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3 Effective Ways To Keep Possums Out of Cat House

Opossum Or Possum Mother With Joeys Riding On Her Back

Can one eliminate possums’ presence in cat houses? Are there practical ways to keep possums out of a cat house?


Possums, commonly referred to as opossums, frequently visit backyard buildings like sheds, garages, and even cat houses. They are drawn to these buildings because they offer warmth and shelter, as well as any potential food supplies that might be there.

Possums can destroy property and infect animals, even though they are often harmless. Fortunately, you may take several preventative measures to keep possums out of cat houses. Among them are:

  • Using physical barriers.
  • Removal and trapping.
  • Use of repellents.

It is crucial to keep possums out of cat houses for various reasons. First, you can protect your property and the safety and well-being of your cats by keeping possums out of the cat house.

1. Physical Barriers

Physical barriers can be placed around the cat’s home, on vents or other holes, or even across. They can be utilized to prevent possums from entering the cat’s house.

These include things like:

Hardware Cloth

Hardware Cloth Wire Mesh

Hardware cloth is a particular kind of wire mesh that is made from galvanized steel. It is a durable and effective material for keeping possums out of cat houses.

Hardware cloth can be cut to the appropriate size and used to cover vents, openings, or even the entire cat house. It is a good option for those who desire a strong, long-lasting barrier.

Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is another type of wire fencing that can be used to keep possums out of cat houses. It is made from a variety of materials such as aluminum or steel and can be cut to size and used to cover openings or vents.

Wire mesh is a less sturdy option than hardware cloth but can still be an effective barrier if properly fitted.

Plastic Netting

Green Net Plastic

Plastic netting is a lightweight and flexible option for keeping possums out of cat houses. It can be cut to size and cover vents, openings, or even the entire cat house.

It is a good option for those who want a barrier that is easy to install and remove. However, plastic netting can be less durable than wire mesh or hardware cloth and may require more frequent replacement.

2. Repellents

Possums are discouraged from approaching or entering the cat house with these substances. These can be chemical repellents made especially to deter possums and natural repellents like mothballs or ammonia.

Natural Repellents

White Naphthalene Balls Or Mothballs On Wooden Table And Lavender In The Background.

Natural repellents are substances that are derived from natural sources and are used to prevent possums from approaching or entering a cat house.

It is crucial to remember that while natural repellents can be helpful, they may also have undesirable impacts on humans, other creatures, and plants. Additionally, possums may lose their effectiveness if they become accustomed to the smell over time.

Natural repellents include things like:

  • Ammonia – possums are quite sensitive to the smell of ammonia, so leaving a couple of rags damp with the gas close to the cat house will help deter them.
  • Mothballs – possums can be deterred from entering the cat house by using the potent fragrance of mothballs.
  • Garlic or peppermint oil – to give possums some frustration, spray peppermint or garlic oil mixed with water around the cat house.
  • Bloodmeal – bloodmeal is a form of powdered, dried animal blood used as a possum deterrent around cat houses.

Chemical Repellents

Repellent Spray

Chemical repellents are specially formulated products that deter possums from approaching or entering a cat house. These products can be sprays, granules, or other concoctions and frequently contain substances created to deter possums.

Chemical repellents include, for instance:

  • Possum-repellent granules – these granules are comprised of a combination of natural and artificial components that are formulated to repel possums.
  • Possum repellent spray – these sprays contain a combination of ingredients intended to deter possums by smell or taste.

Although chemical repellents can be helpful, it’s crucial to keep in mind that, if not utilized properly, they could harm humans and other animals and plants. Use them according to the instructions.

Before using any chemical repellents, it is crucial to check local rules and regulations because not all are permitted everywhere.

3. Habitat Alteration

Habitat modification entails changing the area around the cat home to lessen the appeal of possums. Making the area around the cat house less suitable for possums may entail eliminating food sources, cutting trees and bushes, and other measures.

Eliminating Food Sources

Angry Possum

One way to reduce the attraction of possums to a cat house is by removing any potential food sources. Possums are opportunistic feeders and will eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, insects, and even pet food.

Possums will be less likely to visit the area if you take away any potential food supplies that may be close to the cat house, like unsecured garbage cans or fruit that has fallen from trees.

Trimming Trees and Bushes

Professional Gardener Pruning A Tree

Possums are arboreal creatures, and they like to live in trees and shrubs. By pruning the nearby trees and bushes, you can make the area around the cat house less inviting to possums.

Trimming branches that overhang the cat house can make it more challenging for possums to enter the structure. Additionally, clearing away dead or diseased bushes or trees might aid possum population control.


Keeping possums out of cat houses is essential for protecting your cats’ security and welfare and protecting your property. Preventative measures, such as physical barriers, repellents, and habitat modification, can deter possums from approaching or entering the cat house.

If the issue continues, a specialist can assist you in locating the underlying reason and creating a more workable solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Expect Possums To Return if I Chase Them Away?

Possums may indeed return if they have not discovered a new source of food or shelter. To prevent them from returning, it is crucial to use deterrents and keep the area clean.

Can I Trap and Relocate Possums?

Possum relocation and trapping are not advised. Relocating possums can harm them and is illegal in many areas. Instead, it is best to use humane deterrents to keep possums away and, if needed, seek the advice of wildlife control specialists.

Is Keeping Possums Out of a Cat House Humane?

Yes, keeping possums out of a cat house is humane. And at the same time, cats and possums are not natural companions; possums can carry harmful diseases to your cat. In addition, possums may harm the cat house and its environs.

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