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7 Reasons Why Roaches Show Up Dead

Reasons Why Roaches Show Up Dead

Have you ever questioned why roaches show up dead? Did you recently encounter dead cockroaches inside your home? If so, you will learn why they turn up dead in this article.


There are two main reasons for dead cockroaches. Either there is a significant infestation, or the roaches population is decreasing.

If you discover a dead roach in an area with droppings or egg casings, there is likely an infestation.

A dead cockroach indicates the presence of live ones.

Because they emerge at night, some roaches frequently do not return to their nests alive. Thus, it is very likely that you will discover dead cockroaches around your home in the morning.

Cockroaches dying all over the house is a frequent problem that many people experience. It can be very unpleasant if you do not know what is causing this issue.

Fortunately, everything you need to know about why you only encounter dead roaches is covered here.

Infestation of Mice or Rats

Infestation Of Mice Or Rats

The appearance of dead cockroaches may suggest the presence of rats and mice. Both varieties of rodents can be eating bugs despite this not being their preferred food. They consume cockroaches if they cannot find a better alternative food source.

Look at the bodies of the insects closely. If there are fragments of dead cockroaches around your property, a rat or mouse probably killed them.

It can sound like excellent news since you will not have to deal with cockroaches. However, having rodents in your house is just as horrible. They will start consuming whatever they can find if you do not get rid of them.

Consuming Toxic Substances

Consuming Toxic Substances

If you see dead cockroaches all over your property, they may have consumed poison. This is particularly true if their bodies show no dents or predator-mauling traces.

Some toxins, like boric acid, kill roaches by gradually dehydrating them.

A cockroach can die in your home after ingesting this poison somewhere else. If that happens, there is a good chance it was looking for water to counterpart the poisoning symptoms.

Existing Geckos and House Lizards

House Lizards

Geckos and house lizards enjoy eating cockroaches. They are a pleasant food item and offer a diet high in protein.

These little reptiles will start to prey on cockroaches if they are in large numbers on your premises and are hungry.

Cockroach wings and other remains of the insects’ body parts can start to appear.

Acting Dead

Acting Dead

Cockroaches are excellent at pretending to be dead. They can experience shock and become motionless until the situation that poses a risk to their lives is resolved.

The cockroaches could appear to be dead in that sleepy state. After the threat has passed, they move a few moments later.



Water is necessary for cockroach survival. Although they can go for four weeks without food, they can only go for one week without water.

Even during the day, they will emerge from hiding in search of water if they become dehydrated.

You may discover dead cockroaches that died while looking for water if your home has no potential sources, such as leaky pipes and plumbing.

Presence of Fire Ants

Presence Of Fire Ants

Any other insects that fire ants come into contact with are frequently the targets of their attacks.

If they manage to get inside your house, they will consume live cockroaches, leaving behind only their wings and a few small body pieces.

Roaches Can Hide Well

Roaches Can Hide Well

Since roaches are good at trying to hide, you hardly ever see them when they are alive. You should be aware that there are probably more live cockroaches lurking if you discover a dead one inside your home.

It would be best if you searched the dark areas of the house. Look in closets, behind sinks, and appliances when searching. You can identify the source of your dead cockroach issue by inspecting these locations.

Additionally, when these roaches are nearing the end of their lives, you can find them lying around the house.


Cockroaches that are dead are rarely a positive indication. Even though you might feel relieved, it is a warning. Many other cockroaches are typically always hiding in your home when you find a dead one.

Also, the dead roaches draw more live ones. The live roaches are attracted by oleic acid, a chemical substance released by dead cockroaches.

The acid has a foul scent that attracts other living cockroaches. The live roaches can detect this odor when far away. They then come searching for their deceased counterpart when they notice the smell.

If you find live or dead roaches, keep the area as clean as possible because they feed on the crumbs and other food remnants you leave behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Cause Cockroaches’ Death in My Home?

You likely have an infestation if you find a lot of dead cockroaches in your home. It does not necessarily imply that your house is not clean enough.

It can be because of a lack of water and food for cockroaches in your house. Malnutrition and dehydration result in their death.

What Should I Do When I Discover Dead Roaches Inside My Home?

To stop them from luring more pests into your home, get rid of any dead cockroaches. Even deceased cockroaches have germs on the surface of their bodies.

The easiest way to keep your hands free of diseases and bacteria when getting rid of dead cockroaches is to wear gloves. To handle them, use disposable plastic gloves.

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