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Where Do Spiders Go During the Day?

Where Do Spiders Go During The Day?

Spiders! Seeing one might make you jump in fright, but spiders hardly bite while present in nearly every house. Having them around is beneficial.

As soon as dusk falls, spiders come out to hunt for food. They control the number of pests by feeding on other bugs in the house. However, you cannot see them during the day. So where do they go?


During the day, spiders disappear and hide in the dark, dusty, and cluttered areas around your home.

First, many animals that prey on them, such as birds, are more active during the day. When spiders hide, this keeps them from turning into a snack.

The other reason is for food. Most insects that they enjoy, like cockroaches, come out at night.

The most common areas for spiders to hide during the day include:

  • Behind wall hangings and on cracks or crevices.
  • Under the furniture.
  • In the garden, under the rocks, and on wood piles.

Their hiding spots are many, as long as they are dark and unoccupied.

Spiders are nocturnal and become less active during the day. In this post, we look at their favorite hideouts and answer frequently asked questions.

9 Places Where Spiders Go During the Day

Places Where Spiders Go During The Day

Different spider species favor various habitats. While some spiders flourish outside, some choose to live indoors.

They all seek shelter and need food and water, irrespective of where they live or their species.

I. Spiders That Live Indoors

Spiders That Live Indoors

During the day, spiders hide in quiet and hidden spaces with easy access to food and water.

They favor cluttered spots, which make it easy for them to hide. These include:

1. On Window Ledges

On Window Ledges

The bases of the windows are some of the most common places in your home where spider webs and cobwebs gather.

Although spiders pose no harm unless you threaten them, finding a spider staring at you can scare you when you want to open windows.

2. Inside Boxes

Inside Boxes

If you store stuff in boxes and keep them in the basement for a while, you will probably find spiders.

They favor these quiet locations because you rarely visit them.

3. In Cabinets

In Cabinets

Spiders enjoy their solitude, and the darkness in your closet gives them pleasure.

4. Under Furniture

Under Furniture

If the furniture is off the floor, you will encounter spiders, such as chairs, couches, and beds.

These make perfect spots for spiders, especially during the day when they need a place to hide.

5. On the Wall

On The Wall

The wall hangings, cracks, and crevices in the interior of your home make perfect spots for spiders to build their webs and hide during the day.

6. In Crowded Areas

In Crowded Areas

The cluttered corner of your home is a peaceful, uninhabited location where spiders can access roaches, beetles, flies, etc.

Old and excess stuff in your drawers, basement, attic, or garage accumulates clutter over time, and the chances of having spiders hiding out there are high.

II. Spiders That Live Outdoors

Spiders That Live Outdoors

Outdoor living spiders prosper in moist, wooded areas.

During the day, these spots provide more hiding places, and the dampness makes it easier to locate bugs.

7. In the Garden

In The Garden

Plants, flowers, trees, and grass surrounding your compound attract spiders.

These natural settings are full of bugs that eat garden plants, like aphids, beetles, and flies.

The availability of many insects tempts spiders to explore.

8. On Wood Piles and Under Rocks

On Wood Piles And Under Rocks

Spiders hide from their predators under rocks and piles of wood that are stationary and less moved.

They find these environments moist and quiet.

9. In the Garage

In The Garage

Besides serving as enclosed rooms where you can keep just about anything: oil, paint, tools, and not forgetting your car, garages make ideal hiding places for spiders.


Spiders always stay near during the day. If you saw any spiders the night before, chances are they are still there, hiding nearby.

They spend their days in calm, undisturbed places, such as the spaces underneath your furniture, the hidden corners of your closet, your garage, and your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Rid of Spiders?

Common house spiders are hard to find because they like to hide. However, you don’t need to see them to eliminate them or stop others from entering your home. Take the following actions to reduce their number in your home:

  • Fix ripped screens, and replace weather stripping, caulk cracks, and other openings where common house spiders can enter.
  • Vacuum and dust high and low corners where spiders build their webs.
  • Remove cluttered spots like storage boxes and cardboard stacks where house spiders like to hide.

Is Cedar a Natural Spider Repellent?

Yes! Cedar is a great natural repellant, and you can effectively repel spiders in your closet if you have access to a cedar chest or hangers.

Also, place cedar blocks or shavings inside cabinets or drawers to ward them off.

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