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What To Do if a Hotel Room Has Roaches


After stressful and busy months, anyone deserves a relaxing vacation. That includes looking for the best hotel to lodge.

But when you are about to take a well-deserving nap, you see roaches scurrying around in your room.

What do you do?


Your first instinct is probably to panic and scream. While it’s normal to do that, there are other helpful things you can do when you experience roaches in your room.

  • Be prepared with a pesticide.
  • Take a photo of the roach.
  • Call and report it to the hospital staff.
  • Seal all potential holes.

We know it’s a hassle, but you might as well be prepared for any unintentional roach sighting.

This guide gives you all the essential details on what to do when your hotel room has roaches. We’ll also see why these vermin pests commonly appear in hotel rooms.

Things To Do When Your Hotel Room Has Roaches

We get it. Roaches are vermin and can ruin your vacation mood. Here’s what you can do if your hotel room happens to have some of these pests.

1. Be Prepared With a Pesticide


Honestly, this might be something you should prepare for even before arriving at your hotel.

When traveling, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a small bottle of your effective pesticide. In truth, it does more benefits than you can imagine.

When you see a roach in your room, get your pesticide and quickly spray it right into the pest. This will immediately kill the cockroach.

Now, your problem’s solved.

However, because pesticides can have a particular scent irritating to the nose, we suggest you wear a mask while spraying.

Pesticides contain certain chemical substances that may also be toxic to your health.

2. Take a Photo of the Roach


Treat it like a crime scene.

Please take photos of the roach and where you saw it crawling. This is evidence you must have when reporting to the hotel staff.

Moreover, doing this gives you an edge because your feedback as a valued guest always matters.

3. Call and Report to the Hotel Staff

Hotel Staff

It’s important that the hotel where you’re staying knows about the incident.

Bring the photo of the roach you took when reporting it to the hotel staff. This makes it easier for the hotel staff to address your concerns right away.

Some hotels will offer a full refund for your stay when an incident like this happens.

Usually, these incidents serve as a wake-up call to better clean and sanitize their rooms.

4. Seal Potential Holes


After encountering a single roach, you must stay vigilant in case there’s another one ready to attack.

Seal potential holes where they could emerge from. Use tapes or anything that could successfully cover these entry points that could interfere with your relaxing stay.

Why Roaches Appear in Hotel Rooms


There are several reasons roaches commonly appear in hotel rooms. However, the number one reason is that the place is dirty and unsanitary.

Roaches also approach hotel rooms for the following purposes:

  • There are potential food sources for the roaches to thrive and survive.
  • Hotel rooms are big enough for roaches to use as shelter.
  • Roaches love staying in messy and dark rooms to nest.

Defeat Roaches at All Costs


Roaches are tiny pests you should not be frightened of. They may surprise you and cause you to panic, but that’s just it.

When you encounter these pests in your hotel rooms, follow the tips above, and you’ll be back on vacation with your family in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Hotels Control and Get Rid of Roaches?

The most common way for hotels to get rid of existing roaches is through disinfection and extermination.

Spraying pesticides can also work.

Can You Bring Roaches to Hotels?

Unfortunately, yes.

Roaches can come from anywhere, including the things you bring in your suitcases. Untidy clothes can also be a source of these vermin.

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