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How To Keep Roaches Off Furniture

How To Keep Roaches Off Furniture

Are you stressed because you have been asking yourself how to keep roaches off your furniture? Anyone would cringe at the idea that roaches might hide in their furniture.

They are not fun, and they are hardy pests that multiply quickly and can become impossible if not properly eliminated.

Key Takeaways

Nobody likes roaches, unpleasant tiny creatures, in their house, especially on their furniture. Cockroaches can hide in beds, cabinets, drawers, and pieces of furniture.

Although they do not live in these places, they serve as suitable launching pads for the kitchen and bathroom for food trips and water. Roaches lay their eggs in furniture that is quiet and dark.

There are various ways to keep roaches off furniture and even out of your living area by using the right prevention strategies and taking quick action to eliminate them. This article will discuss different ways how to keep roaches off furniture.

Tips on How To Keep Roaches off Furniture

Tips On How To Keep Roaches Off Furniture

If you think you have roaches in your furniture, follow these methods to get rid of them before it becomes an even bigger problem and health risk to yourself.

1. Vacuum and Sweep Your House Thoroughly

Vacuum And Sweep Your House Thoroughly

Use your vacuum cleaner to eliminate any cockroaches on your furniture. Regular vacuuming helps reduce roach populations and eliminate their eggs. It can eliminate cockroach egg sacs from your furniture and clean up feces.

Make sure to look over and vacuum pieces of furniture in your house.

Additionally, vacuum your floors and carpets to keep them from hiding. Thoroughly vacuum your furniture as much as possible, disassemble it, and vacuum each item separately to prevent them from hiding inside the furniture.

You should always wash any cloth furniture you own. Roaches can be more challenging to eradicate. They can remain alive in your vacuum.

If you use your vacuum, be careful to wash the filter and any non-electronic components to prevent the spread of the roaches to other places.

2. Keep Your House Clean

Keep Your House Clean

Roaches enjoy both food and dirt. The most straightforward but effective technique to prevent them from infecting your furniture is to keep your home clean, as they will most likely go to look for a better breeding and feeding area.

To prevent roaches from being drawn into the kitchen and crawling all over the dirty dishes and leftover food, leaning upright immediately after every meal is essential to avoid luring them in; make sure you regularly remove the trash.

Cleaning routinely and thoroughly will keep those bugs at bay. Keep the area tidy by immediately cleaning up spills and crumbs. Ensure that you get rid of any crumbs if they are under your furniture.

Place the vacuum bag in a closed container before discarding it. If you don’t have a vacuum bag, then immediately empty the canister into a garbage bag and dispose of it in the outdoor trash can or dumpster.

Vacuuming is vital to keep roaches from building a new home in your furniture.

3. Fumigation


Roaches in the furniture might frequently be challenging to get them off. If you can’t figure out where the persistent roaches are coming from or haven’t been able to get rid of them using the other methods you’ve tried, fumigation may be necessary.

If you discover cockroaches in your furniture, you might be tempted to spray yourself. But it’s not always a smart move. Professionals with experience in pest control will be able to solve the issue without endangering you.

Additionally, they know how the infestation has been treated and how they can handle it.

4. Use Cypress Spray and Peppermint Oil

Use Peppermint Oil

Roaches are typically naturally deterred by these essential oils.

Spray this mixture everywhere around your furniture where you have spotted roaches by combining 8 drops of Cyprus oil, 10 drops of peppermint oil, and 1 cup (240ml) of water in a spray bottle.

Spray around and under your furniture if in doubt.

5. Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Consider steam cleaning your furniture if you can. The high temperatures will kill roaches and their eggs dwelling on your furniture’s surface.

Cockroaches dwelling in the crevices approximately 2 inches deep can also be killed by steam.

The steam cleaner’s quality is crucial, and it should heat the surface to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit immediately after use. You can use an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature.

If you employ this strategy, take caution. Gradual heating is ineffective, and wetting your furniture can encourage the growth of mold on your furniture.

6. Use the Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are an affordable and accessible solution to eradicate roaches permanently.

The strong scent repulses roaches, and bay leaves are repellants to remove them from furniture and other concealed areas. Aromatic bay leaves are primarily used in cooking. It smells pleasant.

You can place the powdered bay leaves around the furniture and other locations where the roaches visit.

The roaches will leave your furniture and other surfaces due to the odor. Without killing them, the roaches will flee.

7. Keep Food Away From Roaches

Keep Food Away From Roaches

Roaches need food to survive, and if it’s available in your home, they’ll try to stick around. Clean up any crumbs around your furniture, floor, and counters with a vacuum or a wipe. Don’t store open food in your pantry.

You should keep open pantry items in airtight containers to keep roaches away.

Roaches consume items we do not typically think of as food, such as soap and toothpaste. If you want to keep your furniture away from roaches infestation, keep your house tidy and clean.


Are you still wondering how roaches can survive on furniture?

Roaches can manage to live in your furniture, no matter what the furniture is made of what material. The most important thing about roaches is their habit of hiding during the day and coming out when it’s dark.

Roaches can hide from predators all day if the furniture is against the wall or on the floor. Hence it is important to observe cleanliness to keep roaches away from your furniture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tell if My Furniture Has Roaches?

To check the furniture for a cockroach infestation, you can use a flashlight all along cracks and crevices to check for black stains and specs, egg sacs, or live or dead cockroaches.

Roaches will also emit a musty, pungent odor in the areas where they hide.

What Is the Best Home Remedy That Can Kill Roaches Instantly?

A concoction of baking soda and sugar is an effective roach killer and controls the multiplication of these pests. Sugar acts as bait to attract cockroaches, and baking soda kills them.

Baking soda is the best home remedy for killing cockroaches. Mix baking soda with sugar to make a killer combination.

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