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How To Keep Mice Away From Rabbit Hutch

How To Keep Mice Away From Rabbit Hutch

One of the cutest and fluffiest animals you can get is a pet rabbit.

While living quietly in their hutch, rabbits don’t mind having mice visiting and eating their leftovers.

However, this is a cause of concern as mice pose numerous health risks to the rabbit and you.

So, how to keep mice away from the rabbit hutch?


Nobody likes to have mice scurrying around their property. The rabbits might not like that too, but unfortunately, they can’t talk like Bugs Bunny!

So here are 5 sure way methods to prevent mice from entering your rabbit’s home:

  1. Have a regular cleaning routine.
  2. Clean out the food every night.
  3. Seal every nook and cranny.
  4. Upgrade your rabbit hutch.
  5. Light up the surroundings.

You’ll notice that all five of these methods are easy and can be done by you to ensure that your bunny stays nice and cozy.

Even though mice and rabbits get along, the mice can transmit diseases and create health problems for the bunny.

This is why it’s important to go into the details of keeping these critters away from your rabbits.

5 Ways To Keep Mice Away From Your Rabbit’s Hutch

Ways To Keep Mice Away From Your Rabbit's Hutch

Like every other pest, mice are looking for three things: shelter, water, and food.

And the one place they can get all these 3 is a rabbit’s hutch.

So naturally, they’ll do their best to find a way inside.

1. Have a Regular Cleaning Routine

Have A Regular Cleaning Routine

If your rabbit space is a cluttered mess full of poop, leftover food bits, mulch, hay, and other whatnots, you’re making the area very tempting for a mouse to resist.

Having a pet means it’s your responsibility. You can’t expect the rabbit to make its bed every morning or clean up before sleeping every night, right?

If your pet has a rabbit-bedding, change it once a week. It would be best to inspect and thoroughly clean the hutch once every week with a disinfectant cleaner.

Important Note

Believe it or not, mice are attracted to rabbit droppings as they devour anything with even the tiniest nutritional value. So, please clean it up daily before the stink spreads and attracts more pests!

2. Clean Out the Food Every Night

Clean Out The Food Every Night

If you’re leaving leftover rabbit food lying around in the hutch every night, the mice will want to join in for a late-night meal. After all, mice are nocturnal pests, and they love midnight snacking!

Firstly, feeding your rabbit in small quantities is a good idea o avoid unconsumed extra bits lying around.

Still, even if you give them ample amounts to eat, clean up after them to avoid attracting other critters.

3. Seal Every Nook and Cranny

Seal Every Nook And Cranny

The most obvious point of all! If there are any gaps and holes big enough for mice to squeeze through, seal them shut!


Adult mice can squeeze through gaps that are as small as a dime (20 mm), whereas small mice can get through holes that are a quarter of an inch (0.25 inch or 6.35 mm).

Perform a thorough inspection of your rabbit’s enclosure for any crevices, cracks, and gaps.

You can use a sturdy metal mesh or a non-toxic sealant to block off any access for the mice.

4. Upgrade and Mouse-Proof the Hutch

Mouse-Proof Hutch

If your current rabbit enclosure is in bad shape, you should upgrade it to keep the mice out. Here’s what you can do:

  • Replace all the floorings with solid metal or plastic.
  • Use a thick and sturdy wire mesh for the walls and sides, preferably 19 gauge.
  • Reinforce all corners with a strong sheet.

If you’re not up to the task, an easy way for you would be to upgrade by getting a new one.

Welded mesh enclosures are designed to keep mice and rodents out while offering solid floors and extended roofs for shade and safety.

Hopping Fun Fact!

Rabbits are great jumpers; they can jump as high as 1 meter in a single leap!

5. Light Up the Surroundings

Light Up The Surroundings

Mice dwell in the dark corners, sneaking around at night looking for food and water.

So make it uncomfortable for them to come close by placing lights around the hutch.

Light bulbs can be placed in a way that illuminates the enclosure’s surroundings, discouraging the mice from coming close and exposing themselves.


Rabbits are adorable and fuzzy little creatures to have as pets. They’re docile and calm animals, so you have to make sure to keep the mice away. You can do that in the following ways:

  1. Have a regular cleaning routine.
  2. Clean out the food every night.
  3. Seal every nook and cranny.
  4. Upgrade your rabbit hutch.
  5. Light up the surroundings.

Remember, it’s not the rabbits attracting the mice; it’s the food and the chance for a better living space.

Just keep the filthy pests away, and your bunnies will be hopping-happy for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mice Attack Rabbits?

Mice do not attack rabbits, as they’re only interested in leftover food and droppings. Rats, however, can be dangerous and attack if they feel threatened!

Do Rabbits Attack Mice?

In the wild, rabbits may attack mice if they feel threatened, but a pet rabbit will not attack the mice.

Do Mice Come Out Every Night?

Yes! Mice are persistent pests and will come out to scavenge every chance they get!

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