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How To Keep Flies Away From Screen Door

Keep Flies Away From Screen Door

Flies can be quite a nuisance, they can be beneficial outside for pollination, but they are terrible insects to have inside your house.

When flies get into the house, they multiply quickly. Their reproductive cycle makes it difficult to control them. They also have high survival rates.

Screen doors are attractive to flies. They always want to go in through them. Hence, it is best to keep them off. Here are the top strategies to keep flies off the screen doors.


Flies are insects that help break down organic materials plus other uses. However, they can be pretty annoying.

Flies feed on garbage, feces, and other filthy things. Then, they deposit the disease-infested microorganisms via eggs.

They can also make deposits wherever they land or what they land on.

Thus, spreading diseases indiscriminately. Some of the diseases include cholera, tuberculosis, yaws, etcetera.

Flies are attracted to light. Hence, the reason they are glued to your screen door. Here are good ways to keep them off your screen doors.

  • Essential oils.
  • Cultivate flies-repelling plants.
  • Keep clean surroundings.

Flies are not pests you want to have around you. However, putting into consideration all the negative effects associated with them. Hence, keeping them away from your screen door and other areas should be a top priority.

4 Ways To Keep Flies From the Screen Doors

For your health satisfaction, getting rid of flies is important. It is vital to use effective and safe methods to keep flies from the screen doors. The following are tested and trusted.

1. Use Essential Oils

Fly Essential Oils

Essential oils are made from plants. The oils are plant extracts that have undergone distillation. The good thing is that essential oils get to retain their concentration.

The smell and flavor are not tampered with. However, essential oils contain specific chemicals that may or may not affect the processing. Essential oils are useful for repelling pests, aromatherapy, and reducing stress and mood swings.

Using essential oils to keep flies off the screen door is a popular option. Spraying any of the essential oil will chase the flies away. Popular essential oils include Lavender, rosemary, lemon grass, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

Flies hate the smell of these oils. They abandon whatever is attracting them to the screen doors. Spraying essential oils on your screen doors is beneficial as it repels the flies and gives the house an amazing smell.


Essential oils smell pleasant to us, but the reverse is the case for flies. As a result, essential oils have a high success rate in repelling flies. It has recorded such a level of success due to the easy application process.

Essential oils can easily be used for any surface. They also produce fast results.

2. Cultivate Flies-Repelling Plants

Flies Repelling Plant

Flies repellant plants are plants with properties that get rid of flies. Unfortunately, the properties and smell make such a place displeasing for pests like flies. They can’t resist plants like marigolds and etcetera.

Another wonderful option is by cultivating plants that repel flies. You can plant them on a large or small scale. Any size of flower pot will do.

Some of these plants are ornamental, hence can serve dual purposes. First, they get to beautify your space while getting the job done.

You can place the flower pots close to the screen door and watch the magic happen.

Cultivating repelling plants is a sustainable way to get rid of flies from your screen doors. Plants are ecologically friendly. It can be done easily without much stress.

3. Keep Clean Surroundings

Clean Surroundings

Flies are attracted to dirt. It calls out to them automatically. Therefore, the importance of clean surroundings can not be over-emphasized.

When the screen door’s surroundings are dirty, expect flies. A clean environment goes a long way to keep flies from your screen door.

You can extend the cleanliness to the interior of the house. For example, get rid of dirty dishes and leftovers, as the smell attracts flies. Who, in turn, tries to get into the house for the dirt via the screen.

Another cleaning hack is to keep garbage lids sealed properly. It will prevent flies from hovering over your screen door. That is, there will be minimal sources of attraction.

4. Use Fly Traps

Fly Traps

It is another effective way to keep flies from your screen door. Fly traps are made from sticky substances and sweet smells. However, it is filled with toxic substances.

Fly traps are made to be attractive to flies. They lure the flies. When placed on the screen door, it traps the flies, hence getting rid of them.

The benefits of using fly traps are numerous. They catch large quantities of flies; it is also non-intrusive and easy to use. It is of practical value.

Flies love your screen door because of the light and warmth. Hence, they are constantly buzzing around it. Here are the top reasons you must remove them from your screen door.

Why You Should Keep Flies From the Screen Doors

Since flies love your screen door, you may let them be. However, it is such a terrible idea. Instead, here are valid reasons to keep files off your screen door as soon as possible.

To Prevent Them From Getting Inside

One of the major aims of the annoying flies is to get inside your home. So, keeping them away from the screen door is imperative to protect your home. So many things can go wrong when there is a fly infestation in your home.

To Prevent Contamination

Flies are dirty animals that perch on anything. They contaminate your screen doors with diseases and filth. When the screen door is contaminated, it is easy for it to spread via touching and inhaling them.


Since screen doors attract flies, it is only wise to have countermeasures. Taking steps to get rid of the menace called flies is essential. It further improves health and mental satisfaction.

The methods listed above to get rid of flies from the screen door are effective and result oriented. They can be carried out without hitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Having Screen Doors Within My House

Screen doors have a lot of benefits. No wonder it is slowly becoming the most requested door type. Here are some of the benefits.

  • They help keep out insects and pests like flies.
  • They improve the security of the house.
  • They allow for proper ventilation and natural lighting.
  • They are energy efficient.

Why Are Flies Attracted To Screen Doors?

There is nothing as annoying as seeing buzzing flows around your screen doors. So the main question on your mind is, “what is the source of attraction”?

  • The light is attractive.
  • They can smell or sense the food inside the house.
  • Dirt around the surroundings of the screen door.

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