep bugs away. Hence, remember to use powerful fans to create a strong breeze.


Keeping bugs away from your outdoor gathering is very important. They are unwanted guests capable of making your fun gathering a fearful one.

Keeping them at bay requires some tricks, yet not as difficult as you may imagine. Explore the strategies above and watch for bugs keeping off your outdoor party.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Naturally Scares Bugs Away?

Bug-repellent oils such as lemongrass, citrus, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, citronella, catnip, and lavender can prevent bugs.

The oils can be used separately or mixed to form an elemental anti-bug remedy. Combine 1 cup of water and 25-30 drops of oil in a tiny spray bottle.

What Is the Most Practical DIY Bug Killer?

Combine one cup of white vinegar and three cups of water to make one of the simplest DIY bug sprays.

To help the mixture stick, add half a teaspoon of dishwashing soap. Shake well and apply to the affected areas.

How Can I Keep Bedbugs Out of My Bedroom?

Patch any drywall flaws and caulk gaps around floor molding where insects from neighboring apartments can enter your house.

Repair any holes or frayed edges on windows and door screens. Also, if your windows and doors do not have screens, keep them closed.

Fill up the cracks surrounding pipes, air conditions, and dryer vents.

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