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How To Keep Flies Out of Goat Pen

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Flies can be the hardest to kill, but keeping them away from your goat pen is undoubtedly easy. Due to the surroundings of the goat pen, such as milk cans or animal dung, it is very common for flies to be present.

Flies will not only annoy the animal by flying near its face, but they can also nibble the goat’s ear or lay eggs near its wounds.


If you are dealing with a problem of flies in your goat pen, you do not have to worry. There are a few methods that people who take care of goats can practice to keep house flies, stable flies, or fruit flies out of a goat pen:

  • Proper sanitation
  • Regular manure clearing
  • Use fly repellents
  • Seal milk containers properly and the milk storage rooms with closed doors

Keeping flies out of goat pens is essential; below are a few methods to keep the flies out and your goats happy.

Top 4 Ways To Keep Flies Out of Goat Pen

Below are a few of the simple methods that will help you keep the flies out of the goat pen:

1. Proper and Regular Sanitation of the Pen

White Goats Sitting In The Clean Farm

If the surroundings and the goat pen are not sanitized or cleaned regularly, repellents or insecticides will have little effect.

Flies become active visitors even when the surroundings are moist. Moist matter and substances allow flies to reproduce. You must clean the goat pens regularly, such as cleaning the feeder, wiping away stagnant water, and clearing the waste.

If there are baby goats or kids in the goat pen, it is essential to clean the spilled milk or food. It is important to have dry surroundings to keep flies away.

Also, throw away the trash daily and incorporate trash bins with proper lids. Incorporating these bins in and outside the pen will reduce fruit flies. When the pens and the surroundings are well sanitized, it reduces the odor, which will not attract flies.

2. Well-Maintained Milk Storage Rooms

Smiling Young Workwoman Standing Near Large Tanks In Storage Room Of Dairy Farm, Holding Glass With Fresh Milk

If producing and selling milk is a part of your work, then storage rooms for milk have to be neat and clean. As mentioned above, the surroundings must also be clean, and most storage rooms are near the pen.

If the milk house is as tidy as possible, there are fewer chances of flies increasing in your goat pen. Install doors and screens that close tight. A closed drain system is also essential to avoid flies. Clean the floors daily, as it is common for milk spills in a milk house.

Ensure that the equipment used to procure milk, such as filters, tins, and cans, are washed and cleaned properly. The smell of milk and milk spills are also the leading cause for flies to enter the vicinity. Having these under control will eliminate flies to a large extinct.

2. Repellents

Women Spraying The Repellent On Insect

Repellents can help in killing the flies or driving them away. You can purchase repellent such as sprays in the market or make them.

If you are buying a commercial product, ensure that you read the instructions carefully to avoid harm and danger to the animal and yourself. Fly repellents can be used on walls, pipes, and other common areas for flies to rest on.

In the case of homemade repellents, here are a few that you can make: 

Recipe #1: Vinegar and Dish Soap

You’ll need the following:

  • Vinegar – 1 cup
  • Dish soap – 1 cup
  • Water – 1 cup 

Add these into a spray bottle and shake it well. Spray it around gently. You can even place the mixture in a jar. Cover the jar with a lid that has holes for flies to fly through. This will trap the flies. According to research, vinegar plays a vital ingredient in attracting flies. 

Recipe #2: Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and Tea Tree Oil

You’ll need the following:

  • Apple cider vinegar – 3 cups
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Lemon juice – 2 tablespoons
  • Tea tree oil – 6 drops

Mix these ingredients well into a spray bottle and shake them well. 

Recipe #3: Crushed Garlic and Water

You’ll need the following:

  • Crushed garlic – 1
  • Water – 5 cups

Put this mixture in a bowl or a jar. Strain it into a spray bottle the next day and spray it. Ensure that the spray bottle is well-sanitized before using it. Also, clean the spray bottle at regular intervals.

A Word of Caution

Remember to shake the bottle well every time you spray it on the animal or near the surroundings of the pen.

Homemade repellents might have a small effect compared to commercial products, but they keep the fly away when used regularly.

Other than purchasing sprays, you can contact a firm specializing in the fly control department and invest in them.

They will visit your farm or the goat pen on a timely basis and kill the flies on a larger scale. This will also prevent the increase of new flies entering your vicinity.

3. Other Methods

Here are a few other methods you can add to your strategies to eliminate flies near your goats. These methods involve trapping the flies:

Fly Strips

Fly Strip Hanged With Dead Flies

Fly strips or sticky tapes can control flies from increasing. You can use these strips in the milk storage room once cleaned up.

Remember, keeping the room clean even if fly strips or traps are used is essential. You can stick them on rods, windows, and pipes.

Fly traps can even be hung or placed in the goat pen. Ensure it is way from the reach of the animal. Remember to replace them regularly.

Electric Fly Zapper

Electric Mosquito And Insect Zapper With Blue Lights Turned On

Installing an electric fly zapper can be helpful. Flies get attracted to the light emitted by the electric zapper. Once they enter the zapper, they get electrocuted.


Setting up small fans can also prevent the flies from entering the goat pen.

Standing fans or ceiling fans can also be installed near the entry area of the milk storage room or unit. It can be near the door or inside the room as well.

Fans may not deter the flies, but they will help prevent them from entering inside.

Fly Baits

Live Bait For Flies

Baits are usually placed on the ground and are effective as they are poisonous. The risk of using baits is that they can be harmful if any animal or livestock consumes them.

If fly baits are placed on the ground, they should be away from any animal’s reach.


Flies can unknowingly cause many issues. It can be regarding the goat’s health or the sanity of the surroundings. Keeping flies out of the goat pen is essential and helpful for the animals.

Struggling with flies is very common when working on a goat pen or while maintaining one. The above tips and tricks will help you eliminate flies from your area. Follow these methods to keep your goat pen peaceful and fly-free.

Always remember that it is crucial to keep the parameters of hygiene and sanitization of the goat pen and the area extremely high. If the location is poor in terms of cleanliness, using insecticides or zappers will be ineffective. Keeping it clean and, most importantly, dry is a must.

Keep the goat pen tidy and use the other methods mentioned above, such as a fly trap, to have more control over keeping the flies away from your lovely and calm goats.

There is no one way to keep the flies out. Proper management of utilizing different methods is the key to everything. Moist-free and no foul odor will keep the flies away and out of sight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vinegar Help in Reducing Flies in a Goat Pen?

White vinegar and regular vinegar can be used to repel flies effectively.

Why Does My Goat Have Flies Sitting on His Head?

The flies that you might be noticing are stable flies. They feed on goats and prefer to stay on the goats’ bodies for a long them. To keep them away, you can use repellents or keep the goat pen clean. 

Can Goats Fall Sick Due to Flies Landing on Them?

Yes, goats can become weak due to the increase in flies around them. Some flies can roam around their wounds which can cause disturbance to the healing process. 

How Do I Keep Flies Away Naturally From My Goat Pen?

You can mix vinegar and dish soap and spray them to keep the flies away. Other than a spray, you can even pour it into a jar and close it with plastic wrap with holes in it. The holes will act as an entry for flies and will trap them in the mixture. 

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