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How To Keep Roaches Out of Cat Litter Box

Cat Litter Box With Scoop On Wooden Floor

Pests like roaches love invading corners, especially dark, warm, and moist areas. And your cat litter box is not an exception. We all know litter boxes contain your cat’s dirt, trash, and dust.

This makes them the best thriving places for roaches and other vermin pests.


Roaches are attracted to anything dirty and unclean. And if you have been experiencing these pests invading your cat’s litter box, try our recommended methods to keep them out:

  • Always perform a thorough cleaning of the house.
  • Empty your cat litter box regularly.
  • Check for gaps, cracks, or holes.

This guide discusses various ways to keep roaches out of your cat litter box. We’ll also talk about the best litter boxes that roaches find unattractive.

Keeping Roaches Out of Cat Litter Boxes

Preventive measures are always key to protecting your home from pests. If you don’t perform these immediately, your cats are at risk for infection and other more serious issues.

1. Always Clean Your House

Happy Man And Woman Doing Spring Cleaning In Apartment

One thing you must remember about pests is that they like anything dirty.

No matter how gorgeous and appealing your house is, it will always be infested by roaches if you don’t regularly clean it.

It means always wiping tables, walls, and countertops, vacuuming or sweeping the floor, and emptying garbage cans as regularly as possible.

It would also be best if your garbage dumpster stays far away from your house. If you regularly clean your house, you can expect it to remain neat and pest-free.

Also, remember that pests are attracted to food crumbs. It would be best if you always wiped your countertops and tables every after meal.

2. Empty Your Cat Litter Box Regularly

New Gray, Empty Cat Tray. Toilet For The Cat

A litter box would normally contain your cat’s urine and feces. If you leave it unclean for days, it will create a filthy smell in your house. Once roaches can smell, you can expect them to invade your space in no time.

So, how can you avoid pest infestations? Be a responsible homeowner and take the time to empty the litter box as needed.

Do this regularly to avoid accumulating your cat’s urine and feces inside. The accumulation could also make your home’s smell worsen.

It would also be best to use containers that are tightly sealed.

This minimizes the chance of your home smelling like a cat’s urine and feces. And the seal or container cover can also block off any smell roaches can pick up and chase.

3. Check for Gaps, Holes, and Cracks

Toilet Container For The Cat Out Of The Blue Plastic

Roaches will not invade your cat litter box if they have not found a way to enter your house. And because they are tiny pests, they could enter even the thinnest and smallest cracks in your home.

This is why it’s always important to thoroughly check and maintain the property.

Check all rooms for cracks or gaps, which roaches can use as entry points. If there are, you can seal them using sealants.

Leaking pipes should also be repaired. Aside from preventing roaches from entering, sealing all holes and cracks will also do your house good.

Best Types of Litter Boxes To Use

Clean Cat Litter Box

It’s often best to get litter boxes that roaches find unattractive. This makes you more confident that these pests will not invade them.

For starters, clay-based litter boxes are effective against roaches. They are made of coarse and absorbent clay particles, which guarantees roaches are kept at bay.

But, clay-based litter boxes should still be regularly cleaned.

Silica-based litter boxes are also unattractive for roaches because of the material. They are made of silica gel, a substance that could mask the litter box’s filthy smell.

Silica-based litter boxes are also absorbent, especially with cat urine.

The Bottom Line

Roaches are generally attracted to cat litter boxes because they are filthy and smelly.

But if you use silica or clay-based ones, the potential chances of these pests invading your litter boxes decrease.

Their odor control and absorbent quality will work their magic and keep roaches away.

To keep them at bay, don’t forget to regularly clean your home, empty litter boxes, and seal potential entry points for roaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Roaches Harmful to Cats?

Roaches are generally not harmful to cats unless their outer coverings have been covered with pesticides. The chemicals and toxins from the pesticide can harm and kill cats.

Does a Cat’s Urine Attract Roaches?

Because of the urine’s pungent smell and high water concentration, roaches are attracted to it. The urine’s ammonia smell means food for the roaches.

This is also why it’s best to empty your litter boxes generally. It avoids the smell from worsening, attracting more roaches.

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