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How To Keep Pigeons Away From Balcony

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Who would prefer to stay on balconies and enjoy a cup of tea in the evening? But, of course, all of us would love to do that.

But wouldn’t it be an awful experience to have pigeons all over your balcony, messing up the experience for you? Plus, the constant coo sounds will annoy you as well.

Luckily there are multiple remedies to solve this problem.


Keeping pigeons away from your balcony is not an impossible task. You need to apply a few remedies that will do the trick for you.

Some effective remedies are mentioned below:

  • Install a bird repeller.
  • Use anti-roosting spikes.
  • Use net.
  • Use insulation wire.
  • Use honey.

So, if you are annoyed by pigeons’ presence on your balcony, we have just the fix for you. Below we have jotted down some of the most unique ideas to scare them off.

2 Methods To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Balcony

We have discussed two methods below to help you keep pigeons away from your balcony. One method uses artificial techniques, and the other uses homemade remedies.

Method #1: Man-Made Remedies

So let’s review some artificial remedies that you can use.

1. Install a Bird Repeller

Ultrasonic Wave Detector Ranging Module

Using a bird repeller could stop pigeons from landing on your balcony. It works as a motion detector and starts making noise when pigeons trigger it.

The noise will be high-pitched so that it won’t affect the people. But pigeons will hear it.

It works as an effective tool to keep pigeons and other insects away from your balcony.

The best thing about this ultrasonic box is that it doesn’t consume too much electric power so you can keep it on the balcony 24/7.

2. Use Anti-Roosting Spikes

Anti Roosting Spikes

Anti-roosting spikes are another effective solution to protect your balcony from pigeons. The spikes are designed to create a surface where pigeons won’t be able to perch.

This method is not as inhumane as it seems. The spikes are not sharp so that they won’t hurt the birds.

But this method only works for your railings. So if you don’t want pigeons to come on your balcony, you might have to install another method to get rid of them once and for all.

3. Use Net

Backside Girl Looking Sun

This is the easiest solution to keep the pigeons away from your balcony. For this, set up a net between your roof and the railings.

It’s just like covering your whole balcony with a protective shield. You can use adhesive hooks to keep the net firm and in place.

Although this method would take away the aesthetics of your balcony, it’s one of the economical solutions to protect your balcony from pigeons. So if you are looking for an easy way out, go for it!

4. Hang CDs

Old Cds Dvds Gramophone Record

If you are one of those people who love keeping CDs, then this one is for you. Put your CD collection to good use. Hang them on the balcony to scare off the pigeons.

Now you must be wondering how CDs can scare pigeons. Pigeons don’t like bright or flashy surfaces. So you can take your CDs and tie a string with them to create a hanging.

To take your aesthetics to a new level, hang these CDs with other decorative items on your balcony. This is the perfect way to get rid of pigeons artistically.

5. Use Bird Repellent Gel

Closep Rubber Adhesive

Pigeons are picky about their landing surface. What if you take away that comfortable landing from them? Yes, you can.

Instead, make them land on a sticky surface. That’s what a bird repellent does.

Bird repelling works as a sticky substance that pigeons hate to land on. Since it is super sticky, using them on railings would be enough.

Make sure you have a protective cover before using it on railings. Otherwise, you will ruin your railings.

6. Use Insulation Wire

Front Facade Balconies Tensioned Cable

Another solution to keep the pigeons from landing on your balcony is wrapping it up with insulation wire. Pigeons usually intend to perch on the railings. But they will never intend to do so if you wrap the railing with insulation wire.

Method #2: Homemade Remedies

Now, let’s review some homemade remedies you can easily apply to keep pigeons away from your balcony.

1. Use Honey

Fresh Honey On White

Honey is an effective homemade remedy to get rid of pigeons. Its sticky nature will keep the pigeons from resting on your balcony.

For this trick, you have to spread honey where pigeons roost or would love to perch. The sticky surface will make them uncomfortable, and they will fly away immediately.

2. Use Pepper Powder

Red Chili Powder

Homemade remedies are always helpful and economical when scaring off pigeons. You can spill some spices, such as pepper powder, all over your balcony.

This will discourage pigeons from landing on your balcony.

3. Chilli Solution

Dried Chilli Soaking Blue Bowl

The chili solution is almost the same as the pepper powder remedy. Instead of spilling chili all over your balcony, make a solution using water and chili.

Then sprinkle the chili solution on the spot where pigeons usually perch. Places like railings should be your target area.

4. Boiled Rice

Closeup Spatula Over Pan Rice

As much as pigeons love to eat grains or dry crumbs, they hate the smell of boiled rice.

If you want to keep pigeons off your balcony, use boiled rice. After boiling a cup of rice, make circles around pigeon holes with the help of chalk. Then sprinkle the cooked rice in those circles.

Do this trick daily and observe the change within a few days.

5. The Old Wash Technique

Cleaning High Pressure Water Jet

This technique might not be as effective as the above techniques. But, if you are short on resources, you can always count on this.

The old wash method involves pressure washing the pigeon holes with water. The extreme pressure would scare off the pigeons and prevent them from invading your balcony again.

6. Use Perfumed Candles

Evening My Home Terrace

Strong fragrance acts as a natural pigeon repellent. Since pigeons cannot withstand strong odors, using incense sticks and scented candles will help eliminate them.


Everyone adores birds and their beautiful humming sounds until they barge into your balcony and create a complete mess.

You can use the remedies mentioned above if you want to restrict pigeons from coming to your balcony.

Homemade remedies could be economical and readily available to use against pigeons. Pepper powder and honey are the best you can get.

But if you are too lazy to make such solutions at home, get a bird-repellent spray or anti-roosting spikes. So, start using these remedies before your balcony becomes a pigeon shelter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Necessary To Get Rid of Pigeons on Your Balcony?

You need to get rid of pigeons due to various reasons. Firstly, pigeon poop is acidic and can make the surfaces etch.

It can also stain surfaces. Secondly, pigeon nests can clog gutters. Trust us; you wouldn’t want to deal with a clogged gutter either.

So, it’s better to keep them away from your balcony.

Does a Strong Scent Keep the Pigeons Away?

Yes, strong odors will keep the pigeons away from your balcony. You can use peppermint oil or citronella to create an unpleasant environment for pigeons.

What Are the Things That Pigeons Hate the Most?

Pigeons don’t like wind chimes and shiny rubber surfaces like balloons or aluminum foils. They also hate bird gels because they are sticky and irritating.

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