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How To Keep Wasps Away From BBQ

A Wasp Sat On Some Bbq Chicken On A Warm Summer Day

Having a BBQ in your backyard is a swell way to bond with your family and friends. But as you cook your meat on the grill, you could also attract unwanted visitors. And one particular pest that is a nuisance is wasps.

Nobody likes to have wasps in their BBQ. And they might sting your guests if they have the chance. So to prevent that. Here are some tips on how to keep wasps away from the BBQ.


Wasps can ruin a good BBQ. You could have a great time with your guests when suddenly a wasp comes and tries to sting the people in your BBQ. Worse, they might attract more if they found a good food source.

So to prevent that, you can:

  • Check your property’s surrounding for wasp nests and remove them
  • Use natural deterrents
  • Avoid smelling and looking like a flower

If you want to enjoy your BBQ without wasps, below are some tips you can use to deter them and make gatherings wasp free.

Know What Attracts Wasps

A Swarm Of Wasps Flies On A Plate And Eats Fried Meat

Before anything else, you first need to know what attracts wasps. And no, it’s not human fear. Wasps are mostly attracted to sweet smells and food.

So ensure that your garbage cans are covered and keep them away from your BBQ. If you have fruit-bearing plants, pick the ones that fall right out. Pet food can also attract wasps, so keep them away from your backyard.

Wasps can remember where they found food. So if they find anything tasty, they’ll likely come back to what else is on the menu.

Check for Wasp Nests

Wasp Nest With Wasps

Check the surroundings of your property and look for any wasp nests. Try looking at the prominent spots, like in between fence posts, under the deck, and in your shed.

Also, try looking at suspicious holes around your property. Most people think that wasp hives hang on trees and are easy to identify.

But most of the species like to nest underground or in small openings with large spaces on the other side. So if you have a wasp problem but can’t find the nest, they might be hiding in not-so-obvious places.

If you have difficulty finding the wasp nest, try to locate a wasp and follow it until it leads you to its nest.

Use extreme caution when dealing with wasp nests, and hire an expert to remove nests from your property.

Spray Wasp Deterrent

Bottle Aerosol For The Control Of Insects And A Wasp Isolated On White Background In Detail

If you use wasp deterrents, it would be best to use natural ones rather than those with harsh chemicals because they harm other living things in the environment.

For example, you can use garlic clove and lemon for a naturally scented repellent solution. This simple solution is good at repelling wasps without harmful side effects. Peppermint oil also gets the job done.

Hang Wasp Decoy

Close-Up Of A Paper Wasp Nest Decoy Hanging From An Apple Tree

Wasps are territorial insects and will not seek any quarrel with other hives. So, they make nests nowhere near others. You can take advantage of this and hang fake nests in your backyard.

This method is one of the safest and kindest ways to deter wasps from your BBQ. There is no killing, no chemicals, and no hassle.

Remove or Cover Food Right Away

Man Cooking Ribs On Barbecue Grill

Don’t temp wasps any further, and dispose of all your food after eating. If you set your food ahead of time, cover it.

Try to set up a place inside your house where you can place your food before taking them outside.

Avoid Sweet Smelling Perfume

Woman Breathing Fresh Air Of Feel Good Smell

Another reason why wasps are coming to your BBQ is because of you. So it would make sense that you don’t make yourself smell like a flower. And skip on sweet and floral-scented perfumes and lotions.

But if smelling good is a priority for you, you can use eucalyptus and peppermint oil on your neck and wrists. You will smell fresh while you deter insects.

Don’t Wear Certain Colors

Fruits And Barbecue For Outdoors Barbecue Party

As essential as it is not to smell like a flower, you also don’t want to look like one. So don’t wear bright colors or have floral patterns on your clothes.

Cover Your Drink

Cold Ice Tea In Glass

Try not to leave your drink outside and come back for it later. Insects love sweet and sugary drinks. So they’ll most likely hop right into it. And if you are not mindful, you could accidentally drink them and get stung in your mouth.


Having a BBQ is a great way to bond with family and friends. But you could also attract unwanted guests like wasps to your gathering.

If you don’t want that, it would be best to clean your backyard of food, use natural repellents, and not look and smell like a flower. So you can keep wasps away from your BBQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Wasps Come to a BBQ?

Wasps can feed on a variety of food sources, including other insects. Ireland’s social wasps, for example, are omnivorous and can sustain themselves with fallen fruits, nectar, and dead insects.

So if there are wasps in your BBQ, they’re most likely there because of your food.

What Can Happen if You Kill a Wasp?

Killing a wasp is not a good idea because you’ll only be attracting more if you do it. So it would be best to repel it rather than kill it.

What Plants Can Repel Wasps?

Plants like wormwood, eucalyptus, mint, and citronella are natural repellent to wasps. So, it would be best to introduce these plants in your garden to deter wasps on your property.

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