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6 Effective Ways To Keep Bugs Out of Kiddie Pools

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Kiddie Pool

The summer season calls for some pool time with your kids at home. It’s one of the best ways to spend time with your little ones while soaking up the sun’s heat!

And just when everything is about to get exciting, bugs also appear. Now, what do you do?

Keeping your home’s kiddie pool is easy, with various solutions available. From the simplest idea to using chemical solutions — you can guarantee to have your kiddie pool pest-free in no time.

This also ensures your kids have something to enjoy even when it’s too hot outside.


There are different bug species known to cause pest infestations at home. But the most common types that could invade your kiddie pools include the following:

  • Backswimmers – prefer kiddie pools because of greater food access, which includes mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Water Boatman – with flat and triangular-shaped heads and long bodies, commonly attach to the sides of the pool.
  • Caddisfly Larva – loves living in shallow water.
  • Thrips – can navigate underwater to look for food.

These bugs may look and behave differently, but seeing them invading your kiddie pool is definitely not on your bucket list.

This guide talks about various ways how you can keep all kinds of bugs out of your kiddie pools. And you’d want to know how these hacks work so your playtime with your little ones won’t get disturbed.

6 Effective Ways To Keep Bugs Out of Kiddie Pools

Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Kiddie Pools

All these hacks are effective and practical, from emptying the pool or regularly cleaning the water to using larvicides to instantly kill these pests.

Learn more about what you can do by checking out our suggestions:

1. Empty Your Kiddie Pool (if You Can)

Empty Your Kiddie Pool (If You Can)

Most pests, like bugs, love anything stagnant, including pool water, after using it the entire day. To outsmart these bugs, we recommend emptying your kiddie pools every after using them.

We know it can be a hassle, but it’s worth it when you see bugs or other pests invading your pool area.

After emptying the pool, it should not stop there. Remove any remaining debris, and thoroughly wash your kiddie pool using fresh water.

Regularly cleaning the pool ensures no germs are left behind, which could be attractive to bugs and mosquitoes.

2. Get a Pool Cover

Get A Pool Cover

Do you know how you can protect your food by covering them before and after eating? It goes the same for your kiddie pools.

Pool covers can become your best friend in warding off bugs and mosquitoes. I mean, you literally just have to get the best one in the market, cover your pool, and you’re done!

Doing this prevents the pests from seeing any water source around your pool, which means less potential for bug infestations.

Moreover, pool covers are a win-win. Covering kiddie pools also helps block the sunlight. And this is good in preventing algae growth, which ensures your kids don’t get soaked in filthy pool water filled with germs and algae.

3. Use Bug Traps

Use Bug Traps

If you start seeing bugs roaming around your kiddie pool, it’s time to unleash those bug traps. They are readily available in the market, so it should be easy to get one.

Moreover, getting those products with natural ingredients is also practical, contributing to conserving the environment.

Bug traps can come in various forms — from simple sticky or glue traps to more innovative ones like LED lights and propane. Knowing which is ideal depends on what bugs commonly invade your kiddie pool.

We recommend using the propane trap for large yards, which can instantly kill big volumes of pests.

4. Plant Bug-Repelling Plants

Plant Bug-Repelling Plants

Planting bug-repelling plants are also effective and one of the most natural ways to keep bugs out of your kiddie pools.

We recommend getting plants with intense scents that could trigger the bugs’ sensitive sense of smell.

While these are not as 100% effective as using insecticides, bug-repelling plants are friendlier to the environment and less harmful for your kids.

Some of the most effective plants you can use include the following:

  • Basil
  • Lemongrass
  • Citronella grass
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary

5. Utilize a Bug-Misting System

Utilize A Bug-Misting System

Bug-misting systems utilize mist that could help keep the area around your kiddie pool free of bugs and other pests.

Moreover, these bug-misting systems are composed of several insecticide sprayers as far as 15 feet from your yard.

You can mount your bug-misting systems on poles or hang them from trees. The nozzles release insecticide mists, depending on the timer you have set. And because these systems usually come with easy-to-follow manuals, it’s best to DIY them and save money.

However, because bug-misting systems release chemicals from insecticides, it can be harmful to humans and even pets. This is why you cannot switch the systems on when your kids or pets are playing outside.

6. Regularly Maintain Your Landscape

Regularly Maintain Your Landscape

If your landscape is regularly maintained, then you can guarantee bugs to keep away from your yard.

Remember that stagnant water with overgrown grass surrounding kiddie pools is the perfect combination for bugs to invade your area.

Moreover, when you don’t regularly maintain your landscape, it could lead to clogged gutters. Again, bugs are also fond of clogged gutters, especially mosquitoes, and insects.

This is why cutting tall grass and removing weeds are very important. If you’re using artificial grasses, they should drain properly.

Overgrown grass, pools of stagnant water, and clogged gutters can attract insects, especially mosquitoes. Keep the grass cut regularly and remove weeds as they appear.

Protect Your Kiddie Pools From Bugs

Needless to say, kiddie pools are there for one main reason — serve as your kids’ favorite pastime during summer.

They should never be a thriving place for most pests, especially bugs which can cause itchy and red bites.

Follow everything in this guide to keep your kiddie pools protected from all kinds of infestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Place Anything Inside Your Kiddie Pool To Ensure It’s Always Clean?

Placing chlorine tablets inside kiddie pools effectively keeps the pool water clean and safe for your child to swim in.

And one of the best ways to ensure the chlorine amount level is consistent is by placing an inch of chlorine tablet in a single floating chlorinator.

Can Bleach Kill Bugs?

Bleach is effective in killing bugs and their larvae. However, a disadvantage of using bleach is that it can be toxic to the pool water and the environment.

Moreover, it’s not safe for your kids’ skin, especially when they accidentally come in contact with the bleach diluted in pool water.

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