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Why Do I See More Roaches After Spraying?

More Roaches After Spraying

Experiencing cockroach infestation at home means it’s time to schedule a deep cleaning service.

Seeing these pests lurking in your residence is dangerous, so actions should immediately be undertaken.

A deep cleaning service means either doing it yourself or hiring a professional.

But if you don’t have time, using store-bought pest-control products works too!

Spraying a pest-control product is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to eliminate these vermin.


If you encounter more roaches after spraying a pest-control product, you’re in luck. That means what you used works because the creatures are trying to escape immediately before the chemical substances kill them.

This guide talks about what roaches do after being sprayed, their desire for survival, and what you can do to prevent cockroach infestation at home.

Why More Roaches Are Evident After Spraying

Exterminator Spraying

Don’t be surprised when you see more roaches than usual after spraying.

This does not mean your pest-control product is not effective or is expired.

In fact, it’s also normal to see more roaches even during the daytime, despite these creatures being nocturnal.

The following are common reasons why you see more roaches after spraying:

  • You disrupted the creatures’ way of living.
  • They are trying to escape from the product’s chemicals.
  • They are forced to look for food to survive.

Additionally, if you’re hiring an exterminator, it takes roughly about two weeks before all roaches are completely eradicated from your house.

So, don’t panic when you start seeing several cockroaches crawling fast in your home after spraying.


Don’t be shocked when you see more roaches after spraying or booking a pest control treatment. It’s actually a good sign because the creatures are trying to escape to survive. Or they’re trying to meet other roaches to spread the chemicals.

The Survival of Roaches After Spraying

Dead Roaches

Pesticides contain harmful chemicals that are effective against roaches. This means it’s almost impossible for these pests to survive.

But if you encounter a situation wherein the roach survives, it’s probably because the pesticide used lacks the needed chemicals or is expired.

When looking for pesticides in the market, check whether they contain the following chemicals:

  • Dioxacarn
  • Alpha-cypermethrin
  • Jodfenphos
  • Cyphenothrin

These chemicals were recommended by Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry because they contain high efficacy to pests like roaches.

On the other hand, avoid pesticides with bendiocarb and diazinon as the main chemical ingredients. Studies revealed that they were ineffective against roaches.

Ways To Avoid Reinfestation of Roaches

Cleaning The Kitchen

After taking all practical measures to eliminate roaches and other pests in your house, it’s essential that you maintain your property as it is. The following are what you should do to avoid reencountering the same situation:

  • Always keep your house clean.
  • Avoid leaving damp and wet areas.
  • Seal holes and gaps where roaches can possibly enter.
  • Always empty your dustbins.

Stop Roach Infestation Immediately

Spraying Insecticide

Spraying dark areas and corners of your home with pest-control products should always work. That’s considering you look for pesticides with the suggested harmful chemical substances.

The next time you see more roaches after spraying a designated area, remember that it’s a good sign.

Don’t panic. These roaches will totally be eliminated within two weeks after spraying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seeing Baby Roaches After Spraying Normal?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal to see baby roaches after a pest treatment or extermination. This is because, during spraying, the babies were still in egg forms. After spraying, they have transformed into nymphs.

But you don’t need to worry. Baby roaches are hungry and will feed on anything, including poisoned dead adult roaches. You will see them dead, too, in no time.

How Often Should You Spray a Pest-Control Product?

Spraying at least once every month or every two months should work after the first spraying session. This helps control pests, ensuring they don’t return to your house right away.

It also helps to spray areas outside your home.

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