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How To Keep Birds Out of Gazebo

How To Keep Birds Out Of Gazebo

Everyone loves to spend quality time with their loved ones in the gazebo over a cup of tea.

But this serene and lovely meetup gets disturbed when birds start screeching over the gazebo. Thus leaving you with no choice but to sit indoors.


Don’t let birds stop you from enjoying quality time in your gazebo. You can easily get rid of birds by following these measures:

  • Clear debris
  • Place the feeders strategically
  • Use bird spikes
  • Electronic bird repellent
  • Motion-activated sprinkler

Read on to find some of the most effective ways to keep the birds away from your gazebo.

2 Ways To Get Rid of Birds on Your Gazebo

Ways To Get Rid Of Birds On Your Gazebo

There are two ways to get rid of birds on your gazebo.

One method uses man-made remedies, and the other uses homemade remedies:

1. Man-Made Remedies

Man-Made Remedies

Here are some man-made remedies that you can use:

Clear Debris

Clear Debris

Make sure to keep the gazebo free of debris.

Trees and shrubs that are overgrown or poorly maintained can serve as suitable hiding places for birds.

Keeping your landscaping tidy and trees or bushes well-trimmed will give less bird cover.

As a result, it won’t attract flocks of birds seeking shelter.

Place the Feeders Strategically

Place The Feeders Strategically

Birds usually come to your place if you feed them daily. But, strategically putting feeders can help keep them away from gazebos.

For example, keep the feeders far from the gazebo to avoid birds coming to your gazebo.

The other option is to take off the feeders for several days. This will break their habit of visiting a particular spot daily, and your gazebo will be free of birds.

Use Bird Spikes

Use Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are made up of metallic strips with pointed edges.

They can be kept around the boundary of your gazebo, on its roof or railings.

In this way, birds will not find a smooth surface to land on. Instead, the spikes will scare them off once and for all.

You need to use a double or triple layer of spikes for smaller birds.

Electronic Bird Repellent

Electronic Bird Repellent

Electronic repellent is a type of device that uses ultrasonic waves.

These waves are unpleasant to birds and will undoubtedly keep them away from your gazebo.

Electronic repellent works when birds trigger it. You can keep it anywhere around your gazebo or outdoors.

This might not work at a few spots, but don’t give up before trying it on multiple spots.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

Motion Activated Sprinkler

Another effective tool to chase away birds is installing motion-activated sprinklers in your backyard or around the gazebo.

Since birds get frightened by sudden movement, being sprayed by a motion-activated sprinkler will scare them off.

The best part is it could also be used for watering your lawn.

Make Use of Reflective Surfaces

Make Use Of Reflective Surfaces

For some reason, birds do not like reflective and flashy surfaces.

Reflective surfaces like scare tape, mirror owls, and reflective spirals can be used.

You can also use reflective pinwheels on the gazebo railings to keep the birds away.

This will help deter many birds, such as gulls, crows, grackles, pigeons, etc.

Use Bird Gel

Use Bird Gel

Lastly, there are a bunch of bird gels that you can use. It’s safe and doesn’t carry any hazardous material.

It will just keep the surface sticky so that birds won’t be able to find any smooth surface to land on.

Eventually, birds will shift their location and move elsewhere rather than invading your gazebo.

2. Homemade Remedies

Homemade Remedies

Now, let’s review some homemade remedies that you can use:



Since garlic is always available at home, you can use it to scare off birds. It has a special agent called allicin.

This special agent is healthy for humans but is a natural repellent for birds.

Just make a spray solution by combing water with vinegar and some garlic.

Spray it all around the gazebo and the place where birds visit the most.



Peppermint oil has a strong odor and is a natural repellent for birds.

You can spray plants or hardscape areas around your gazebo.

It won’t damage your plants or furniture. Instead, it will keep the birds from roosting or nesting on your gazebo.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Another effective homemade remedy is to make use of cayenne pepper.

Almost all insects and birds do not like the smell of cayenne pepper.

Birds find the smell of cayenne pepper irritating because it affects their olfactory glands. So, spray it around the area where birds often visit.



You can use chili powder, chili pepper, or even chili salt since it affects the nasal cavities of a few birds.

These spices are best for keeping the birds away from your gazebo.

You can make a solution by mixing chili with vinegar and water.

Then spray the solution around your gazebo where you don’t want birds to roost.

It doesn’t damage the beautiful landscaping around your gazebo so you can spray it regularly.



Vinegar is an ingredient that has a sour taste and strong natural scent.

Naturalists have discovered a way to repel birds by making a spray solution using vinegar.

You can mix vinegar with churches garlic or lemon. This solution is not harmful to birds.

The scent will keep the birds away from your gazebo.



Freshly squeezed lemon is another effective homemade remedy to keep the birds away.

You can either use natural lemon or make a lemon spray using diluted lemon oil. Then spray the solution all over your gazebo.

This will irritate the birds, and they will choose to fly away immediately.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Birds never like the feel of baking soda under their claws. They will avoid it as much as they can.

So, you can sprinkle baking soda near your gazebo where birds would love to perch.

If baking soda is unavailable at home, use double-sided duct tape.


We all know that birds are precious species, and one can never intend to harm them. But sometimes, it gets annoying to have them all over your place. And you can easily do that.

So far, you have learned all the possible ways to keep the birds away from your garden, backyard, or gazebo.

Digital items will be a good fit if you want an easy way out.

Install bird repellents or motion sprinklers around your gazebo to scare off birds.

Otherwise, homemade remedies like pepper spray, lemon spray, or garlic spray will help you keep the birds away.

So, choose wisely and spend a happy evening in your gazebo without getting annoyed by screeching birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Aluminum Foil To Keep the Birds Away From My Gazebo?

You can use aluminum foil to keep the birds away from the gazebo.

Since it’s flashy, and birds do not like flashy surfaces, they will probably change their direction instead of perching on your gazebo.

Can We Use Homemade Remedies To Keep Birds Away?

Yes, you can use homemade remedies to keep birds away since they are not harmful and can be made easily at home with available items.

What Homemade Remedies Effectively Keep the Birds Away From My Gazebo?

You can use strong repellent sprays like lemon, vinegar, or pepper spray to scare off the birds.

Other than that, using garlic and baking soda could also be helpful.

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