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How To Repel Mosquitoes From Front Door

How To Repel Mosquitoes From Front Door

Seeing mosquitoes swarming around and outside your house is never a good thing. These tiny creatures don’t benefit you and your kids and can even cause more detrimental damage than you’d know.

Aside from getting bitten, mosquitoes can also cause many infections and diseases. And we know you do not want your kids to encounter this.

When you place outside lights by your front door, mosquitoes will likely visit the area because they are attracted to lights.

Chances are, as you open the door, you can expect these pesky creatures to instantly enter the door and invade the insides of your home.


Mosquitoes are versatile pests. They are tiny and thin, so entering any hole or gap is never challenging. These pests are also quick to act and react, especially when they feel endangered or disturbed.

We got you if you encounter a bunch of mosquitoes swarming around your front door lights. This guide explores various natural yet effective ways to ensure your property won’t be invaded by mosquitoes, especially the front door.

Mosquitoes become an even bigger problem in warmer and tropical climates because they can successfully thrive and breed in these parts of the world.

So, sit up and read this guide as we present all the viable options to ensure you never see mosquitoes by your front door again.

The Best Ways To Repel Mosquitoes From Your Front Door

The Best Ways To Repel Mosquitoes From Your Front Door

Certain mosquitoes can cause severe health issues besides food poisoning, mosquito bites, and more.

These parasites take no mercy when invading your home and are likely to enter a property with a dark, warm, and moist environment.

To help keep these vermin pests away from your front door, we have curated our best and most effective solutions below:

1. Plant Lemongrass by Your Front Door

Plant Lemongrass By Your Front Door

Chefs love adding lemongrass to their dishes because it makes them more flavorful and delectable. Some homeowners love planting lemongrass because its fragrant scent makes them feel more relaxed and at home.

But did you know that aside from its relaxing capability, lemongrass can help repel mosquitoes from your front door?

You can place potted lemongrass plants around your front porch to deter mosquitoes. Lemongrass contains citronella, a type of substance with an intense scent.

The scent masks the smell mosquitoes need to be able to look for target hosts easier. As a result, they will try to avoid areas with lemongrass plants.

If you are not into planting, lemongrass essential oil should also work. You can mix a few drops with water and place the mixture inside a spray bottle. Spray the areas around and on the front door to repel mosquitoes.

2. Maintain Grass and Weeds

Maintain Grass And Weeds

We know we’ve already mentioned mosquitoes prefer dark and damp areas where their predators will not see them.

And if your landscape has tall grasses, weeds, or overgrown shrubs, these pests will likely thrive in these dense covers.

This also makes it easier for mosquitoes and flies to swiftly enter your house when the front door opens.

The solution to this is to always ensure regular maintenance of your lawn.

When grasses and weeds are becoming tall, make it a habit to get your garden scissors and trim them right away.

Bushes should also be neatly trimmed so mosquitoes cannot secure an ideal hiding spot where they can populate your lawn.

3. Sprinkle Garlic or Used Coffee Grounds

Sprinkle Garlic Or Used Coffee Grounds

Aside from lemongrass and anything with citronella, garlic and coffee grounds also work.

Studies have proven that garlic is effective in repelling mosquitoes, especially outdoors. Garlic sprays are already available in the market because they are widely used as insect and mosquito repellents on plants.

They are safe and natural products, so they won’t cause any harm to your garden.

If you want to DIY your garlic spray, it’s possible. All you must do is boil some garlic cloves, pour the hot water with the garlic in a spray bottle, and spray around your front lawn.

Coffee grounds are also commonly used in deterring mosquitoes. Because of coffee’s intense and bitter smell, mosquitoes are not fond of it and will try their best to stay away.

You can place used coffee grounds inside a plastic container and place it by your front door. Sprinkling the grounds around your garden can also work.

And because coffee grounds are known to be ideal fertilizers, you also benefit your garden.

4. There Should Be No Standing Water

There Should Be No Standing Water

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. They will usually lay their eggs in the water, so there’s a high chance you can expect the mosquito population to increase.

With this, you must get rid of standing water, especially near your front door. Check for the accumulation of standing water in tires, flower pots, garbage can lids, lawn ornaments, buckets, or barrels.

Aside from standing water, you must also ensure no puddles. Puddles can serve as the mosquitoes’ entryway towards the insides of your home.

Your drainage system should not be blocked, and there should not be any holes or gaps in your gutters.

5. Lavender and Cinnamon

Lavender And Cinnamon

Lavender works like lemongrass. This plant contains a strong scent that will keep mosquitoes away from your front door.

It’s also your choice whether to use real potted lavender plants or dried leaves or create your own.

If you prefer creating your lavender spray, pour boiling water over lavender leaves and place the mixture into a spray bottle. This works effectively if you spray generously on your front door and around the lawn.

Another substance with a strong scent to deter mosquitoes is cinnamon. But you won’t need to plant it in your garden this time.

A few sprinkles of cinnamon powder on a plate would do. Display the plate by your front door to keep mosquitoes from getting attracted to your home.

You can also use cinnamon sticks in a pitcher filled with warm water. Once the mixture has settled, transfer it into a spray bottle and spray it on the front door.

Cinnamon oil also works. This product is readily available in the market, and you only need a few drops to damp cotton balls. Scatter the soaked cotton balls around your front door to keep mosquitoes away.

6. Light Up Aromatherapy Candles

Light Up Aromatherapy Candles

While mosquitoes are attracted to light, they are not fond of the combination of light, scent, and heat. This is why aromatherapy candles have been proven to keep them away, especially from your front door.

If you’re trying this one out, we recommend getting candles with citronella, lavender, or peppermint scents. They smell fragrant yet intense simultaneously, perfect to ensure mosquitoes are not going anywhere near your home.

Light the candles at night before you sleep. After a few days, you can guarantee not to see any mosquitoes hanging by your front door.

7. Spray Lemon Water

Spray Lemon Water

Mosquitoes detest lemon because it tastes sour and peppery.

You can use this to your advantage by mixing a few drops of lemon with water and placing the mixture in a spray bottle.

Spray the areas around and on the front door. What makes this simple yet practical is that you can buy lemons in any supermarket.

8. Display Basil Near Your Front Door

Display Basil Near Your Front Door

Basil is also one of the mosquitoes’ top-hated scents.

Moreover, this plant has a pest-repellent property that can help keep your home protected from these tiny creatures.

You can place potted basil plants around your front door, so it’s easier for the mosquitoes to detect their scents.

Once they can identify the scent, mosquitoes are quick to fly away.

9. Use Citrus Peels

Use Citrus Peels

Citrus peels contain D-limonene, also found in common household cleaning products and detergents.

The chemical contains a citrus and tangy scent that mosquitoes hate.

You can place citrus peels around your front door to keep these pests away.

10. Clean the Curtains

Clean The Curtains

If the windows near your door have curtains, they can be potential hiding spots for mosquitoes, especially when they are left uncleaned.

It’s important that you are responsible enough to clean these curtains regularly by vacuuming and washing them in mild soap and water.

If they are clean, mosquitoes are unlikely to find a good hiding spot to thrive.

The Bottom Line

Mosquitoes are never welcomed into anyone’s home. But if you don’t act right away, you can guarantee swarms of these tiny creatures by your front door, waiting to invade your space.

If you ever encounter a mosquito invasion, go back to this guide and try our effective solutions. These hacks are practical, simple, and economical.

There’s no need to waste much money to repel mosquitoes and keep them away from your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Vinegar if I Don’t Have Any of the Products Suggested?

Vinegar also contains a strong and sour scent, so it should be fine. However, for the best effectiveness, we recommend using apple cider vinegar.

What’s the Best Homemade Mosquito Repellent That Is Effective Both Indoors and Outdoors?

A mixture with the following ingredients is known to be the best homemade repellent you can use:

  • 1/2 cup of distilled water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • 1/2 cup of witch hazel
  • 20 to 40 drops of any essential oil

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