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How To Keep Mice Out of the Boat

How To Keep Mice Out Of The Boat

Boats are expensive items you don’t want to share with naughty rodents like mice. They are annoying little rodents and can cause severe discomfort while onboard.

Sadly, for some reason, boats are prone to their infestations, especially during the winter season. What can one do to keep these little, annoying, destructive rodents away? Read on to find out!


Mouse infestations are common problems you face when onboard. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to keep these rodents out of your boat. Some of these include:

  • Use a boat cover
  • Set mice trap around the boat
  • Keep nesting materials out of sight
  • Apply mouse killer pellets, etc.

We will discuss deploying these strategies and a few others in this guide.

In the following sections, we will discuss 13 practical and proven ways to keep mice out of boats and answer other common questions about handling mice infestations on boats.

13 Ways To Keep Mice Out of Boats

Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Boats

Mice infestations can sometimes be challenging to deal with. Besides messing with your environment, these little rodents can damage parts of your boat, like wiring, and spread diseases to those onboard.

They will seek shelter, procreate, and feed on parts of your boat, especially the wiring. Most people will accept defeat and leave their boat’s chances of survival to fate in the hands of these unwanted visitors.

They will grudgingly bear unnecessary repair costs and endanger your life. That doesn’t have to be you!

Below, we will walk you through 13 foolproof methods to permanently shut your boat door against these rodents.

1. Keep Nesting Materials Out of Sight

Keep Nesting Materials Out Of Sight

The first way to keep mice out of boats is to eliminate possible nesting materials. Mice procreate in large numbers. Therefore, it is natural for them to seek out items for nesting. A mouse may procreate in towels, pillows, and toilet rolls.

Instead of leaving these items in the open, you can store them in airtight containers to keep them out of reach. Here, using paper boxes is not advisable. These annoying rodents can get in through them.

2. Repair All Cracks and Wrecks on Your Boat

Repair All Cracks And Wrecks On Your Boat

Mice get into vessels through openings; the same is true about boats. It would be best if you inspected your boat for cracks to deter and prevent them from re-entering. After identifying cracked portions, proceed to repair and seal the holes properly.

Suppose you are on a tight budget and don’t have funds for extensive repairs. You can use steel wool to fill the holes, as mice cannot chew through it. If you fix the steel wool properly, it will form a barricade and prevent mice from breaking in.

3. Install a Wire Mesh Screen Over the Vents

Install A Wire Mesh Screen Over The Vents

A mesh screen with thin wired holes is another preventive measure you can adopt.

Install this across vents and exhaust pipes. Ensure you get a screen made with quality materials that mice cannot chew through.

Counterfeit screens will only serve shortly – they will wear with time.

4. Make Use of Poison Pellets

Make Use Of Poison Pellets

You can apply poison mouse killer pellets if you don’t mind killing the mice infesting your boat. Mouse poison pellets are available both in hardware stores and online marketplaces.

Before applying, you must get rid of all food sources from the boat first. Next, get some pellets from the pack and drop them inside either feeding trays or bait stations. If none is available, you can make use of small-sized bowls instead.

Now place the feeding trays, bait stations, or bowls in areas where you have noticed mice activities. For better results, you need to have a good number of these bait stations in the boat.

As you know, mice are erratic feeders, so having just one or two bait stations may not suffice to get them to consume enough poison. We recommend you keep an average distance of 1.5 m between the bait stations.

Mouse poison pellets are most effective when used consistently for five to eight days. During this period, inspect the stations every two days and add more pellets where necessary.

All things being equal, you can expect to start picking up dead mice from the second day of application. While this method is quite efficient in handling mouse infestations, it may not be the best option if you have babies or pets in the boat.

They will likely pick the pellets off the bait stations and consume them. However, if you think you can manage the risk, you can still use them but be careful.


Don’t handle bait stations or dispose of dead mice with bare hands. This can be extremely dangerous to your health. Instead, wear protective gloves and wash your hand thoroughly under rushing water afterward.

5. Try Ultrasonic Devices

Try Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices emit sounds that repel mice. These sounds come in the form of high-intensity waves and extensive beeping.

The noise from these devices will stop mice from approaching your boat and cause no harm to human ears.

You can get one from any hardware store around you. Alternatively, you may also want to shop at an online outlet for convenience.

6. Spray a Mice Repellent Oil

Spray A Mice Repellent Oil

Various oils appall mice, such as peppermint and lemon oil. Get one and spray in the interior and exterior of your boat. These oils are affordable and easily accessible.

To make an oil-repellant spray, you will need a spray bottle, base oil, water, or rubbing alcohol.

Pour two tablespoons of oil and one cup of water or rubbing alcohol into the bottle.


You have just successfully made a natural mice repellent spray! Go ahead, shake the mix vigorously and apply.

7. Keep the Environment Clean and Dry

Keep The Environment Clean And Dry

The environment you keep your boat is vital. Make sure the environment is neat and devoid of any clutter. Rodents navigate to damp places, so keep the environs dry at all times. Seal the blige of your boat with aluminum foil to keep it dry.

Make sure your boat is well ventilated too. This will keep the rooms airy and dry. You can also get humidifiers and place them in the rooms to collect moisture.

Avoid leaving cans, food, and boxes on the boat floor. Those are nesting materials, and mice may hide there.

8. Get a Fitted Boat Cover

Get A Fitted Boat Cover

Another sure way to keep mice out of it is to shield it with a cowling or cover. You can use a tarp or dry sheets from a hardware store.

If no mice are already onboard, shielding your boat with a cover can help permanently shut your door against the rodents.

Get a cover that perfectly fits your boat, preferably a material that mice can’t chew or tear into, like sheet metal, steel wool, and copper.

9. Set Mice Trap Around the Boat

Set Mice Trap Around The Boat

A mice trap is a secondary preventive measure that can stop these rodents from roaming freely, procreating, and damaging your properties.

You can use various mice traps on your boat, like snap traps and glue mice traps. They are affordable and available at local hardware stores. You can also order them from online marketplaces for ease and convenience.

After getting the traps, read and follow the instructions in the manual accordingly.

10. Use Mothballs To Keep Mice Out

Use Mothballs To Keep Mice Out

Mothball is a traditional way of keeping pesky rodents away. It is poisonous to mice and usually kills them brutally. Unfortunately, they are highly toxic to humans as well.

If you don’t mind being this inhumane to the mice infesting your boat, you may want to deploy this method.

If you use mothballs, place them in areas that humans do not frequent. Wear protective gear when placing the mothballs and wash your hands properly after.

After everything, toss the used protective gear and burn. You may want to sanitize your hands for extra protection.

11. Apply Cayenne Pepper to Surfaces

Apply Cayenne Pepper To Surfaces

Hot and intense spices are also efficient in keeping mice away from boats. They make the environment highly uncomfortable for mice.

Apply judiciously on walls and surfaces to keep them out.

Wash your hands properly after coating the boat walls with pepper to prevent pepper from getting into your house.

12. Stay on Guard

Mice Activity

Always check for any recent mice activity when you are onboard. This will improve your chances of catching them immediately after they get on and getting rid of them.

Also, check for openings that can serve as entry access for these unwanted visitors and seal them up properly with mice-proof materials like steel wool.

13. Call an Expert

Call An Expert

If you still notice mice activities in your boat after trying all the tips above, you may want to call on an expert.

We know that some people prefer to take professional measures and implore their services to keep rodents out. If you are one, you can invite a professional mouse exterminator since that makes you more comfortable.

Professional mice extermination is more efficient and leaves a long-lasting solution. Regardless of where you stay, you can be sure there are many mice exterminators around you. You can visit your town hall or ask a neighbor to refer you.

When you finally get one, find out what chemicals they use to ensure they won’t cause allergic reactions during the extermination process.


Mouse infestations are common problems you face when onboard. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to keep these rodents out of your boat, and we discussed thirteen of them in this guide.

Follow them carefully and watch mice withdraw permanently from your boat. You may need to combine multiple strategies at once for better and quicker results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wrapping a Boat Keep Mice Out?

Absolutely, yes. Wrapping does help to keep mice out. The sheet used will prevent light that can attract mice from entering. Also, it blocks all possible openings that mice can enter through.

As long as you get a quality tarp sheet, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

How Do Mice Get on Board?

Mice can infest your boat by creeping through cracks, pipes, and holes. They are small in size and will easily crawl their way through these narrow openings.

So, seal up cracks and holes as soon as you detect them. Also, barricade your pipes with mesh sheets and steel wool.

Does Vinegar Drive Away Mice?

Vinegar drives mice away from your boat but only for a while. Concentrated vinegar almost smells as bad as peppermint oil. Mice find the scent offensive and will stay away when they perceive it. However, they may return once the smell fades.

For better efficiency, create a mixture of vinegar and peppermint oil and apply it on all spots where there are mouse activities and all possible entry points.

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