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How To Keep Mice Out of Furniture in Storage


Mice are the most common pests found in storage units. Even worse, they multiply quickly.

They squeeze through cracks and crevices, slithering into storage units without being noticed.

If there is no entry point, they can chew through drywall and gnaw on wood to make an entrance.

But what attracts them? Sometimes, things we inadvertently do while packing into a storage unit can lure these rodents.

Hence, it is vital to know how to keep mice out of furniture in storage units to avoid any mice-centric drama.

You can protect your furniture in the storage facility from mice by investing in a secure storage unit, getting rid of food items that can attract them, choosing the right storage facility, and more.


When you store your items in a storage unit, you expect them to be safe and damage-free until they are needed.

But sometimes, you end up with unpleasant surprises courtesy of mice when you want to retrieve these items.

That’s why you need to know how to get rid of these rodents.

There are lots of effective ways you can use to keep mice and other rodents out of furniture in the storage unit.

Here are some steps you need to take to protect your furniture in the storage unit from mice.

  • Investing in an effective and secure storage unit
  • Getting rid of their food source
  • Choosing the right location

Keep reading to know all the necessary steps you need to take to stop these pests from destroying your valuables.

This article will show you how to protect your furniture in a storage unit from mice.

7 Tips To Keep Mice Out of Furniture in Storage

Mice are among the most common pests found in storage units. They can easily pave the way for themselves.

Once they find their way inside your storage unit, they can take a bite of anything, including plastic, furniture, bedding, cardboard, etc.

Apart from their destructive habits, they can constitute other health issues. That’s why you need to know how to keep mice out of furniture in storage to protect your valuables.

Now, let’s see some tips you can use to prevent these rodents from your valuables.

1. Inspect the Storage Unit Properly


To keep mice out of furniture in storage, the best technique to use is to arrange and prepare the storage unit properly.

Constantly check the storage unit for possible entry points. Mice can easily get into your storage unit through holes and cracks.

So, always keep an eye out for cracks and holes in the storage unit and surrounding areas. Once you discover any holes or cracks in the storage unit, get peppermint oil and cotton balls.

Soak the cotton ball in the peppermint oil and use these balls to obstruct the hole and also close the cracks.

The use of peppermint oil is important as it helps to repel rodents. However, you can choose other rodent repellents for this part.

While arranging and preparing your storage unit, remember to use bug spray to keep these rodents from entering your storage facility.

2. Use a Secure Storage Unit

Secure Storage

If you want to keep mice out of furniture in storage, ensure you use a secure storage unit. A secure storage facility will help prevent your furniture from getting damaged by mice.

The more secure your storage facility, the less likely mice will enter the domain.

The facility should be “rat-proof” to prevent these rodents from entering the storage unit in the first place.

If you want to store products in the storage unit, use durable plastic containers.

These containers not only help to prevent mice from entering your furniture in the storage unit but also help to safeguard your resources from other harmful components.

If your garage is a temporary storage unit, make it a rodent-proof garage storehouse. This is because the garage is where you can find the most mice in your home.

So, if you use your garage as a storage unit, ensure you take the necessary safety measures to protect and prevent the furniture from mice.

3. Always Check Your Furniture

Storage Unit Arranged

Arranging and preparing the storage unit to keep mice out of the facility might not be enough to keep these rodents out forever.

Inspect the area for any possible mice activities or cracks.

Once you detect any, apply some safety precautions to keep them away from your storage unit so they don’t destroy your furniture and other valuables.

4. Buy Insurance for Your Furniture


Insurance coverage is a great option if a rodent infestation occurs in your storage unit.

If you buy insurance for your furniture, you purchase protection against unanticipated financial losses for the furniture.

While some storehouses need the tenant’s insurance, not all policies cover furniture damage caused by mouse infestation.

Before buying insurance from any insurance company for your furniture, check their policy to see if it covers mouse infestation.

If you choose this route for your furniture, ensure a complete inventory of all the furniture in your storage facility.

5. Keep Food Away From Your Storage Facility


One of the major things that attract mice to your storage facility is food.

Irrespective of the food (for humans or animals), keep food away from the garage to prevent these rodents from entering your storage facility.

Also, remove any food stains or any trace of food in your storage unit before putting your furniture in the facility.

It is crucial to apply this effective method if you want to prevent these animals from entering your storage unit.

6. Wrap Your Furniture With Plastic

Covered Furniture

Cover any upholstered furniture that can’t fit into the storage box with plastic before keeping it in the container.

This approach will prevent mice from scratching the fabric. You can also use a mouse-proof storage box as an alternative.

7. Choose the Right Location

Storage Unit

Choose a storage unit with features that keep rodents at bay. You can get reviews from previous users about a particular storage facility before choosing the facility.

To get things right here, check out the following features before choosing any storage facility.

Environment: Check the environment of the storage unit. If It is dirty or poorly maintained, the chances of having mice and other rodents in the storage facility will be high.

So, ensure you choose a neat and well-maintained storage facility to prevent these animals from damaging your valuables.

Refuse Proximity: The next thing to look out for is the facility’s proximity to a refuse site. Rodents are attracted to refuse, so check out the facility and ensure there is no refuse site close to it.

These measures will help prevent mice and other rodents from entering your storage unit from the get-go.


Nobody wants pests in their storage unit because of their destructive habit. Hence, you need to take stringent measures to keep them away from your storage unit.

However, you can protect your furniture and other valuables in the storage unit from mice by using a secure storage unit, keeping food away from the storage unit, wrapping your furniture with plastic and more.

All these different methods you need to take to keep these rodents away from your storage unit are outlined above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sound Is Mice Scared Of?

Mice hate high-intensity ultrasonic sounds. Any sound whose frequency is more than 20 kHz is considered ultrasonic sound.

On the other hand, the frequency of high-intensity ultrasonic sound ranges from 22 kHz to 30 kHz, and that is irritating to mice.

What Scares Mice From Their Hiding Place?

An excellent way of getting mice out of their hiding place is by sprinkling potent scents they find unpleasant, like peppermint oil, vinegar, ammonia, etc., in their hideout.

What Do Mice Find Irresistible?

Mice can’t resist food (cooked, fresh, leftover, or food debris).

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