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How To Keep Bugs Out Of Apartment

Cockroach Bugs In Dirty House Indoors

Bugs are pesky insects, and there is no reason to share your apartment with them. We understand that these insects can sometimes be hard to exterminate, especially when the infestation is full-blown.

Whether you have a bug infestation at hand or you are trying to prevent one, we’ve got you covered here.

This guide will walk you through foolproof bug-deterrent strategies you can deploy to keep them away from your apartment.


Keeping bugs at bay doesn’t have to be complicated. If you notice their activity around your apartment, the following tips can help deter them.

  • Identify and seal up all openings in the walls.
  • Clean your surroundings.
  • Practice good storage habits.
  • Clean out your trash can regularly.
  • Dry out the stagnant water.
  • Expose the hiding spaces.

In the sections below, we will identify six practical ways to frighten bugs away from your apartment. Also, we will answer some common questions about handling their infestation.

6 Ways To Keep Bugs Out of Apartment

Bugs On Wooden Floor In Corner At Home

It’s so funny how bugs require houses and other necessities like humans. You probably wonder why they leave their predestined places in bushes, forests, and dumpsites to discomfort humans in their homes.

Well, you don’t have to wonder further. Here’s a better line of thought; if your apartment is worth leaving natural habitations for, that implies something in your apartment attracts them. What can that be, you may ask?

Well, put together in this piece are not just likely attractions of these insects in your apartment but easy-to-do tips on how to keep them away for good.

These tips are not new, and neither are they expensive. They are just old habits you probably left off as you grew older and busier.

1. Close Up the Cracks and Holes in the Walls

A Stink Bug On The Inside Of A Window In A Home

To keep bugs at bay in your home, you must first identify and seal cracks and holes in the walls. Moreover, aside from the unattractiveness of cracks and holes in the apartment, they shouldn’t be left for long as they also harbor bugs.

Roaches and ants are bugs that maximize every space in wall cracks. If damp and dark shots are in your walls, they can keep roaches in your apartment forever.

The scary thing is that with these cracks and holes, you never know how many they are. A good number of them hide inside the cracks. Since it is super habitable, they also reproduce quickly, which means more of them.

As roaches reproduce, pesticides will be ineffective even if you spray directly into the cracks and holes. It can only kill a few while the rest remain and multiply. Since this is the case, you should close up the cracks and holes so there is no means of entrance or exit.

You can contact Mason immediately if it is too much for you.

2. Clean Your Surroundings

Improve Your Surrounding With Dustbin

Having sealed up all the openings in the wall, what next? Clean and keep your surroundings tidy. When you consider the natural habitat of insects, it is nothing but dirt, darkness, and bad smell.

This may sound yucky to you, but that’s their comfort, and they are always attracted to anywhere similar.

Of course, you may not have the time to clean every day thoroughly, but how about a specific routine cleaning suitable for your apartment?

An apartment that houses two to three adults should probably stick to a once-a-week thorough cleaning routine. If it happens to be an apartment with kids, thrice a week is most effective.

Stick to whatever works and keep your apartment clean all the way. You need to sweep, mop the floor, clean spider webs, dust, etc. These bugs are dirty creatures; a clean house keeps them away.

Do your dishes regularly. Do not let them pile up before washing them because, at that point, they should have eaten to their satisfaction. The plan is to wash it off before they even smell it.

3. Store Food Properly

Properly Stored Food In Jars

Once your environment is free of dirt, you must practice good storage habits. No one can explain how these bugs learned that human food is tasty since you need to keep your food tidy.

Get a sizable container with tightly fitted covers and place foodstuffs such as meat, flour, fish, rice, and corn. Fruits, like bananas, spoil fast when left in the fridge for a long time and can attract ants and other insects. A better prevention is eating them before they get damaged.

Also, keep a tidy food store. Clear and sweep away the onion, yam, and potato leftovers that attract roaches. Arrange the foodstuffs properly, creating prominent space between them.

4. Clear Out the Trash Can

Disposable Plastic Food Containers In The Trash

Do not leave dirt and debris falling around your apartment. With a dirty environment, you are unknowingly calling on your unwanted guests.

So, empty the trash in disposable bags, and take them off immediately to the dump site. They should find it there.

5. Dry Out Stagnant Water

Stagnant Water In A House

Mosquitoes are the first to respond to the presence of stagnant water. To curb this, clear out drainages and empty open buckets of water that you’ll not use immediately. Fix leaking pipes in your kitchen and bathroom, so you don’t attract roaches.

As for pools, ensure that they are adequately chlorinated to repel them and prevent the growth of algae, which also attract bugs.

6. Expose Hiding Spaces

Spraying Pesticide With Sprayer Under Furniture

If you want to expose hiding places, you start by pulling furniture and other home appliances out of the wall. Such an attempt will enable you to sweep out those spots and discomfort bugs likely to hide there.

While putting things in order in your apartment, create visible spaces between furniture. Fold clothes neatly in the wardrobe, and keep them closed.

Aside from creating distance between them, you can also lift and shift things from the places regularly to easily track the presence of these bugs.


Bugs are pretty hard to miss when they are in your apartment. Is it the suspicious tickling sound you hear at night in the kitchen or their routine hide and seek during the day? They don’t give a damn if you care or not; they love their new home.

Please don’t feel too miserable about their presence; implement all you need to to keep them out. Before you begin, you should do a quick inspection to know where you got it wrong.

You will be surprised to detect a crack you never knew was in your wall. Ensure you don’t miss a thing! You will see less of them in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Apartments Have Bugs?

Yes, they do! For different reasons, these pests find their way into apartments. The foodstuff availability in your store is enough reason to have them around. The lights you turn on at night also attract bugs into your apartments. This explains why these bugs are in 20-60% of homes in America.

What Are Bugs Most Attracted To?

There isn’t a particular attraction. Generally, these bugs invade anywhere they find shelter, water, and food. They find all these in many homes.

Your home can be at a higher risk if there is too much dirt and cracks.

What Color of Light Keeps Bugs Away?

Bugs don’t see clearly with blue-colored or LED-powered lights. So, you can change all the white colored lights to blue or yellow to this effect. Aside from that, LEDs are the best.

A white-colored LED repels bugs compared to an ordinary light bulb.

What Are Bugs Most Attracted To?

There is not mainly because they seek shelter, water, and food, and they find these needs in apartments. It’s even worse when you make your apartment more habitable by leaving dirt and cracks.

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