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9 Ways To Keep Mice Out of Pool

How To Keep Mice Out Of Pool

Sometimes, you want to lie down and enjoy a relaxing day at the pool.

Nothing beats the feel of the cool water splashing on your skin on a hot summer’s day.

All is great until you are disturbed by some scurry little rodents.

Even though mice are not naturally aquatic animals, there are mice species, like deer mice, that can swim in the water.

Besides causing inconvenience, having mice in your pool can raise significant hygiene concerns.

So, how does one keep them at bay from the pool? We will discuss some effective strategies here.


Mice are common pool pests. If you find them in or around your pool, here are some deterrent strategies you can apply against them:

  • Remove tree branches hanging directly over the pool.
  • Place fake snakes around the pool area.
  • Clear every grass and shrub near the poolside.
  • Use a pool cover.

Above are four ideas you can deploy. We discussed these and five more in the guide.

Keep reading to learn how to apply them to keep mice away from your swimming pool.

The sections below will cover nine practical ways to keep mice at bay from the swimming pool.

We will also answer other common queries about handling the infestation of these small rodents in pools.

9 Ways To Keep Mice Out of Pool

Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Pool

You can enjoy cool, relaxed moments in the pool without worrying about mice lurking around.

Below are a few things you can do to keep these little rodents away:

1. Use a Pool Cover

Use A Pool Cover

Aside from keeping the pool warm and preventing evaporation, a pool cover will also keep insects away. You can make a pool cover from wood, tarp, concrete, or any other material you choose.

When you leave your pool open, you indirectly tell mice and other regular household pests there is room for them. You sure do not want them in or around your pool.

Thus, we recommend you should cover your pool when not in use. If you can take this seriously, you will have little or nothing to deal with. Your pool must be closed for mice or unwanted animals to crawl inside.

Before you get a pool cover, be sure to measure your pool and get accurate dimensions. If you get one based on speculation, it will likely be an improper fit.

Come to think of it. If your pool cover is too big or too small, it automatically defeats the purpose of getting it. With an ill-fitted pool cover, mice, insects, and other unwanted animals will still find their way into your pool.

2. Maintain Landscaping: Clear the Grass and Shrubs Nearby

Maintain Landscaping: Clear The Grass And Shrubs Nearby

Landscaping is another effective way to keep mice away from your pool. If you have those high shrubs and plants, you should ensure they are not growing near your pool.

And if you have grass or shrubs around your pool, you want to make sure they are neat and trimmed at all times. Mice will easily hide underneath any overgrown shrubs or grass nearby.

These high shrubs do not just hide mice; they can also hide other animals. Animals like rabbits, skunks, alligators, snakes, lizards, etc., may lurk in bushes near your pool.

During the hot season, they tend to move out in search of cool water and migrate to the pool. To remove their camouflage, you should cut down the tall grasses.

Also, trim your flowers frequently. You can grow your flowers on elevated platforms where mice cannot hide.

3. Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

To keep any pest away, you must keep your surroundings clean. Most pests and rodents love environments that are dirty and littered with food.

If you do not keep the area surrounding your pool clean, you may just be giving an open invitation to all kinds of rodents.

Pick up any food pieces that may be lying around the pool area. Pack up your trash and keep it covered always.

If you can prevent anyone from eating at the poolside, you can ensure your pool area will be free of food crumbs and other dirt that can attract mice.

4. Use Scents That Repel Mice

Use Scents That Repel Mice

Many natural scents will repel mice from coming around your pool. You can use this to deter mice from your pool by planting the crops in the garden around your pool.

These mice-deterring plants include thyme, lemongrass, rosemary, onion, lavender, etc.

What is impressive about most of these plants is that they are edible, and you can use them to whip up a meal or two. That’s a bonus apart from keeping mice away!

You can also use other scents like cayenne, peppermint oil, black pepper, vinegar, etc.

Add a little quantity to a soap mixture and spray around your pool area. The scent will fill the atmosphere and deter all mice.

5. Cut Branches That Hang Directly Over Your Pool

Cut Branches That Hang Directly Over Your Pool

If you have a tree branch that extends directly over your pool, you should consider cutting it down.

It may be providing you with extra shade, but it could be the reason mice are always in your pool. Mice can easily navigate the branch and land in your pool.

To prevent this, you must cut off the branch that extends close to your pool area.

You don’t need to cut down the whole tree, though. Once you cut off the extending branch(es), you are good.

6. Build a Fence Around Your Pool

Build A Fence Around Your Pool

Another effective way to frighten mice from your pool is to build a physical barrier to keep them away.

In this case, you can consider erecting perimeter fencing around your pool.

If you don’t mind what it would cost you to keep mice at bay from your pool, this deterrent strategy will make a good pick.

While it will cost you more than other methods, it can permanently remedy your pool’s pest infestation problem.

You can contact a professional to construct a pool fence to your taste and size.

Important Note!

Please note that for perimeter fencing to deter mice effectively, you must build the wall with little or no gaps between it. Mice can quickly slither through any wide gap and land in the pool.

Before negotiating with any professional, we recommend you request quotations from two or three sources around you.

This will give you a fair idea of the probable cost of the project and provide a basis for your negotiation.

7. Use Fake Snakes To Scare the Mice Away

Use Fake Snakes To Scare The Mice Away

If there is any predator mice are scared of, it is snakes. Snakes often hunt them down, so they do all they can to stay out of their way.

You can purchase plastic snakes and litter them around the pool or at various entry points. Any mice who encounter such a snake will surely maintain their distance.

For long-term efficiency, it would be best to change the position of the plastic snakes at intervals. If you leave them in the same spot, the invading mice might eventually figure out they are unreal.


Be careful when using this so that you do not scare away unsuspecting humans. To be safer, let everyone in your home know that you are keeping fake snakes around to scare away mice.

8. Put Your Pool Equipment Away Properly

Put Your Pool Equipment Away Properly

One thing that can make your pool equipment spoil quickly is mice. They often creep in to stay warm, especially during cold nights.

If you have pool equipment, keep them away safely so that mice will not be able to climb into them.

By entering your pool equipment, mice will also get into your pool.

Besides causing a nuisance in and around your pool, they also tend to create more expenses for you.

With these small rodents hiding in your pool equipment, you can be sure to repair them more frequently than usual.

9. Use Pesticide

Use Pesticide

If you suspect a mouse infestation, you can apply pesticides around the pool area to keep them away.

When using this method, you have to be extremely cautious.

Any misstep can cause the pesticide to enter the pool and contaminate the water.

To be safer, we advise you to consult a professional exterminator to help you handle this step correctly.


Seeing mice in your pool is not rare, especially during the summer when the temperature is often high. You do not want to share your pool space with these small rodents.

Above, we identified nine practical ways to make your pool and its surroundings a red zone for all mice.

To recap, get a pool cover, apply pesticides, clear every nearby grass, and shrub, and keep your pool area dirt-free.

Other budget-friendly approaches are to apply scents that repel mice, cut branches that hang directly over your pool and leave fake snakes around the pool area.

You can erect a fence around your pool if you don’t cover the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Mice Keep Getting in My Pool?

Among other factors, the weather can draw mice to your pool. If your pool is cold in the summer and hot in the winter, you may find mice coming around your pool.

Also, if you litter debris and waste around your pool, you could draw mice to share your pool with them.

How Do I Keep Mice Out of My Pool Skimmer?

You can keep some fake snakes close to the skimmer.

Another idea is to stuff the cracks and openings with steel wool. Mice will avoid such materials as they cannot chew through them.

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