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How To Keep Flies Away From Mint Plants

Mint Plants

Flies are drawn to the sweet smell of mint and can quickly take over your garden. Cultivating mint plants can be a rewarding experience, but the presence of flies can be an unwelcoming distraction.

So it’s important to choose the right type of mint for your garden.

Among the various varieties of mint, the most suitable to cultivate are spearmint and peppermint. They have strong scents that effectively repel flying pests like flies.

Plant the mint around your garden or near where the flies tend to congregate; this way, they wouldn’t be able to access the area easily!

You can use several techniques in this post to keep these pesky pests away from your mint plants.


Mint plants are an excellent addition to any garden, but flies are one of their biggest enemies. Flies can easily damage the mint leaves and flowers, reducing their yield and attractiveness.

Fortunately, various simple strategies, from sticky fly stips to electric fly swatter and natural remedies, can effectively repel flies away from your mint plants.

This article will help you learn how to prevent flies from ruining your mint crop. Following these simple measures makes it possible to protect your mint plants and enjoy an abundant harvest.

This next section of the article will help you learn how to prevent ruining your mint crop from pesky flies.

In the end, there will b a brief conclusion followed by frequently asked questions about flies and mint plants.

12 Effective Natural Methods To Keep Flies Away From Mint Plants

Mint is a popular plant that can be used in many different ways. But unfortunately, not only has it been used to keep away unwanted insects, but it also attracts predatory wasps and other beneficial bugs.

Below are some simple natural indoor and outdoor methods on how to protect your mint from pesky flies:

1. Sticky Fly Strips

Sticky Fly Strips

Are you having trouble keeping flies away from your mint plant? If so, there is a simple solution, buy a sticky fly strip and hang this above them.

The sticky flies strip is an effective tool for trapping the flies on the glue, preventing them from getting to the leaves of the mint plant. These sticky fly strips can be found in most hardware stores and gardening centers.

They come in various sizes and colors to match any garden decor. Once hung up, they will attract the flies with bait inside them and then trap them onto the adhesive surface of the strip.

This will keep flying insects away from your mint plants so that you don’t have to worry about an infestation ruining your garden or herb harvest.

2. Fly Zappers or Electric Fly Swatters

Fly Zappers

If you have planted your mint indoors, you may find that flies are attracted to the pungent aroma of the plant. In this case, it’s essential to find a way to keep flies away as they can harm your plant and also could be a source of various diseases indoors.

To do so, you can use either a fly zapper or an electric fly swatter. Fly zappers emit UV light and electric shocks to kill any flying insects that come near them. They are often used outdoors but are most effective indoors.

Electric fly swatter works similarly but requires manual operation; when a fly comes into contact with the electrified mesh on the device, it is instantly killed. Both methods effectively keep preventing damage caused by their presence.

3. Citronella Oil Candles

Citronella Oil Candles

Citronella oil candles are a great way to keep flies away from mint plants. They are an inexpensive, natural, and chemical-free alternative that can make your garden more enjoyable.

The candle will emit a strong scent of lemon grass and citronella – two smells that fly detest. The best way to set up the candle is to light it and place it close to the mint plants you wish to protect.

Besides being effective for repelling flies, there are certain limitations while using these candles. First, you should ensure no wind or breeze could blow the smoke away from your plants, as this will reduce its effectiveness.

Also, If you have more than one plant, multiple smaller candles are required for better coverage.

Additionally, if rain or wind disrupts your outdoor setup, move the candle inside until weather conditions change again.

4. Use Fans or Air Conditioners

Fan Or Air Conditional Plants

One more way to keep flies away from your mint plants is by using fans and air conditioners.

Flies don’t like moving air and will stay away from areas where the wind is strong. Therefore, setting up fans near your mint plants will help ensure they stay fly-free.

Ensure the fan or air conditioner is close enough to the plants to create a strong breeze but not so tight that it damages the leaves.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective and natural way to repel flies away from mint plants. Using it is simple and easy, with no harsh chemicals required.

Start by collecting a spray bottle and filling it with one-fourth cup of apple cider vinegar and two cups of water.

Then give the mixture a good shake before spraying it directly onto your mint plant. The scent of apple cider vinegar will help to mask the smell of your mint plant, making it less attractive to flies.

Repeat this process twice away for the best results. You can also try hanging pieces of peeled apples in mesh bags near your mint plant as an additional measure; this trick has successfully deterred flies!

6. Home-Made Repellents

Home Made Repellents

When controlling flies away from mint plants, synthetic repellents may not be the best option. These chemical-based solutions are potentially harmful to the plant and have harmful effects on nearby animals and insects.

The most helpful way to keep flies away from mint is by using natural solutions such as companion planting, like garlic or onions; strategically placed near mint plants can help ward off pests.

Additionally, insecticidal soaps and neem oil are safe options for controlling flies without hazardous consequences.

Planting marigolds around the garden can also work as a natural repellent against flying pests like aphids and white flies.

Utilizing these natural methods and other preventive measures, such as cleaning up fallen leaves and composting regularly, should help reduce your fly population while maintaining a healthier environment around your mint plants.

7. Use Essential Oil Spray

Essential Oil Spray

Essential oils are a great way to eliminate flies attracted to mint plants. Not only will they keep the pesky pests away, but they’ll also make your patio smell great.

If you’re unaware of using essential oil sprays to keep flies away from your mint plants, here’s what you need to do.

First, mix equal water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and add ten drops of essential oil like lavender or peppermint. Shake the bottle until the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

Next, spray the mixture around your mint plants and patio furniture once every week.

Additionally, these oils will not harm the plant and are safe for pets and children. For optimal results, it’s best to spray each plant once every two weeks during peak fly season.

This will create a scent that flies don’t like while leaving your outdoor space smelling wonderful!

Make sure not to oversaturate your plants with the solution, as this can cause damage over time.

8. Natural Sugar Fly Traps

Natural Sugar Fly Traps

If you are looking for a simple, natural way to keep flies away from your mint plants, consider trying a homemade fly trap. Fly traps are an effective and safe way to control the population of flies near your home or garden.

You will need basic materials such as plastic containers, a paper funnel, and a sugar water bait. To make your fly trap at home, mix four cups of hot water with one cup of white sugar until it dissolves completely.

Now pour the mixture into the plastic container. Next, cut out a piece of paper and roll it into a funnel shape with its most comprehensive end inside the container and its narrow end outside.

The sweet smell will lure them, and they will go in but be unable to get back out! Place your homemade fly trap near mint plants that may attract these unwanted visitors.

9. Use Cloves and Garlic

Cloves And Garlic

Don’t look further for any approach to repel flies from your mint plants if you already have cloves and garlic! These herbs are known to repel house flies and other annoying pests.

Crush the cloves or garlic into small pieces. Then sprinkle the crushed chunks around your mint plants or in areas where you notice a lot of flies and bugs.

You may not need to do this so often, even after watering your plants, because the smell stays to ward off these pesky critters.

10. Make Sure Your Garden Is Dry

Dry Garden

Ensuring your garden is dry can help keep flies away from mint plants.

Here are a few tips on maintaining a dry garden and avoiding having fly problems near your mint plants. The first step in preventing flies from congregating around your mint plants is to check the soil regularly for signs of wetness or waterlogging.

If the ground of the soil appears damp, adding sand or gravel to remove excess moisture is best. Ensure all drainage channels are clear, as clogged drains will cause standing water, eventually attracting flies.

11. Plant Other Necter Herbs Nearby

Necter Herbs

Mint is a popular herb and the nectar, which contains sugar, makes it attractive to flies. Therefore, keeping flies away from your mint plants can be challenging.

Flies can carry diseases and cause damage, so steps to deter them from your garden are crucial.

One of several solutions for controlling the fly population near your mint plants is planting other nectar-rich plants to draw insects away. This works because flies prefer certain types of nectar over others, so they flock to those flowers instead of your mint plants.

Additionally, planting companion herbs or vegetables can help deter pests since they distract them with their fragrances and flavors.

12. Use Insecticides or Pesticides

Plant Pesticides

Though they can be expensive, insecticides and pesticides effectively repel flies. These products contain chemicals that will kill off any insects that come into contact with them.

However, using these products sparingly is vital since they can harm beneficial insects and other plants and animals.

Planting other herbs such as basil, and lemon balm, which are sage near your mint plant, is another excellent strategy since these herbs emit strong fragrances that repel flies naturally.


Keeping flies away from mint plants is an important step to ensure your mint plants remain healthy and productive.

Make sure to locate your mint plants away from still water, remove old or decaying leaves, keep the space around the plant clean, and use natural repellents such as garlic or essential oils.

These simple steps will make your mint plants free of pesky flies. Different combinations of the approaches mentioned above are recommended in the case of hefty infestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Keep Flies off My Mint Plant Naturally?

There are many ways to do so. Various approaches can result differently depending on flies infestations.

However, adding a few flea-repelling plants to your garden can effectively help to keep flies away.

Are Fruit Flies Attracted To Mint Plants?

The answer is “No.” Fruit flies dislike the smell of herbs, such as lavender, basil, mint, and rosemary.

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