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How To Keep Mice Out of Washing Machine

Keep Mice Out Of Washing Machine

Are you fed up with mice infesting your home and destroying your washing machine? If you answered yes, then we have some useful tips for you to prevent mice from causing harm to your washing machine.

Mice are a common household pest that may present significant challenges for property owners, and they often gain entry to houses by creating holes beneath doors and other walls.

The most disturbing thing is that they also attempt to cut the wiring in the washing machines. This means they eat away at the insulation and cause significant damage in a very short time.


Mice are unwanted guests in many households, but they can also be hazardous to your washing machine. There are 5 tips you can follow to keep them out.

  1. Keep your washing machine area clean.
  2. Organize cords and cables
  3. Place traps around your washing machine
  4. Use natural repellents around your washing machine
  5. Make use of essential oil

If you don’t want mice to enter your home, you should consider these techniques to keep them out. With these tips, you can keep mice from damaging your washing machine and make your property safe.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll discuss the top five ways to keep mice out of a washing machine. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 5 Ways To Keep Mice Out of Washing Machines

In this section, we’ll talk in detail about the top six ways we’ve tried, tested, and found to be effective at keeping mice out of your washing machine.

1. Keep Your Washing Machine Area Clean

Keep Your Washing Machine Area Clean

Rats will likely be attracted to your washing machine if food scraps are lying around.

In addition to cleaning the area around your washing machine, you should clean your whole house regularly, take away the trash, and store food in a properly secured location out of mice’s reach.

Sweep up any dirt around the washer and clean the area. However, if there are any droppings, use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe the sides and bottom of the machine.

2. Organize Cords and Cables

Organize Cords And Cables

Make a clean connection between the wires of your washing machine and the walls by using cable clips. When this is done, mice are kept out of reach and away from the area.

In addition, we recommend using zip ties since they are simple to put on, take off, and conceal, and they only cost a few cents each.

It would be best if you bought them in bulk and then used as many as necessary to hide wires and keep them out of reach of mice.

In addition, please make use of string, twine, or clips to tie your wires and cords together in an organized way, and then tuck them under the machine in a tidy and appropriate manner.

Because of this, any creepy crawlies lurking around your washing machine won’t be able to get their hands on the washing machine again.

3. Place Traps Around Your Washing Machine

Place Traps Around Your Washing Machine

Mice traps are the most efficient method for preventing mice from reaching your washing machine.

Other mouse traps instantly kill the mice they capture, making short work of mouse populations. On the other hand, live mouse traps enable the mice to be released after being caught.

In addition, we strongly suggest you set traps where there is a lot of activity. The typical hotspots for activity are dark corners, spaces along walls, washing machines, and behind other things.

In most cases, poison bait is not the best choice since it poses a risk to children and pets that is not present with traps.

However, suppose you are dealing with a serious infestation that threatens your family’s health and safety. In that case, you should think about employing spring traps or contacting a professional pest control firm.


If placed carelessly, mice traps can cause injury to you, your pets, and your children.

4. Use Natural Repellents Around Your Washing Machine

White Vinegar - A Natural Mice Repellent

Mice are naturally repelled by the scent of white vinegar, making it an effective mouse repellent. They will leave your washing machine as a result of this.

Mice have a highly developed sense of smell. Therefore, they will avoid places that have been sprayed with white vinegar or contain cotton balls that have been soaked in them.


It is essential to keep in mind that not all mice will be repelled by white vinegar.

However, we suggest you soak a few cotton balls in peppermint oil and strategically position them near appliances such as your washing machine.

The smell deters mice. When the balls’ odor becomes less noticeable, replace them with fresh ones.

5. Make Use of Essential Oils

Use Essential Oils

Rats are a common problem in homes, but they can be kept away with the help of essential oils.

In addition to their usefulness as cleaning agents and insect deterrents, essential oils may also be useful in treating health conditions such as obesity and asthma.

Some essential oils, like peppermint oil, lemon oil, citronella oil, and eucalyptus oil, can potentially keep rodents away.

To make an essential oil spray, put two to three tablespoons of essential oil and one cup of water or rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. After that, spray it around the perimeter of your washing machine.


Mice aren’t the only rodents who love to cause havoc around the house. Rats, squirrels, and even bats might also get into the act. And when they chew on electric wires and appliances, things start getting out of hand.

Mice can damage home furniture, food containers, books, clothes, decorations, and electronics. In addition to the damage they may do to electrical wiring, rats can also spread disease-causing germs and viruses.

You can do a few things to keep these unwanted guests out of your house if you don’t want to have serious issues. However, this article showed the top 5 ways to do this quickly and well.

To keep these annoying pests away, cleaning the area around your washing machine is necessary to eliminate their food supply. Also, set traps in places where they tend to go. Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mice Come Through a Washing Machine Drain?

Mice can enter your washing machine via drainage pipes that are not properly sealed.

Also, if there are cracks or holes around the pipes under your sinks, washing machines, or any other plumbing in your house, a mouse may be able to get in.

What Keeps Mice Away Permanently?

Essential oils with a strong odor, such as peppermint and clove oil, can permanently repel mice from a certain area.

It is recommended that you soak cotton balls in the essential oil of your choice and then place them in areas where you have seen signs of mouse activity for the best results.

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