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14 Ways You Can Repel Wasps From Your Deck

How To Keep Wasps Away From Deck

When summer fast approaches, everyone prepares for the deck and pool season.

However, it’s hard to appreciate the season when plenty of wasps buzz around and set up nests around your property. And they could end up stinging one of your family members or friends.

Fortunately, you can use plenty of tools to keep wasps away, from natural repellents that you can easily make in your kitchen to more permanent structures that you can place in your area.

So if you don’t know how to keep wasps away from the deck, this article should give you all the answers.


Wasps can be a nuisance, especially when you are trying to have a gathering on your deck.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to repel them like:

  • Hanging decoy wasps’ nest.
  • Setting up wasp traps.
  • Using natural repellents.
  • Cleaning up fallen fruits.

If you don’t want wasps to come to your deck, the methods below should help keep them away.

14 Ways You Can Repel Wasps From Your Deck

Ways You Can Repel Wasps From Your Deck

Yes, wasps have their role to play in the environment. But that doesn’t mean they are welcome guests on anyone’s property.

Simply having wasps buzzing can turn a fun gathering into a stress-inducing one.

So to prevent that, below are ways to repel wasps from your deck.

1. Hang Decoy Wasps’ Nest

Decoy Wasps' Nest

Decoy wasp nests are a way to repel wasps away from your property.

Wasps are territorial insects and don’t like it if there are nests near theirs. So they will only hang around for a short time if they see another nest.

Decoy nests can make wasps think there’s another colony. By hanging multiple decoys, you’ll decrease the chances of wasps making a home or looking for food on your property.

However, you’ll only get promising results in spring when wasps begin to create new nests. If you haven’t hung a decoy by then, this approach won’t work.

So, it would be best to try again next year to see if you can achieve some results.

2. Use an Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Use An Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Another non-chemical approach you can use to keep wasps away is ultrasonic pest repellents.

Once plugged in, this device will release ultrasonic sounds and wavelengths that humans can’t hear. But pests can. So it’s possible to keep wasps away with this device.

But remember, high-powered versions are powerful and are audible to people. This setting is only good for when you aren’t at home.

There’s also a chance that your pets can hear this device, which can make them uncomfortable.

So it may not be a good option if you have pets running around your property.

3. Create a Wasps Plate

Create A Wasps Plate

It’s nice to eat outside on a warm summer day. Unfortunately, the food you bring can also attract wasps.

And once they see the delicious meals on your deck, you’ll soon notice more will come to have a tasty snack.

But, if you use a wasp plate, you’ll reduce the chances they’ll interrupt your lovely meal.

You can take a small piece of your food and place it far away from your deck an hour before you take all of your food outside.

The idea is to get the wasps to take the food you set for them, so they’ll not approach your table.

If you want to ensure no wasps will go near, take back all of the food inside your home once everyone finishes.

When you clean up quickly, no wasps will think you have tasty snacks in your deck.

4. Add a Water Source

Add A Water Source

Wasps may stop by your deck because they are thirsty.

Water is essential for every animal, so wasps will naturally look for them. And a water pitcher on your deck can look very promising to thirsty wasps.

If you don’t want wasps to go near your deck because of water, consider creating an alternative water source. The easiest approach is to place a birdbath away from your deck.

But don’t forget to change the water daily, or you’ll attract mosquitos.

5. Set Up Wasp Traps

Set Up Wasp Traps

Wasps traps can entice wasps to enter a container where there’s food. But once they get in, there will be no way out.

You’ll have two choices if you want to use wasp traps:

First, you can make one with liter bottles. It can save you money. But it’s not appealing.

Second, you can buy one in the store. There are plenty available, even disposable ones giving you tons of options.

Traps need bait. And some that are readily available are sugar water, beer, and apple cider vinegar.

6. Make Natural Repellents

Make Natural Repellents

Lemongrass, peppermint, and clove may be ingredients for your next meal. But you can also use them as repellents for wasps, just like white vinegar.

Natural repellents are a great option if you want to keep wasps away but are cautious about using chemical and toxic products.

If you want to use vinegar, put a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water into a spray bottle. And add two drops of dish soap. Shake the bottle and spray your deck area.

If you want essential oils, fill the spray bottle with water. Ten drops of lemongrass, clove, peppermint oil, and two drops of dish soap should do it.

You can also combine other oils if you want. Give the bottle a good shake and spray your deck area.

7. Add the Right Plants to Your Garden

Add The Right Plants To Your Garden

Essential oils are not the only natural repellents. Planting specific plants in your garden will accomplish the same goal.

Some plants that make your property less attractive to wasps are thyme, mint, lemongrass, spearmint, and eucalyptus.

Plus, these plants are low maintenance. So even if you don’t have a green thumb, these plants will grow.

It does not matter if you plant them directly in your soil or pots. Just ensure you spread out these plants on your property.

8. Clean Up Fallen Fruit

Clean Up Fallen Fruit

Wasps and other insects love fallen fruit. So if you have some lying around your outdoor area, wasps will stop by for sure.

If fruits are safe for consumption, collect them while it’s on trees or bushes. So you can enjoy eating them while ensuring no wasps will come to your property.

If you have fallen fruit, clean them up quickly to stop wasps from coming over for a meal.

9. Takedown or Relocate Hummingbird Feeders

Takedown Or Relocate Hummingbird Feeders

The solutions in hummingbird feeders are typically colored sugar water. Yes, it will attract hummingbirds, but also wasps and bees.

Suppose you want to keep wasps away from your deck, move the feeder to a far location. If you don’t have the space, take it down.

There’s no way you will not attract wasps and bees with sugar water. So it may be your only chance at repelling wasps.

10. Don’t Leave Pet Food Outside

Don't Leave Pet Food Outside

Pet food is also a good source for wasps. So while it is convenient to place your pet’s food bowl outside, it would be best not to leave it, especially if it has food.

Feeding your pets inside is the best solution to this problem. But if you are adamant about feeding your furry friends outside, take the bowl once they finish.

If you are too busy for that, place the food bowl as far from your deck as possible.

11. Avoid Swatting Wasps

Avoid Swatting Wasps

When you see wasps, one of the first things that come into people’s minds is to swat and kill them. But that is a bad idea because killing a wasp may attract more wasps to your deck.

When you swat a wasp to death, it releases pheromones that there is a threat, which are you. And if there is a hive nearby, all of the wasps will come to attack you.

So, resist the urge to kill them near your deck. And use traps and deterrents sprays instead.

12. Close Down Holes

Close Down Holes

Wasps make their nests in places they feel safe and secure.

And in some cases, the gaps in your house and decks will fit the bill. Your yard might also welcome ground wasps.

So, if you want to keep wasps away, fill up any holes you find in your house and deck, including the cracks and crevices near the ground.

Not all wasps are fond of high places.

13. Relocate Garbage Cans

Relocate Garbage Cans

Your garbage is an abundant food source for wasps.

And if you place your garbage can near your deck, there’s a good chance the insects will come to look for a tasty meal.

So to prevent that, it would be best to relocate somewhere for the places in your yard you’ll use.

You also want to keep a tight lid on your trash can and recycling bins to prevent wasps from entering.

14. Get Professional Treatments

Get Professional Treatments

Sometimes, the best choice is to call in a professional, especially if there’s a large active nest in your area.

DIY approaches are great for saving money, but they can be dangerous. Once wasps feel threatened or agitated, they’ll attack.

Fortunately, pest control specialists have all the equipment to handle such dangers.

So rest assured that they will take care of your wasp problem in no time.


Keeping wasps away from your deck is typically not a problem.

If you use the tips above, like spraying natural deterrents, hanging wasps’ decoy nests, or cleaning up fallen fruits, handling such pests will be easy.

So, if you know anyone who doesn’t know how to keep wasps away from the deck, sharing this article should help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Point of Wasps?

This may be one of the frequent questions you’ll hear people ask about wasps. And to put it simply, wasps are pollinators and biological pest controllers. And some species can provide a new home to other insects with their old hives.

How Long Do Wasp Nests Last?

Most wasp nests will only last a season, with the queen hibernating to survive and build new colonies the next year.

Wasps are fair-weather insects. So by late autumn, and winter, wasp nests are no longer active.

What Can Happen if I Kill a Wasp?

Killing a wasp may end up calling more to come and attack you. So, it is best to repel one, or the whole hive will attack you.

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