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How To Kill a Roach Without Touching It

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Roaches are a notorious pest that can be difficult to eliminate from homes. Aside from staying alive for 30 days without food, these annoying pests can also live for seven days without their heads. For this reason, killing roaches requires skills, and that’s what we are in for.

In this guide, you will discover several easy-to-deploy techniques for killing roaches without touching them.


You may be one of those who hates to touch roaches or gets irritated by their white pus. Trying other ways to eliminate them won’t be a bad idea. Here are some:

  • Apply diatomaceous earth.
  • Spray soapy water on them.
  • Use insecticides.

The sections below discuss five practical methods of killing roaches without touching them.

Ways To Kill a Roach Without Touching It

Killing roaches without direct body contact is the most healthy way you can attack to eliminate them. So how do you achieve this?

Here are some practical methods you can try:

1. Squishing Method

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Killing a roach by squishing requires you to apply pressure on your shoes or strike them with an object. When you come in contact with a cockroach, this is the first thing that comes to mind. However, lightly stepping on a roach or swatting them with a light newspaper may not kill them. This is because their exoskeleton can support 900 times their weight.

But according to the World Health Organization, It is unhygienic to squish a roach. This is because squishing them can spread bacteria that cause illnesses such as asthma, cholera, and allergies.

2. Spraying Method

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This method is more hygienic than squishing, as it requires applying an aerosol spray to the infested areas.

Aside from Insecticides, other homemade killer sprays can also terminate roaches in the home. Similarly, mixing salt and peppermint oil in water, fabric softener with water, or neem powder is a homemade killer spray.

How To Kill a Roach Using the Spraying Method

Below are some ways to kill roaches using the spraying method:

1. Use a Killer Spray (Insecticide)

Killer sprays, also called cockroach sprays or insecticides, are a mixture for killing roaches even without going closer to them.

Have you wondered why these creatures die after feeling these substances on their bodies? This is because insecticides contain pyrethrins and pyrethroids that will eliminate these pests.

Be sure not to use a roach spray in the kitchen, close to your food pantry, or where you preserve your cooking utensils.

2. Apply Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of diatoms, and these diatoms are algae found in oceans and waterways. Diatomaceous earth kills roaches by breaking down the waxy part of their exoskeleton, which allows them to die of dehydration.

Using diatomaceous earth is relatively simple; you only need to mix a suitable quantity in a two-liter container. Then, drill holes in the cap and squeeze the content onto the roach.

Also, ensure the infested area has no moisture and dry out wet places. Then, spread a thin coat of Diatomaceous earth around the room. If the area where you saw the roach is enclosed, add the content and cover up the space.

3. Spray Soapy Water

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Soapy water works perfectly when it comes in contact with a roach. You need to find a plastic bottle with a nozzle to do this. If you don’t have a bottle with a nozzle, drill another bottle’s cap.

Next, mix a small quantity of soap in water and shake well for the best result. Apply this mixture on the roaches once you see them, and ensure you pour enough. This mixture suffocates roaches. After that, their legs get so slippery that they tumble over and die of starvation.

4. Mix Bleach in Hot Water

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This is an effective way of killing and reducing roaches in the house. American cockroaches are mainly found in damp areas, such as drains for kitchen and bathroom sinks.

These roaches are not human-friendly, as they are carriers of bacteria harmful to humans. Be sure to mix the bleach in hot water and pour it down the drainage to kill roaches’ eggs, larvae, and adult roaches.

5. Mix Listerine and Water

Listerine Mouthwash And Water From The Sink

Listerine is an effective roach killer that works upon contact. However, you must spray the mixture on the cockroach to be effective.

You need to get a Listerine mouthwash from a nearby grocery store (if you don’t have it yet) and mix it in a bottle filled with water. Remember to drill a hole in the bottle cap or use a bottle cap with a nozzle. Then, spray the mixture on the pesky insect when you see a roach.


Killing roaches without touching them isn’t as tricky as you probably think. Just relax and follow one or all the steps, from squashing or spraying to killing cockroaches without touching them.

Regardless of which method you apply, remember to wash your hands afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Combine Baking Soda and Sugar To Eliminate Roaches?

Baking soda can be a good option when you mix it with sugar and get the roaches to feast on it. Mix a small quantity of baking soda with sugar and drop it where you see cockroaches. And they will die after eating this combination.

Can I Use Boric Acid To Kill Roaches?

Boric acid has been available as a killer spray for a long time. This is because it is a very effective mixture for killing roaches, although it is dangerous for pet owners. Most of the time, roaches detect their smell and bypass it, but the truth is that we can still outsmart them.

Make sure you mix it with equal quantities of sugar and place it in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. The sugar content will attract them, and they will feast on the mixture. Unfortunately, this mixture will stick to their bodies and dehydrate them to death.

Does Killing Cockroaches Attract More?

Yes, killing a roach attract more roaches. When a roach dies, it emits an acid or pus that other roaches perceive. This smell travels a long distance and triggers the reaction of other roaches. Therefore, these roaches consume the remains of the dead cockroach.

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